Mauritius spy scandal: Why there’s a fuss over India’s ‘mustache man’

New Delhi: The espionage scandal that has engulfed India since last June in Mauritius is spiraling out of control. Opposition parties in the island nation accuse Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth of “high treason”. With this the demand for Jagannath’s resignation has started gaining momentum.

Meanwhile, a photograph of a special “mustache man” from India that surfaced in the media last week is believed to be leading the Indian technical team that landed the internet sensation in Mauritius.

The Internet Landing Station is located in a restricted area at the historic Bai-du-Jaccottet landmark in Mauritius and there has been an uproar that the Indian team allowed to reach it by Prime Minister Jugnauth was allegedly “spying”. that Mauritius internet traffic could be monitored.

Although Prime Minister Jagannath has acknowledged that a team of Indian technical experts gained access to Bai-du-Jacot, he says no spying team has been installed there.

New Delhi has so far taken the position that what Prime Minister Jagannath said is enough to clarify India’s situation.

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