West Bengal: Jihadi thinking comes to the fore again, for reprimanding a Muslim student, the mob openly beat the teacher and tore her clothes

It is called in Indian culture: Guru Gobind Dou Khade, Kake Lagoo Paya. Balihari Guru you call me, Jin Govind Diyo. Kabir Das ji has described the glory of the Guru in this couplet. They say that at some point in life such a situation occurs that when Guru and Govind (God) meet together, then who should bow first. Guru has introduced us to Govind, so Guru’s place is higher than Govind. But today the jihadist mentality has become so entrenched in some sectors of society that they do not give up even hitting the teacher. In a school in West Bengal, a teacher reprimanded a Muslim student for being unruly. When the family members came to know about this, a mob of Jihadi-minded people came to the school and assaulted the teacher and even tore her clothes. Because of this, questions have also been raised to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that due to the policy of Muslim appeasement the morale of jihadist minded people has increased, otherwise they dare not come this far at school and create a chaotic situation.

Teacher always has the best status in Indian society

Teachers have always been given the best status in society. At the same time, in West Bengal, people with hijabi thinking behaved with the teacher in a way that shamed the entire society. The video of this incident is going viral, which everyone is shocked to see. A teacher was viciously beaten by parents when she entered the school with the crowd, even taking off her clothes in public.

People from the Muslim community attacked the teacher

In Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal, a teacher was beaten naked by members of the Muslim community for scolding a girl. Angry people entered the school and started beating. For a long time there was an uproar. Tana Hilli belongs to Trimohini Pratap Chandra High School in Police Station area. Here the girl is studying in class 9. At school, the teacher had scolded the girl for something. The next day the girl’s relatives entered the school along with some of her friends. He misbehaved with the teacher. Upon protesting, the woman was stripped and severely beaten. Complaint action has been taken. The police have registered an FIR against 35 people, while 4 people have been arrested.

Demonstration against the beating of the teacher

Because of the misbehavior with the teacher, anger was seen among the local people. People protested by blocking the road. It calls for action against the culprits. In this case, the victim teacher said that in order to maintain the student’s discipline, she was scolded by pulling the student’s ear. Such an incident had never happened to me before. Now I’m afraid

The BJP MP raised questions about the police

BJP MP Sukanta Majumdar visited the area in question. He has called for the strictest action against those who assaulted and assaulted the teacher. Questioning the police, MP Sukant Majumdar said that even after all this, the police had not registered any case. Majumdar said, “I was also a teacher. Many students have also been reprimanded. For a teacher, a student is his only. Here the hijab comes off as soon as it touches the teacher’s ear. For such a trivial matter, his family and two hundred other people attacked the school. I am surprised that the school principal did not file the report immediately. The police did not dare to register a case. When people protested and went block the road, the police were activated.

Is this the true face of Islam?

Abhishek Pandey wrote on social media: This is the real face of Islam. So many Naamards are meeting and behaving like this with a woman. This is a completely inhuman religion, shame on these men and Mamta government of West Bengal who being a woman is doing vote bank politics and oppressing a woman.

Social media user Ashutosh Rathod wrote: Where will you get mango seeded neem??? The people of Bengal have written their destiny with their own hands that the poor who can do nothing are being crushed.

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