Discard the Kashayas from the beginning, don’t strengthen them – Jhabua News: Dismiss the Kashayas from the beginning, don’t strengthen them

Jhabua (Representative of New Zealand). The Supreme Soul, while doing a favor to the whole world, has said that by giving up evils like anger, pride, deceit and greed in life and chanting the name of God, one can go to the salvation by making the welfare of the soul. . The blessings that God has bestowed upon us have become more natural by their very nature. They were not to do this work of favor in any way separately, for it was their nature to do favor. Wherever there are such ashaya-like defects, there will never be God.

The above inspiring thoughts were held in Jhabua under the sleep of Pujya Acharyashree Nityasen Suri ji and Sadhu-Sadhvi Bhagwant in the Atmanandi Chaturmas, the disciple of the virtuous emperor Pujya Jayant Sen Surishwar Ji, Pujya Muniraj Nipunratna Vijay Ji Masa, while narrating the stories. of Yogasar’s writing in the Dharma Sabha. He said that if we sit in the shelter of God every day and remember the opulence of the body and the opulence of the words, then all the miseries of our life can pass away. If a person just listens to the words of God every day, he can open the way to salvation by reaching the Mahavideh area where Lord Tirthankar currently resides. God’s order cannot be obtained without obeying the Guru. A lustful and indulgent person can never abandon the objects of the world, because the words he does not like at all. If you listen to God’s words and remain in His commandment, there will never be any attraction to the objects of this world.

our destroyer

He said that the more parts we give up the Kashayas, the more we will start having darshan of God. When the Kashayas begin, they must stop. When they are very subtle, but if these ashayas become intense, it will be very difficult for us to escape from them. He spoke of the evil that can happen through the four Kashayas. He said Krodha Kashay means Preeti means our love, Man Kashay is our Vinay, Maya Kashay will destroy our friendship and Greed Kashay will destroy us. If there is no greed, there can be no anger. These Kashayas stand at the door of salvation by putting a hammer. Behind these Kashayas, nine types of Mohaniya Karma are being strengthened. If with the rise of Mohaniya Karma, it becomes astringent, then, using discretion, listening to the words of the Supreme Soul, it can be annulled.

There are two types of religion

Muniraj Prashamsen Vijayji while explaining the character of Jambu Swami said that God has given two types of religions. World Dharma and Virtue Dharma. If the worldly householder follows the Dharma with virtues and self-restraint, many karmas can be avoided. Don’t tie anyone in knots. If there is a knot in the heart, then God will never be seen and if the knot ends, peace, samadhi and salvation will also be attained.

Mahesh-Manju Jain family took advantage of Gurudev’s aarti. With the inspiration of Revered Acharya Nitya Sen Surishwar ji and Sadhu-Sadhvi Mandal, more than 25 Shravakas-Sravikas are doing hot water penance. President Mukesh Jain and Secretary Bharat Bavel informed that Navkar Mantra worship will be held during Pujyashri sleep from 4th to 13th August. In this, devotees of the Guru from all over the country will come to worship here. Speeches are given every day from 9. In the evening special speeches are being given for young people. Gurubhakts come daily to Jhabua to worship Acharyashree.

By making good use of the senses, Bhava improves.

– Sadhvi Punya Sheela ji addressed the special meeting

Petlawad (Naiduniya News). This human bhava has been given to us to become God. Don’t miss it. However much your attraction may have been in worldly things, if you had applied so much attraction to self-darshan, then this feeling of yours would have become a single incarnation, you have five precious senses. Don’t poison them by indulging in their bad qualities. This condition must be corrected by making good use of the five senses. It is true that things are the decoration of the world, but in the eyes of the wise, they are all worthless. Understand the immateriality of the world and embrace the essence of the world.

