Protests disrupted due to stalled four-lane flyover work: People must complete four-lane work soon

Author: JagranDate of publication: Tuesday, 26 July 2022 19:02 (IST)Updated Date: Tuesday, 26 July 2022 19:02 (IST)

Jagran Correspondent, Nangal: Faced with the non-completion of the four-lane flyover being constructed in Nangal for the last four years, several organizations protested on Tuesday, raising the voice of the city’s residents. It has been requested that the flyover work should be started and completed expeditiously. Along with the commissioning of the service routes, a truck underpass should be constructed along with the opening of the Northern Railway gate C-88 which was closed near Union Chowk. In view of the increased problems due to the flyover, all the markets in the city remained closed from 9 to 12 noon as per the schedule announced earlier. Following this, several political parties gathered on dharna near the under-construction bus stand and four-lane flyover, as well as social service officials and religious organizations expressed their anger. Apart from Surjit Singh Dhey, the convener of the constituted Sangharsh Committee, BJP President Nangal Rajesh Chaudhary, Congress Party spokesperson, Advocate Paramjit Singh Pamma, Rakesh Nayar, Umakant Sharma, Pradeep Soni, Congress Councilor Surendra Pamma, Deepak Nanda, CPIM and Saini, Sukhdev Diggwa of CITU, Vinod Bhatti, the Com. Jagat Ram Sharma, the Com. Vijay Sharma, BJP councilor Ranjit Singh Lucky etc said that flyover work is not being completed. In this situation, the problems of the residents of the city increase. Due to the traffic being diverted from the Nangal Dam T-point road, the traffic jam problem has now reached the interior of the city. Due to the traffic jam, the economic situation of the city has become turbulent due to less influx of Naya Nangal customers in the Nangal markets.

Speaking at the dharna, BJP president Rajesh Chaudhary said they are fully prepared. The Sangharsh Committee should prepare a plan to contact the top leaders of the central government in Delhi at any time. Going to Delhi, we will vigorously increase the demand to complete the four-lane flyover project. On the other hand, the lawyer Paramjit Singh Pamma has also said that after the announcement of the closure of the C-88 railway gate last December 6, the track was not closed by the railway administration but by the ‘company that makes the four lanes. overflight, even if it is legal. It’s a crime. The company making the pass cannot block the road. Faced with this situation, in the coming days a hard position will also be taken on this issue. Ramesh Gulati, President of Shri Sanatan Dharma Sabha, Bikanu Ram of Ambedkar Mission Society, Tarsem Lal, Kundan Lal, Balmiki Sabha Nangal, Dilbag Chandel of Ek Pahal Welfare Society, Rahmat Ali, Ajay Sharma, Sandeep Chandel, Area Sangharsh Committee participated in Advocate Vishal Saini, Dev Ram Dhami Senior Citizen Welfare Society, Naya Nangal Social Welfare Committee, Kangra Welfare Society Suresh Thakur, Tarsem Lal Mattoo of Adarsh​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ of Vyapar Mandal Railway Road, Gurdeep Singh Bawa of Adda Market Vyapar Mandal, besides members of around 20 organizations including RK Jaswal, Raj Singh Nangal, Nangal Bhakra Mazdoor Sangh, INTUC chief Satnam Singh Ladi of the main market, city traders Yogesh Sahni, Balraj Sahni, Sanjeev Kapila, Chanan Singh, Tilak Raj Lucky, Pankaj Batra, Kulveer Vaid, Amarjit Singh etc. they also participated and contributed to make the Nangal Dam struggle a success.

All other political parties, except the Aam Aadmi Party, participated in the protest by shutting down Nangal on questions raised about the current and previous government. During the protest, where many people have indirectly targeted the current Punjab government for the stopped work of the flyover, while many people have also said in the dharna that the previous era government viz. the Congress party government also paid attention. known, because due to lack of seriousness in the past, the flyover work has not been completed until now. The previous government was said to be responsible for not getting all the necessary approvals for the works on time. Perhaps this is the reason why the step work has not been completed so far. It was said that the present government cannot be held responsible as there is not one but many issues that arose during the time of the previous government, due to which the work of passage in the interior has not yet been completed from the city. The construction of Shri Ram leprosy ashram has not been completed even after two years, while the work of removal of this ashram and construction of a new ashram should be completed as soon as the construction of the pass began. Today, when the overburden work has been completed up to 80 percent, however, the work of the under-construction building of Shri Ram Leprosy Ashram, which was demolished on September 19, 2020, has not been completed . Approvals should have been taken four years ago: Dr. Gautam Aam Aadmi Party District Rupnagar Dr. Wig President Dr. Sanjeev Gautam has said that the present government is not responsible for the delay in the under-construction four-lane flyover in Nangal. He said the mandatory building permits should have been taken four years before construction began. But no seriousness has been shown in this direction. This is the reason why the works are not finished today. Northern Railway has not yet given the mandatory written approvals to the manufacturing company. This is the reason why the work has stopped. He said that when the government was formed, an alternative route was constructed near Barari village on the Sutlej river. Now it has started to rain. So this road is closed. There is no other option. In this situation, the company that is building the crossing should step up its efforts by showing seriousness in obtaining the approvals.

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