Rajnandgaon: Groups fight at midday meal, children eat potatoes, soybeans, lean pulses, schools lack menu. Rajnandgaon: Groups fight at midday meal, children eat potatoes, soybeans, pulses, schools lack menu


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Updated: Monday, July 25, 2022, 1:53 p.m [IST]

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Rajnandgaon, July 25. In the name of the midday meal in the district schools, a thorn is being struck in the right of the children. The school food menu is missing. So there groups don’t know what to do when. In the name of the midday meal, the children receive only thin hot water, boiled in the name of potato, vegetables and legumes dipped in hot water. A similar situation prevails in some primary schools in Rajnanadgaon district.

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Children carrying tiffin to avoid watery vegetables and pulses
In fact, two years after the Corona period, children have started going to school. But seeing the state of mid-day meal in government schools, children also find it appropriate to take tiffin from home. There is a lot of chaos in the schools of the district headquarters itself. Apart from the lack of teachers, waterlogging in dilapidated facilities, there are also questions about the quality of mid-day meals provided to children.

2673 groups prepare food in the district
If we talk about government schools in Rajnandgaon district including Manpur Mohla, Khairagarh, there are total 1868 primary schools, 805 high schools in the district. In which one million 86 thousand children are studying in government primary and secondary schools. For whom 2673 groups do the work of preparing the food. Through these groups 5291 cooks have been appointed, through these groups food is provided to the children.

Food not available according to the menu
School children are not provided food according to the menu. There is no one to see it. It was said that in the past vegetables were given to children. The work was done with brinjal and tomato chutney. While these vegetables are currently banned by the government. Explain that the groups that get the midday meal from the government get 5.19 paisa per student. But groups spend only Rs.2.
groups accused of arbitrariness
The school authorities accuse the groups of arbitrariness. There was a lot of commotion at Motipur Primary School for quality mid-day meal. The children boycotted the quality lunch. After that, the group hurriedly prepared the second meal. Only then could the children get food. Says the head reader of the school. In this way, children’s rights must not be endangered. There were constant complaints about the quality of the lunch food. The district councilor and the BEO have been informed of the matter.

For 75 children, just two kg of potatoes and soybeans is large.
According to the information received from the school management, 75 children are studying in the school, where the midday meal is prepared by two groups. The school management told One India that the group is continuously preparing quality food for the children, saying the money does not come from the government. On Thursday, only two kg of potato and 1 soya bread were prepared for 75 school children in Motipur. The lentils also became gassy and thin. The same condition is seen in about 45 to 50 schools in the district.

The cook receives the menu of the day by telephone
The midday meal is provided by two groups at Motipur School. Here both groups have appointed cooks, but they do not come to the school, they have appointed others as cooks instead. They say over the phone what to take and what to do today.
An investigation will be made of the speaking officer
According to Rajnandgaon District Education Officer RL Thakur, regular and timely payments are being made to groups preparing mid-day meals in the school. Even after that, the quality of food is going down. Thus, after examining it, appropriate action will be taken. There is no dispute of any kind in Ganjpara School. Rumors have been spread in a wrong way.

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Rajnandgaon: Groups fight at midday meal, children eat potatoes, soybeans, pulses, schools lack menu

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