Paddy (rice) transplanter will get 50 percent subsidy, apply now

Learn how to get a subsidy on a rice transplanter

Many types of schemes are being operated for farmers by central and state government. With this, the benefit of the subsidy is provided to the farmers. These grants are given in different states as per the rules of the state governments there. The main objective of the government providing subsidy on farm machinery is to benefit the small and marginal farmers who cannot buy expensive farm machinery due to their weak economic condition.

In this sequence, Madhya Pradesh government is providing up to 50 subsidies to farmers under the Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana. Currently, the work of rice transplanting is in full swing in the state, in view of this, the state Department of Agriculture and Engineering has invited farmers to apply for the rice transplanting machine . Interested farmers can apply and get a subsidized rice transplanter. Today we are going to tell you about the documents required to apply for the Pulled Rice Transplanter Machine subsidy under the Krishi Yantra subsidy scheme through Tractor Junction and the application process for the farmers of the state to get the benefit of the machinery agricultural with subsidy. .

What is the rice paddy transplanting machine

Rice transplanting machine with rice With the help of this, farmers can transplant the rice seedlings in less time and labor. With this, sowing work can be done in less than 2 hours on an area of ​​one acre. This machine comes in different types. With this, rice can be sown in 4, 6 and 8 rows. The specialty of sowing with this machine is that it is sown in a row, so that the plants remain straight in the tail at a certain distance. This facilitates the work of weeding, hoeing and harvesting, etc. At the same time, the cost of cultivation is reduced, which saves money.

Paddy transplanter equipment will be available as per demand, lottery will not be drawn

According to Madhya Pradesh Directorate of Agricultural Engineering, Paddy Transplanter machine is placed in the category as per the demand. No lottery shall be drawn from the applications of farmers received hereunder and the applications shall be approved by the Directorate on the basis of available budget. If approved, the farmer’s application will be displayed in the list of selected farmers on the portal. Approval will be communicated to the farmer via SMS.

How much grant will be given to Paddy Rice Transplanter

On behalf of Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Engineering, farmers in the state get the benefit of subsidy ranging from 40 to 50 percent on farm machinery. In this, special benefits are provided to women farmers including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes. Under this, they are given the subsidy benefit of up to 50 per cent, while the subsidy benefit of 40 per cent is given to the general category farmers.

How to know how much grant will be given

If farmers want to know how much subsidy they will get from government for rice transplanter. To see this, you can check the subsidy information available based on the cost of farm machinery using the subsidy calculator available on the Farm Machinery Subsidy Portal.

To get Paddy Rice Transplanter, DD of 5 thousand rupees will have to be deposited

According to the information provided by the Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Engineering Department, farmers will have to attach a DD i.e. a demand draft of Rs 5,000 along with the application to get a rice transplanter. You will have to make this demand draft in the name of the Assistant Agricultural Engineer of your district. You must upload its scanned copy online at the time of application.

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Where to apply for the paddy rice transplanter grant

Earlier, farmers in the state had to apply offline for a rice transplanter machine subsidy, but now the application process has been changed. Now, as per the demand, farmers will have to apply online for the subsidy under the farm machinery category. State Farmers E-Krishi Yantra Grant Portal You can apply online by visiting Let us tell you that in these applications, the selection of dealers and all subsequent processes and time periods will remain the same as the process for selected farmers after the draw.

Documents needed to apply for the subsidy to the rice transplanter

Farmers will have to apply online to get the subsidized rice transplanter. For this you will need some documents, which are the following:

  • Aadhar card of the applicant farmer
  • Cultivated land papers containing copy of B1 for land
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable for SC/ST farmers)
  • Bank account details Photocopy of bank card for this
  • Registered mobile number of the requested farmer (on which the OTP will be sent to the farmer).

Attention farmer brother

Fellow farmers applying for the Pulled Rice Transplanting Machine Grant should note that the OTP (One Time Password) will be received on their registered mobile number at the time of application. So, while applying for Farmer Brother, keep your mobile with you.

To see the list of Assistant Engineers Agronomists in your district you can visit this link-

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