Harishankar Parsai’s satire “Premchand’s Broken Shoes”

Hindi Sahitya News: Harishankar Parsai invades the traditional form of Hindi fiction literature both at the level of object and craft. The situations, events and personalities represented in Parsai’s fiction are the result of a thorough and objective investigation of his society. Read Full Satire-

A photo of Premchand is in front of me, photographing with his wife. They wear a thick cloth cap, kurta and dhoti on their heads. The temples are tucked in, the cheekbones are exposed, but the thick mustache makes the face look full.

There are canvas shoes on the feet, the closures of which are tied at random. If used carelessly, the iron sheet will come off the ends of the band and it becomes difficult to get the band into the holes. Next, how the locks are released. The shoe on the right foot is fine, but there is a large hole in the left shoe, where the toe has come out.

My eyes are glued to this shoe. I wonder: if this is a photo shoot dress, how will she wear it? No, this man will not have different clothes, he does not have the ability to change clothes. As it is, so it is drawn in the photo.

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I look at the face Do you know, my literary ancestor, that your shoe is torn and the toe shows? Don’t you realize it at all? Do you have no shame, doubt or hesitation? Don’t you even know that pulling the dhoti down a bit can cover the finger? But there is still great carelessness, great confidence in the face! When the photographer has said “ready, please,” then, according to tradition, you must have tried to crack a smile, slowly raising the smile that lies somewhere at the bottom of the deep well of pain, doing ” click” in the middle The photographer must have said “thank you”. That incomplete smile is strange. It’s not a smile, it’s ridiculous, it’s sarcasm!

What kind of man is this, who photographs himself with broken shoes, but also laughs at someone!

If I had to take a picture, I would have worn the right shoes, or I wouldn’t have taken it. What was wrong with not taking pictures? Maybe it was the woman’s insistence and you must have sat back and said, “Okay, let’s go.” But what a “tragedy” it is that a man doesn’t even have a shoe to take a picture of. Seeing this picture of you, I want to cry feeling your pain inside me, but this sharp and painful sarcasm in your eyes stops me completely.

You don’t understand the importance of photos. If I had understood, I would have asked someone for shoes to take a picture with. The bridegroom is seen in the scabbard. And ask them to remove the procession from the motor. The woman is even asked to take a photo, don’t ask for your shoes! You don’t know the importance of photos. People take photos of themselves stealing perfume, so that the photo smells. Even the photo of a dirty person gives fragrance.

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The cap is available in eight annas and what would shoes get for less than five rupees even at that time. Shoes have always been more valuable than hats. Now the price of shoes has increased even more and twenty-five caps are sacrificed in one shoe. You were also impressed by the proportional value of the shoes and hats. This irony has never struck me as much as today when I see your broken shoe. They called you a great storyteller, an emperor of novels, a period promoter, you know what they called you, but your shoe is broken even in the photo.

My shoes are not good either. It looks good from above. The finger does not come out, but the bottom part is torn under the thumb. The thumb rubs against the floor and sometimes bleeds from rubbing the sharp ballast. The entire sole will fall off, the entire claw will come off, but the toe will not be visible on the outside. Your toe is visible, but your foot is protected. My toe is covered, but the paw rubs down. You don’t even know the importance of the screen, we are sacrificed to the screen!

You’re wearing a broken shoe! I can’t wear this. I shouldn’t take a photo like this for the rest of my life, even if a bio is printed without a photo.

That sarcastic smile of yours lifts my spirits. What means? What smile is that?

“Is Hori dead?”

— Did the pigs graze Halku’s field on the night of the cat?

— Did Sujan Bhagat’s son die? Why can’t doctors leave the club?

No, I think Madho drank from the donation of the woman’s shroud. It looks like the same smile.

I see your shoe again. How did it break out, the writer of my town?

Have you been spinning a lot?

Did he keep coming home after traveling a mile or two to escape the bania’s body?

The shoe doesn’t break when spinning, it wears out. Kumbhandas shoe also wore out while going to Fatehpur Sikri. He felt great sorrow. He said-

“Avat Jaat Panhaiya is over, Bisar Gayo Hari Naam.”

And to those who were called and said, “Those who see the pain, tinko karbo parai salaam!”

Shoes wear out as you walk, not break. How did your shoe break?

I think you’ve stumbled onto something difficult. Something that has built up layer upon layer over centuries, you may have broken your shoe tripping over it. You tried the shoe on a mound that had been left on the road.

You could have escaped saving him, even by his side. There is also a commitment to the mounds. All rivers break the mountains a little, even after they change in some way, they go away.

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You can’t compromise. Did you also have the same weakness that swallowed Hori, the same weakness of ‘Nam-Dharam’? ‘Nam-Dharam’ was also his chain. But from the way you smile, it seems that maybe – “nam-dharam” was not your slavery, but your liberation!

This finger of yours seems to me a sign, which you consider disgusting, do you point with your toe, not with your hand?

Are you pointing out whose shoe you broke while tripping?

i understand I also understand your finger gesture and I also understand that sarcasm-smile.

You’re laughing at me or all of us, the ones who hide their toes and wear the soles, the ones who come out on the side after breaking the mound. You’re saying: I broke my shoe on a rock, my toe came off, but my foot was saved and I kept walking, but you’re destroying the sole by worrying about covering the toe. how are you going

i understand I understand the tip of your broken shoes, I understand the finger gesture, I understand your sarcasm and smile!

Book: Parsai Rachnawali
Publication: Rajkamal Publications

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