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Children are immature and learn everything from their immediate environment. Children are said to be like raw clay, taking the same shape in whatever form they are molded. However, after an age, changes are seen in children’s behavior. Many times this behavior of his becomes disrespectful towards the elders, so questions arise about his education. Parents also want their children to be good human beings and get along with everyone. In this situation, parents should try to teach their children the right lessons. Today in this episode we will tell you how you can teach your children to respect their elders. Let’s find out about them…

teach your child to respect elders, peers and me, relationship tips

realize the importance of respect

It is the ultimate responsibility of parents to instill good values ​​in children from childhood and teach them the importance of respecting elders. It starts with the parents themselves, how they take care of their parents, the elders of the house, how they interact, how they take care of their food and cleanliness, all children notice. If there are old parents in the house, parents should tell the children that now their grandparents are old, there are many things they cannot do alone, in this situation, it is our duty to help them, give them full . respect, sit and talk, etc. Children will understand the importance of respecting elders from the heart by hearing these things from parents.

teach the truth

Teach children to fearlessly accept their mistake, so if the child makes a mistake, don’t lie to them. Other than that, the child will not make any excuses and will not impose his mistake on anyone else. You need to explain to children that because of someone else’s mistake, the child can create a lot of problems for them and themselves. Therefore, teach children to think of others beyond themselves.

teach to help others

You must also teach children to help others. Also tell the kids that if they don’t talk to someone in a respectful tone, they might feel bad and they might get hurt. But if they respect someone, then that person will also be happy and the child will also feel better.

instill faith in God

Whether you believe in any religion or culture, teach your child to pray while sitting with you. Explain to the child that by doing worship or meditation for a while, our mind stays calm and focused on our work.

teach your child to respect elders, peers and me, relationship tips

teach to praise

If children receive praise, they are very happy. But in order to praise yourself, you must also tell children that they should also praise people who are older than them. Teach yourself to notice the good things in others. If children appreciate the work of others, they will know the calmness and good nature of children. With this, the children themselves will be able to gain the respect of others.

delegate responsibility to children

From time to time, assign some responsibility to the children that they can do easily. If they make a mistake, don’t scold them in front of everyone, explain lovingly in private, this way they will learn both responsibility and respect.

take to the orphanage

Parents should make children visit orphanages and old people’s homes, tell them that orphanages are for children who have no parents and no one to teach them good habits, they don’t have their own choice of food , which is quiet without a doubt Let’s eat They don’t even have favorite toys to play with. The parents tell the children that you have some toys that you can bring and distribute to these children. Never force children, let them think for themselves.

teach your child to respect elders, peers and me, relationship tips

show retirement home

Go to the nursing home and say that people who don’t have children or children who can’t take care of their parents when they need children the most, those parents are forced to live in nursing homes, the which is absolutely reprehensible. and bad Society never respects these children. Seeing and hearing all this, children feel the difference between right and wrong and take their first step towards building a bright future and a happy society together with respect for elders.

Teach me to raise my voice when it sounds bad

Children are very gentle and playful. Fights, fights, beatings, beatings frighten and imprison in an environment of fear. In this situation, you also need to teach the child not to be afraid. Tell the children that if something is wrong with them, they should also speak up against it.

Create a happy atmosphere in the house, keep your point open in front of everyone

How the child behaves, how he interacts and reacts with everyone, all this is learned at home, so parents are responsible for both the good and the bad. Create a pleasant atmosphere in the house so that each member can put his open point in front of everyone, listen to the child with ease and attention, give him importance, make him feel that whatever he says, he will not be scolded, only then can he speak freely / without fear. You can put it in front

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