The above inspiring words were expressed by Punya Punj Sadhvi Punya Sheela ji while addressing the special meeting on Sunday at Sthanak Bhawan. He asked Srisangh to join the Navrangi penance and other penances in the upcoming Paryushan festival. Tapasvi Rohit Katkani broke 18 fasts, along with Chandanbala Khabia seven, Mankunwar Mehta and Pramila Solanki, Madhu Kataria six, Mahendra Mehta alias Nanabhai, Kumkum Gugliya broke five fasts. Anil Mutha Raipuria has completed the penance of eight Vijay Bhandaris, Ayushi Nanecha has done five fasts. The daily fast, Ayambil battle is on the move in Srisangh. Apart from this, there are three Dharma chakras and many secret austerities.

Special religious camp organized for children

A special religious camp was organized for children on Sunday. In this, Sadhvi Shree Aastha ji explained the rules and precautions of how Anna and other pure and innocent donations are given to sages and saints. There was also a children’s competition. Among the older children, Anushree Barbeta stood first, Siddhi Katkani came second. Among the youngest children, Awadhi Murar stood first and Kirti Bhandari came second. The children were given refreshments in the name of Shree Sangh and were also given prints. Prizes were awarded to the children who won the competition. More than sixty children participated in the camp. He attended a special Shree Sangha in Bamnia on Sunday, in which more than fifty Shravak-Shravikas registered their presence. Along with this, devotees from many nearby villages also came and expressed their faith.

Look at the qualities and not the flaws of the person

Jhabua (Representative of New Zealand). In the presence of Samani Nirvana Pragya ji and the mediator of Samani Pragya ji of Shri Jain Shwetambar Terapanth Sabha Jhabua on Saturday night the management of the couple was successful, the Humsafar Hamara program was organized in a local private garden. This workshop explained in detail how to resolve mutual dispute between husband and wife, what is life, why is relationship important, what is marriage, what should life be, what is necessary for a happy married life , etc. Throw light on the topic of improving your married life.

The couple’s workshop started at 8pm with the recitation of the Namaskar Mahamantra. The workshop was explained through the visualization on the screen through a projector. All couples came with the dress code. Samani Mediator Pragya ji while starting the workshop said that we should live life with positivity. You need to think about how to make married life happy. There should be a brainstorm on how to build a temple at home. Make a life that never spoils. Life is full of many sour and sweet experiences. We also have to consider how we should behave with our family and we also have to understand how we should behave with our life partner.

Life is a struggle, accept it

What is life, the journey from birth to death is life, life is a journey, complete it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is an opportunity, take advantage of it. It means that they face the good and bad situations in life, instead of panicking when there are conflicts in life, try to cope with them. There are many ups and downs in life, but try to make life happy by taking the opportunity even in adverse situations with a smile.

mutual dedication necessary

What is the relationship, the meeting of two hearts and two minds. Relationship is necessary to become a participant in happiness and pain. Dedication to each other is also necessary for personality development and also for family enrichment. Coming into our lives is related to you and my life. Also for the realization of imagination and plans. What is marriage, the name of responsibility and duty, the name of deeply understanding the relationship, marriage is the name of the union of not only two people but two families. We must support each other in every situation. Samani Nirvana Pragya said that the flute itself is zero. It depends on the player whether he plays melodious or not. Similarly, the flute of life is in the hands of the husband and wife, how to bring sweetness and sweetness to their lives. Similarly, in the relationship of husband and wife, if the relationship is maintained in harmony and harmony, there will also be sweetness and sweetness in life. He said that just as the woman brings apples from the market when guests come home, most turn out to be bad and some are good. Everyone had some blemishes. In this situation, the husband should argue with the wife or not. In such a situation, just as the wife separates the bad part from the apple and uses the good fruit, in the same way we must also look at the virtues and not the defects of our married life. For life to be successful.

determined to behave

Apart from this, Samani Vrind also talked about the improvement of life by respecting each other by understanding each other’s point of view ignoring the petty disputes of daily life, about the relationship of husband and wife on many issues. After that, Samani Vrind made the current couples decide to support their family and life partner. The program was conducted by devotee Pankaj Kothari and vote of thanks was accepted by Deepak Chaudhary. At the end of the program Samani Vrand also recited Manglik to the couples present.

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