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I want an essay contest on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) (Topic: How do you feel being a woman?) had the opportunity to participate. Although I have a tight hand when it comes to writing articles, essays and short stories, but still, being a woman, some feelings come automatically that can be left written on paper and I have tried something like that.


Although women are addressed with words such as woman, woman, woman, manavi, vanity, etc., but I think that two of these words fully express the identity of their existence according to the social scenario and these two words are “woman “. ‘woman’

In villages, women/girls are often called with ‘Ri’ like- Sun ri, aari, ja ri, kha ri and if you want to reject something, ‘na ri’. But maybe too much is prohibited and when there is more repetition of a word, then that word becomes fashionable, maybe the word “woman” would have been born for such a woman. Woman: means those who are in the habit of not listening. Is it like that or you can say that they become women. Those who stop feeling bad even when they don’t hear or don’t expect to hear anyone’s yes.

Similarly, if the word “woman” is broken, the word “gold + woman”, “and” is generally used to join two words such as – I and you, and this word also means “another”. It happens as if – for some “others”. If we look at the personality of a woman, these two qualities are in her in general or expected to be there, that is, in our society from the beginning, her responsibility to connect relationships, families and relationships is consider more as well as with them. They are expected to forget their existence and live or devote themselves to others.

Say times have changed, but have they? Or is he just trying to reflect that. Times have definitely changed, and along with that, the methods of rejecting women have also changed, so now nothing is directly forbidden, but from the very beginning it is tried to establish in the minds of girls that they should always have parents and children After marriage, everything that is legitimate and illegitimate about the husband and his family must be accepted without question. By not directly denying them, they are told that they are expected to suppress the thoughts from their minds and put the desires of others above them.

And this expectation of them, this expectation is enough to put pressure on them mentally because that’s why they are unable to think for themselves. But it’s not that they don’t want to think for themselves. They also want to do everything their way, every decision should be theirs. But mostly they can’t. She is unable to think only of herself and even if she thinks, she gets to the last stage, which she cannot reach, or when she does, she is so tired that she gives up the idea of ​​doing anything for herself. finished.

As a woman, I also get stuck with similar thoughts. I have much heart to live freely, make up my mind; But he can’t. Home, office, family, responsibilities and me. where am i at last Every day I think a little more time, then I will find time for myself, but I can not get it. And maybe when you have time, there is no desire to live for yourself, to do something. Everyone feels that what is missing after all: to have a good family, a job with a good salary, to have a child. A perfect family and a comfortable life. But is that all that matters to women? Where am I myself in the midst of all this? Somewhere I am a daughter, somewhere a wife, somewhere a daughter-in-law, somewhere a mother and somewhere an employee in a good company. But all these “I” are nowhere to be seen. How I love to travel, but everything is managed, it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes I don’t have time to go with my relatives and sometimes I don’t have time for office work. This means that this desire is no longer a priority. Sometimes I feel like grabbing some clothes and an ATM, uninstalling WhatsApp and Facebook and going out to wander somewhere and maybe people can’t be contacted even if they want to. But in real life it’s not possible, so I stopped thinking about all that. Now only this remains true-

Not wanting from reality,

fall into fantasy

I don’t want to change though

One has to change to live in society.

I don’t like this society and its rules,

But you still have to follow these rules.

My Cure The following lines explain the mind of many women:

When he looked in the mirror,

So someone seemed different to him;

Trying to identify

The man felt like himself;

But this was not the first in this,

The eyes did not shine with the face,

The glow that used to be always on her face,

Now he missed it;

Her adornment and make-up,

That sparkling pearl necklace,

they were no longer

his first and only love;

For that time,

look in the mirror

It’s hard for him now

Recognize yourself in the mirror;

She no longer holds,

In the priority list,

not anymore

in his desire, in his interest;

Now she is devoted

Only in dreams of home and family,

There is no time for me

in his own world;

In your duty and family,

She often forgets herself,

of the lamp of happiness at home

This thing is burning.


But now sometimes I find myself when I write because then I write what’s on my mind. I don’t know if this is an essay or not, but whatever I heard, it’s written from my mind.

(I also won first prize for the above essay)

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