Plant these 5 profitable crops in the rain, there will be excellent income at low cost

Learn about the crops that are grown in the rainy season and their benefits

Monsoon rains continue. In this situation, farmers can earn good profits by growing crops at low cost. Farmers who have a pond in their field can make good use of it by storing rainwater at this time. Good profits can be made by growing many types of crops during the rainy season. Many fruit plants are also planted in the rainy season, in which plants of the pomegranate, guava, currant, litchi, jackfruit, grape and lemon class can be planted. But here we give information about cultivation of only 5 selected crops, from which you can get good profit even at low cost. Let us know how to grow these 5 profitable crops through Tractor Junction.

1. Singhada

Water chestnut can be grown quite well in the monsoon rains. You can grow it in the pond made in your farm. Its cultivation does not cost much. Rainy weather is considered very good for water chestnut cultivation as this crop requires water. With the onset of the monsoon, the sowing of water chestnut begins. The water chestnut is sown in June-July. Water chestnut seeds are usually sown in small ponds, puddles, but the plants can be planted by making pits in fields and filling them with water. Very good profits can be obtained from the cultivation of water chestnut from June to December, that is, 6 months. You can also bring their seedlings from government or private nurseries. There are good prices for water chestnuts in the market. Apart from this, dry water chestnut flour is also sold in the market.

2. Cucumber Lotus

lotus flower You guys knew it. The stem of this plant is called lotus cucumber. In India, its vegetables are prepared and eaten, as well as pickled. It contains many types of nutrients that are very beneficial for health. It can be cultivated three times a year. In this, it can be easily cultivated in the rainy season, because lotus cucumber also requires more water. Farmers can sow their seeds by making ponds in their fields. Talking about lotus cucumber production, it is easy to produce about 50-60 quintals of lotus cucumber in one acre.

3. Mushrooms

During the rainy season, you must have seen umbrella-shaped plants in the form of a canopy, which is also called snake umbrella. this beehive mushroom are called Many of its species are not edible due to being poisonous, while some of its species are used for food. In which there are button mushrooms, milk mushrooms, etc. Farmers can also earn good money growing these mushrooms. Mushrooms grow rapidly during the rainy season. It can be cultivated on rice straw during this season. It does not require a large space for cultivation. It can also be grown in a 6 by 6 room. As long as the sunlight has to enter the room. It requires a temperature of 15 to 22 degrees Celsius. You can earn good profit from around 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees from mushroom cultivation in Indian market. The price of large malls and mushrooms in the market ranges from about 250 to 300 rupees per kg. We explain that, apart from eating the mushroom as a vegetable, it is also used to make bodybuilding products (powder).

4. Berries

Jamun plant can be planted under rain. The month of June to August is considered very good for planting your garden. Due to its good price in the market, farmers can earn a lot by planting their vegetable garden. Well-drained clay soil is best for Jamun orchards. Hard, sandy soils are not good for this. It can be planted anywhere in India except cold regions. Jamun plant can be planted under rain. However, after the completion of about 8 years on the Jamun tree, the fruits start coming. 80 to 90 kg of berries are obtained from one plant. While more than 250 plants can be planted in one hectare.

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5. Pomegranate

farmer in the rain pomegranate orchard It can also be put The rainy season is good for its planting. Deep sandy soil is considered the best for pomegranate cultivation. But it can also be grown in alkaline soil. Not only this, good pomegranate yield can also be obtained by irrigation with saline water. It is considered good to use drip irrigation for your plants. Pomegranate plants are ready for harvest after 120 to 130 days. It has good prices in the market. The pomegranate is eaten raw. Its juice is also very good for health.

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