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Bhopal. We’re probably those lucky few whose parents also traveled while doing newspapers and we’re trying to follow their path in amazing ways. Some friends said that we should also dare to say that how was the Navisi newspaper at the time of saying it and how is it today? Although this competition cannot be the first in the two times because then only the press or journalists used to be in the name of the media and today the press is called the media. In which Kalmghisu newspaper employees, who have an idea of ​​the government who do the job of writing news in a newspaper. After that, there are electronic media, in which the office is similar to that of the newspaper, such as reporter, editor, cameraman, anchor and then content editor and media workers who do research in one and a half channel.

Then the correspondent editor and sub-editor were in the newspaper room, the rest of the production work was different. This was the printing press. The editor was a person even the owner rarely spoke to. Government officials and political leaders also behaved with great respect. A coin in his name was used in the city. Our necks used to get stiff, as we took names as a reporter. Even after this fire, men were sought for cigarettes and for tea. Because the menstrual salary used to be enough to support the body. But because of the passion of the profession he could not even cry his cry in front of anyone. The market was cheaper then compared to today’s inflation, but people used to be expensive. Then there is as much difference in today’s newspaper journalism as there is between a human being and a mummy. Especially in the last seven years, from the history of the country to the life and youth of the youth, 180 degrees have changed.

Back then, people in journalism used to survive on the salary of hundreds because most of them had political thought and passion. Most of their evenings were devoted to debating the reality of political issues and their consequences. And in addition, the collection of kebabs and liquor was collected by a teacher or writer {whose economic situation in the house used to be strong}. Various issues like any such incident which are not in the eyes of common people. Or a secret incident in the life of an old man, which was once a conspiracy not to be exposed. Some common things had also been broken. So the day passed, then a new dawn.

Today’s journalism Currently there are two types of journalism, one for the newspaper and the other for the network. But today the attitude has completely changed. It is now late in the morning and two or four phone calls were made to journalist friends and Sours as they praised what was heard with the fascination of the news and the friend’s news and some criticism was made. Then immediately to attend the newspaper office and listen to the editor’s order, hear some murmurs, just dismissed the meeting. Go out and investigate issues you’ve been putting off. In the meantime, don’t even look forward to going home and eating. Yes, some Khalifa journalists who knew the newspaper owner well: they go home for lunch. The rest of the road raiders ate some kachori, poha etc. and then they went out at their own pace, Goya’s soldiers went out to patrol their area! Beats wasn’t talking back then. The Municipal Corporation used to go to the office of this party or the Secretariat or any other office.

People used to answer questions. Who made the news. Now that doesn’t happen, now if the officer doesn’t know you, he’ll send you your business card too! That’s the difference between then and now. That’s why the journalist keeps more blood than some people in the department because things inside tell him. Which comes as an explosion in the newspaper the next day. Then there is the reason to get shabaasi or dust cover, which is the proximity of a particular department to the owner or not. Then the journalist criticized the truth of his news and the editor used to talk to him daily. Then a person named Malik used to stay away from the office, nowadays he resides in the same office. Because now the newspaper has become a business, not a business. Where he has employees from the editor to the laborer! It wasn’t like that then.

Today, the reporter who leaves the office, the form becomes straight on the bill. That was not the case then. News editors used to ask a few things about the presentation of the news, that’s all. Today, the journalist must give an adequate explanation of his news. The status of a journalist beneficial to the owner is always reflected in the office. This is about advertising and government decisions to benefit other owners’ business relationships. Therefore, now the reporter cannot reveal the truth, but has to leave his business and become a vigilante to protect the owner’s business interests. The only difference is that newspapers are now dominated by capital. That is why builders or other entrepreneurs more prone to government temptations use the stick of democracy as an umbrella to protect their interests. Now you can understand that how will you write the news of the misery of common people or the corruption of government officials in that newspaper? He will write hits because he has to save his job. So I can go home.

Journalism on channels is also very easy and also very laborious, local channels have been lost in the crowd of YouTube and Akashi channels. The concern of the common man is to solve the problems of the city. Now the advertising game is also very strong here. And ninety percent of Akashi channels praise the Modi government or Congress or Hindu-Muslim flaws and the hidden history of India and the country built by new temples is the main thing for them. An American journalist had said that news is not what you try to show, news is what you try to hide, now it is not possible for 99 percent of the channels in the country to meet this criterion. Because they keep showing government statements and interviews of their people.

You have to watch the BBC or CNN or Al Jazeera to know the reality of the country’s events. Now those who just have to believe the government’s statements, don’t have to make any special effort. But in the lockdown of the first wave of Corona, how many channels showed the march to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar by foot trucks and cars etc. of millions of people, find the answer. And how many newspapers showed deaths from lack of oxygen? How many showed thousands of corpses flowing in the Ganges to the people of India? Newspapers that support power, it’s a job, not a business. In the end, I would like to write the words of my father, which he had said about the relationship between the journalist and the government, the journalist should remain an elder in the eyes of the government, so that he can bring out the reality. of people’s suffering. At the same time, the government is also not an enemy, which should be destroyed.

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