Full Story of Phoolan Devi, Rape Turned into an Idiot or Something More?

The story of the police officer who delivered Phoolan

Story of Phoolan Devi: From here began a new turning point in the life of Phoolan Devi. The police officer who started this was Rajendra Chaturvedi. Very calm and willing. If you decide to do something, then those who comply.

On his own, he asserts to Arjun Singh, then CM of Madhya Pradesh, that he will accept Phoolan by surrendering. And then get involved in this mission. In an interview to the media, Rajendra Chaturvedi himself has told the whole story. He tells about the day he went to meet Phoolan for the first time.

Police officers say it was the night of December 5, 1982. He himself was riding a bicycle. And behind was Phoolan Devi’s close friend. It was very cold at that time. The wind was also strong, leaving him shaking. But there were also lines of concern at the front.

The bike went through the ravines. Then the person sitting behind the bike signaled to stop by putting his hand on his shoulder. Then the two people started moving on foot. After walking for a while, he saw a man with a flashlight in his hand. Then they both began to follow the same lamppost. Then they stopped them in a shack.

Phoolan Devi ki kahani in Hindi: Here food was given to relieve the cold. Along with that, he was asked to stay for an hour. After spending some time here, a thief started moving towards the Chambal river on a bicycle to the police constable. After walking about 6 kms, I parked the bike. After that, the attendant took out the torch and started carrying it between dense trees and forest. A bonfire could be seen in the distance.

Seeing this, Rajendra Chaturvedi had guessed that something special would happen there. But the guess turned out to be wrong. Phoolan did not meet here either. From there the third accomplice of the bandits took them several kilometers away. Thus, he was tired after walking all night. It would be morning.

But shortly before morning he arrived at a special place on the escarpment. A woman in a blue button up and a blue kurta came out of the bushes. The rifle hung from his shoulder. He had thick hair. Hanging to the shoulder. I kept looking at him. Then he put something on my foot. I saw it was 500 rupees. I was surprised to see this. Is Phoolan Devi like that?

Phoolan himself made tea and gave him food.

Story of Phoolan Devi Dacoit: Phoolan Devi made tea for them with her own hands. Along with the tea, he also gave them bangles to eat. Then things start between the two. But how to start this thing? About this the police officer had prepared in advance. He had gone to his village before meeting Phoolan. Where he met the family and recorded their conversations. Photos were also taken.

I had the idea that a woman is a woman. There is love in her. Even if he doesn’t pretend. She is also emotional. Even if you don’t realize it. Thinking this, Rajendra Chaturvedi initiates the conversation with Phoolan’s house.

He says I went to your house. Phoolan Devi is shocked to hear this. ask when Rajendra Chaturvedi replied last month. Hearing this, Phoolan asked Tapak, was Munni found there? The police officer replied: Yes. Your sister Munni, mother and father also met. Pictures of the family were then shown as evidence. Phoolan started looking at those pictures.

Then suddenly Phoolan was startled to hear a voice. That voice was Munni’s. Where was this voice coming from, Phoolan began to think. Rajendra Chaturvedi then showed Phoolan the tape recorder. There was an audio recording of the conversation with the family. Phoolan got excited after hearing this. As if all the tension was gone. After a while Phoolan calmed down.

I began to think that why the police officer did so much for me? Thinking this, Phoolan asked the question. What do you want from me? Rajendra Chaturvedi said we want you to surrender. Surrender and Phoolan Devi. Hearing this, Phoolan forgot that he had gone home in his dreams some time ago.

He only remembered that he is a Phoolan dacoit. Anger was in seventh heaven. red face heavy voice She screamed and said what do you think I will drop the gun just by telling you. I am Phoolan Devi, I can shoot you right now. Seeing this, it was as if there was silence in the entire ravine. The dacoits who were there at that time stood where they were. No one had the courage to speak.

Phoolan Devi Biography in Hindi: Eventually Man Singh who was closest to Phoolan somehow pacified Phoolan. Explained, they have come here after much thought. Let everything be done first. He will make a decision then. Then it’s evening. That day Phoolan himself cooked the food. Made thick millet rotis. Along with this, they served green potatoes and lentils and gave them to eat.

After eating, Rajendra Chaturvedi took some pictures of Phoolan and showed him. Phoolan was happy to see this. Ask to do magic. After that, Phoolan asked again, how are you sure that there will be no encounter in the surrender? The police officer says, The Chief Minister himself has sent me. So it’s not about not trusting it.

Phoolan asks for evidence on this. In reply, Rajendra Chaturvedi says he is sending someone. I will present it directly to the CM. Hearing this, Phoolan agreed to send a companion along with the police officer. Along with this, Phoolan also sent a ring for his mother. In this way, Rajendra Chaturvedi comes out of the ravine and takes a direct flight to Delhi and meets the CM.

When Phoolan gets information about the meeting with the CM, the confidence in Rajendra Chaturvedi increases further. A few months later, Rajendra Chaturvedi along with his wife and son meets Phoolan again. This time, keeping the boy on Phoolan’s lap, they promise that if he surrenders, the police will not take any action.

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