Amrit Mahotsav: Now the pain has reduced now-7

Aditya Narayan Chopra; The height of any nation cannot be measured by the height of its skyscrapers. The height of a nation is always measured by the character of the nation’s heroes and people. It is measured by its work style. During Amrit Mahotsav we also need to analyze what we have lost, what we have found. How much nectar and how much poison came to the Indian side. India saw many prime ministers from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi. Despite the strange challenges after independence, everyone contributed as much and as much as possible to the development of India. Exceptional narrow-mindedness, selfishness, political discrepancies, economic crimes, exploitation, mega-scams, bottom-up corruption and administrative complexities have obscured the true meaning of freedom. Again and again the question arose as to whether we had the freedom to do all this. Despite all these obstacles, India found its way and the nation continued to grow stronger. India had acquired the capacity to face challenges since the time of its independence. The sagacity, hard work and high spirit with which the makers of independent India fought in all situations are the golden pages of history and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a national hero of these pages. Whole nation felt the pain of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir but in Modi government Home Minister Amit Shah announced removal of Article 370 in one go from Jammu and Kashmir, which changed Kashmir. Three years ago on August 5, the Modi government took such a big step that the entire opposition was shocked. Even the enemies sitting on the border could not have imagined that the Modi government could deal such a heavy blow to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in its second term. Much has been said. They also claimed that the Kashmir Valley would get out of hand, but nothing happened. Home Minister Amit Shah announced the removal of Article 370 in Parliament with a very efficient strategy. Article 370 was a major obstacle in the development of Jammu and Kashmir. Poverty, unemployment, lack of industrial development in the Kashmir valley. It was common for the youth force to be directionless and headless, frequent closed protests against India and the Hurriyat snakes spreading the poison of isolation. The slain terrorists had held the people of Kashmir hostage. The women from across the border, who called themselves fidayans and practiced jihad-jihad, were the first targets of the houses where they took refuge. If anyone protested in the slightest, and he did not hesitate to kill even the small children in that house. Even today there are old people of 75-80 years present in the valley, who have seen these scenes. Hurriyat snakes taught their children in English schools or abroad. But instead of books in the hands of Kashmiri children, stones were handed out. After the removal of Article 370, flags of stone pelters and terrorist organizations were hoisted, now the tricolor is hoisted. At Srinagar’s Lal Chowk, where earlier it was a crime to hoist the tricolor, now the tricolor is being hoisted with pride. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have received a lot of relief from terrorism. Now the rules for becoming a local resident have changed. People from outside the valley can also buy non-cultivable land in Kashmir. Now the same laws are applied in Jammu and Kashmir which are applied in the whole country and the people of Kashmir are getting all the facilities that the people of the whole country are getting. Editorial : Uttar Pradesh Amrit Festival ‘Baba Model’: The Pain Lives On – 6 Supreme ‘Parliament’ Must Work After Burhan Wani ‘Marak Mantra’ Gang Eliminated, Age Of Terrorist Gangsters it has been very short. So far this year, more than 125 terrorists have been killed. The only pain is that fundamentalist forces are not enjoying peace in Kashmir and now they have started target killing again. Kashmiri Pandits are under attack again. Nevertheless, the days of terrorism seem to be few and far between. Operation All Out by the security forces is going on quite successfully. Tourism in Kashmir has increased amid sporadic terror incidents and this time huge crowds have been seen at tourist spots in Kashmir. The poplars are no longer sad. Dal lake waves attract tourists. The market is boiling again. The day is not far when the stream of development will flow continuously in Kashmir and the people of Kashmir will be able to live their lives in peace. Now that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has indicated that assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir will be held later this year, Jammu and Kashmir may return to full statehood. When Kashmiris join the political activities, the situation will definitely change and they will be included in the mainstream of the nation.

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