Single locks: Even without marriage, a mother can do the best of child care, here are the examples


Actress Neena Gupta was unmarried while giving birth to daughter Masaba.
Mahi Gill describes herself as single and happy after the birth of her daughter.
Valerie Gatto’s mother was raped, after which she was born.

Single moms with locks: Both parents are needed to care for the child. This is what society believes, but not everyone needs to be ‘lucky’ in this matter. For many reasons, the child becomes the responsibility of the single parent. However, in some cases a choice is also made. If an unmarried woman gives birth to a child and for whatever reason the child cannot obtain the name of its biological father or a rape victim chooses not to have an abortion after becoming pregnant, in both cases the woman must give birth to the his son. He must be careful.

There are also such people in society who look down on women who have become mothers in this way. Many children have to face problems in getting identity related documents for school, college or later job because it asks for father’s name. Considering all these things recently Kerala High Court the only decision narrated In which it has been said that any person has every right not to write his father’s name on his ID or documents related to him. Let us tell you that while the decision is being made, the court “Karna of Mahabharata” Also mentioned

The court says the distress of these children can be understood. While delivering the verdict, Justice PV Kunhikrishnan said that the child of an unmarried woman or a rape victim mother is also a citizen of the country and no one can deprive him of his fundamental rights. Therefore, only the mother’s name can be written on the birth certificate and identity card, etc.

Today we will talk about those famous women who raised their child in the best way without getting married. Along with this, we will also talk about those celebrities who themselves or whose mothers were victims of rape but left no stone unturned to raise their children and today their children are making a name for themselves.

Neena Gupta

Talking about the single woman without escapism, most of the people remember the name of Neena Gupta. Neena Gupta proved to be a good actress and a good mother. Hindustan Times According to other media reports, including Nina Masaba’s daughter, he was born after an affair with famous West Indian cricketer Vivian Richards.

Neena Gupta is a fine actress and a proud mother. (Image – Instagram)

Despite this, ‘locks without weedsThe tag of ‘ couldn’t stop Neena from doing everything for her daughter Masaba, what a mother does for her daughter. Today Masaba is a famous designer and there will be hardly anyone who does not appreciate his work.

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kalki kelakan

Actress Kalki Kekalan’s name is also included in the list of celebrities who gave birth to a child out of wedlock. He mentioned this rodeo show did in We tell you that Kalki Kekalan is dating Israeli classical pianist Gay Hershberg.

kalki sappho

Kalki Kekalan’s daughter is called Sappho. (Image – Instagram)

Mahi Gill

Dev D star Mahi Gill revealed that she was a single mother to daughter Veronica in 2019. exhibition And he also told her that he is not married and he is happy that way.

mahie gill

Mahi Gill named her daughter Veronica. (Image – Instagram)

However, there were many celebrities who or whose mother shared bad experiences with the world and told how they were raped but then took care of themselves.

nail carrier

American singer and actress Nell Carter was raped at gunpoint at the age of 16, after which she gave birth to her daughter Tracy. one news report According to him, it was not easy for him to raise the child. He always told people that because of early marriage, the child was also early. However, this was not true.

in the mail

Nel Carter’s daughter’s name is Tracy. (Image-Instagram)

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Valerie Gatto

In 2014, Miss Pennsylvania’s mother, Valerie Gatto, was raped at knifepoint at the age of 19, after which she became pregnant. Instead of seeing his mother’s experience as a negative thing, Gatto created one Interview I said, “I believe the one above sent me here for a purpose, giving hope that anything is possible. You can’t define your life by your circumstances.”

valerie gatto

In 2014, Valerie Gatto became Miss Pennsylvania. (Image – Instagram)

Now she is helping girls become aware and educated about the issue of sexual harassment.

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