TV9 EXCLUSIVE: Due to this ‘shortage’ of investigative agencies, the wait for the destruction of Popular Front of India is getting longer!

PFI has been on the radar of investigative agencies for the past few years. But, PFI Meanwhile, the name of PFI has been appearing in anti-national incidents. Senior security officials have made a unanimous recommendation to break the PFI network.

The Popular Front of India has been on the radar of investigative agencies for the past few years. (signal image)

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These days they banned organizations in the four directions of the country Popular Front of India There is a buzz in the name-work of (PFI). The country’s intelligence and investigative agencies dig as deep as its roots. Its roots run as deep as any vine. The agencies have employed many khaki uniforms, lawyers and other well-known and powerful personalities to shake the blame of this infamous PFI organization. Even after that, the famous name band of this organization is not ready to throw away their admirers/supporters from their doors. But why?

After all, why can’t this banned organization come under control even after thousands of efforts? Try to find a suitable answer to this question TV9 Bharatvarsh He spoke to some former intelligence officers, investigative agencies and officers associated with the country’s police departments. Of those officers who themselves were busy digging up the roots of this organization and destroying it. According to Dr. Vikram Singh, a 1974 batch IPS and Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, “Which criminal in the country could not be eliminated. What organization is it that even after banning it, I could see it raising its neck? Maybe none. Except for a PFI.”

Requires dedicated drive

TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to Alok B Lal, former IPS and retired Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, on how to contain and dislodge organizations involved in banned and anti-national activities like the PFI. Alok Lal, who has 37 years of experience in the police service, from sub-SP to Director General of Police (DGP UP), said: ,To control organizations like PFI, a dedicated intelligence unit will first have to be created. After that, on the basis of intelligence, another team will have to be formed to make its entry into this organization. Whose job is only and only to get into the roots of this organization. Number three, we should have this dedicated team that can go into that organization and destroy it forever by doing operations. That doesn’t happen now.”

Now it’s all scattered here and there

Former advisor to Uttarakhand Governor and author of popular books like The Barabanki Narcos and Murder In The Bylanes, former IPS Alok Lal further said, “What is happening now is that some agency is investigating. The operation is handed over to some agency. Someone else is giving half-baked intelligence. I want a dedicated team ready to deal with PFI organizations combining all these. Our special ready team should be such that every person no other work should be done only until the removal of these organizations.then PFI or any other organization like this cannot survive for long.I am saying this from my personal experience of 37 years of work life cop of IPS.In fact to remove anything bad you have to get to its roots first.Be it a disease or some anti national organization like PFI.

It is not difficult to control the PFI

According to Alok Lal, former director general of UP Police, “Containing the PFI is not as difficult a task as it is difficult to form a dedicated team to control organizations like this. Secondly, regarding the strength of this organization. So why and how is the organization whose infiltration will occur directly or indirectly even within the police lawyers and all government agencies, why and how are you surprised at the strength of the PFI? Speaking of the penetration of this organization, its supporters are infiltrating those places, where I am surprised to see their presence. First the paths to strengthen this organization will have to be dug, then this organization will automatically lose its ability to advance against the country. Government agencies won’t have to work too hard.”

it takes a strong will

Vikram Singh, the first and former DIG of the UP Police Special Task Force, says, “Force, agencies should have the willpower to pacify the organization and the criminal involved in any criminal activity. A strategy strong after that. Only if these two things are available nothing can become stronger than them. Be it PFI, al-Qaeda or any infamous terrorist organization like ISIS.

All this goes through the government machinery only until our weaknesses are within their reach. As soon as they know that this country agency has now promised to dig their graves. In my personal experience, then, governments don’t have to make any effort to kill and deal with all of this. All of these enter the bill on their own. Or they fall at the feet of our agencies.

check your damaged first

According to the former intelligence officer, who has been posted in the Indian intelligence agency for almost 23-24 years in Assam, Arunachal, Jammu and Kashmir (especially on the borders with Pakistan), “The difficulty biggest to control PFI is ours.. PFI is not really such a big challenge or difficulty that our agencies cannot control it. The real problem is that some people in our agencies are supporting this organization for sure .This is my personal opinion.I am not imposing my intention on anyone.And I don’t say anything bad even on air.

Breaking the support system is very important

LN Rao (DCP Lakshmi Narayan Rao), retired DCP of Delhi Police Special Cell and one of the country’s encounter specialists, says, “PFI cannot control anyone until its supporters are controlled. In fact , his supporters and followers help him blindly. That is the reason that even before our agencies reach the PFI base, their news reaches the PFI. The difficulty is not so much in locating the PFI, but it is necessary to weaken the support system that this organization is receiving from some former officials and employees of some government bodies.

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Until your support system is destroyed. Until then, PFI will continue to hurt us by becoming a challenger. Agencies will have to change their strategy and destroy the PFI by introducing their style. Otherwise, collecting two or four PFI-related news or internal information and stuffing them into files will do no good. And I suspect that the intelligence or investigative agencies that try to crack down on the PFI do nothing more than that! Otherwise, I have made a big dent in PFI organizations as well.

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