Bullying, masochistic language or fear? Women leaving Facebook in India due to safety or bullying

Highlights of the story

  • 79% of female users are afraid of Facebook
  • Women are using the profile blocking feature

Facebook, don’t ask me, it was poisoning for me… This was about six to seven years ago when Facebook was a very safe place for me. Whatever poem, whatever feeling comes to mind, he just wrote it on Facebook. Facebook friends sometimes made funny comments, sometimes expressed pain, and sometimes stuck together. Arguments occurred through comments. But as soon as I saw this platform, I began to feel a strange tension rising in the space.

Dr. Savita Pathak, Professor, DU, while talking about Facebook, says that if any report says that women are staying away from Facebook, there is no lie, many women who I know have quit Facebook. They have given We tell you that in the recent Meta research report, it has been found that Indian women are staying away from this masochistic platform. One of the reasons behind this is the growing obscenity on Facebook. The company is upset to see its biggest market losing female users in India.

Bullying here is not an easy task to endure

In this report, aajtak.in spoke to women of different ages about their experiences on Facebook, then the reaction of most is more or less similar. On the distance of women from Facebook, Savita Pathak says that bullying, kind of language, masochistic language, some slander, abusive language and things that put a level of illiteracy on women on Facebook, all these women they are not able to bear. . It is very difficult to endure so much bullying. I myself take breaks from time to time, I don’t come here for many months, when I feel my toxicity increasing, then I stop coming here completely. The writing has also been greatly reduced already. The vigilance and vigilance of some men has increased here. Too much control of social media or you say that mail measurement has increased on Facebook. Everyone here is being checked by email.

All kinship is on Facebook, men are too much

Dr. Suriti Gupta, a resident of Meerut, has recently joined a job after completing her Ph.D. Suriti says Insta or WhatsApp is better than Facebook. Like all relatives, neighbors and men have gathered on Facebook. There is no such thing as youth here. See who’s watching, he’s only in the business of judging girls.

Kaushiki, who works in an embassy, ​​says that now, even when a girl’s relationship is fixed, people search her Facebook profile. This is a man’s world. Security concerns have also increased greatly. If a girl is posting a picture looking good, she is available. If there are public comments, someone will say it indiscriminately, not only that, they even share the photo. Now since the privacy feature has come and some laws have been made, it has slowed down. To me, even today, coming to Facebook feels like an archaic man’s world, where women come at their own risk.

Instagram is fine now

A 12th passer, Isha says there is no social media platform like Instagram, no uncles, warts, uncles, etc. and no security threats, conveniently share photos by writing whatever caption you want and look at the rest of the time reels. Homemaker Pooja says we used to like Facebook a lot too, but you always see similar posts, people share very long messages. Also if it’s not safe to share kids pictures here I just give some time, for us WhatsApp is the best.

women leaving because of the troll

Aradhana Mukti, who was a PG researcher from JNU, is currently a blogger and social worker. He says that when he first came to Facebook in 2009, there were people relating to his blog, then gradually new friends joined and the reach grew. But there are some women who don’t want strangers to join them, they just want to connect with their acquaintances and friends here. That is why the new function of Facebook that has come to block the profile, most of the women have started using it. To be fair, many women have also left Facebook because of the troll.

“I stopped writing political posts”

Aradhana says I stopped writing political posts myself, the kind of language comments that used to give me a lot of anxiety, so I couldn’t handle comments etc. This is the reason why I have many friends in the hostel who do not want to write public posts. She doesn’t comment on any updates, because the name will go public and people will start sending friend requests. These people who want to be friends, don’t post at all. Seeing me, two or three female profiles suddenly disappeared. At the same time, earlier women used to write vocally. I started from 2009, then there was a close group, gradually people increased, people are sharing less personal things.

34% of women’s profiles blocked, why?

We explain to you that in the meta-report, 79% of women researchers had expressed concern about the misuse of their content and photos on Facebook. At the same time, 20 to 30 percent of women said they had to deal with obscenity on Facebook in the past seven days. For these reasons, Facebook introduced the profile blocking feature, since the introduction of this feature, till June 2021, 34 percent of Indian women have blocked their profiles using this feature.

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