After the police recruitment, it was discovered that the girl is a boy – she went to work, the whole family came to Patna to perform Shradh, drowned in the Ganges. After the police recruitment, it was discovered that the girl is a boy – she went to work, the whole family came to Patna to perform Shradh, drowned in the Ganges.

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  • After the police recruitment, it was found out that the girl is a boy went to work, the whole family came to Patna to do Shradh, drowned in the Ganges.

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1. Ratna Pathak said-Does India want to become Saudi Arabia? Even today, nothing has changed for women

Bollywood actress Ratna Pathak Shah has said that nothing has changed for women even in the present time. He says that people have become more superstitious and are forced to follow the words of religion. Ratna has said that the conservative society first tightens the noose on women. Look at Saudi Arabia. We too can be like them. He said, some time ago someone asked me not to observe Karva Chauth fast? I said I’m not crazy. He said that there is a fear that even today’s educated women will keep Karva Chauth. Ratna said that women work inside the house without any pay. Women are forced to do it.

2. Now 12th student commits suicide in Tamil Nadu, found hanging at home; The 5th case came out in 15 days

In Tamil Nadu’s Sivaganga district, a Class 12 student committed suicide by hanging himself at his home on Wednesday. The police are investigating after registering a case. Earlier on Tuesday, a class 11 student had committed suicide by hanging herself at her home in Sivakasi district. According to the police, nothing can be said yet as no suicide note has been found. The information will only come out after the investigation of the matter. At the same time, this is the fifth death of students in the State in the last 15 days.

3. Student with an umbrella under a leaky roof, the roof of a government school in Seoni, MP, in poor condition

Children at a government school in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, are studying under an umbrella under a leaky roof. Rainwater drips from the roof. These are the circumstances of Khairikala village primary school in tribal dominated Ghansor block, when Madhya Pradesh government opens CM Rise School to convert its schools as private schools.

4. He came to represent Shradh in Patna, all including husband and wife and 2 children drowned in the Ganges.

Four members of a family drowned in the Ganges in Patna on Wednesday. The husband and wife had come to represent Shradh with their two children. To save the drowning family, 3-4 youths also jumped into the Ganges, but could not save them due to the strong current. The family kept screaming for help, then the sound stopped coming. This family was a resident of Sheikhpura in Patna. The drowned family members are Mukesh Kumar (48), Abha Devi (32), Sapna Kumari (15) and Chandan Kumar (13). So far no body has been recovered. Police are enlisting the help of a local diver. The video of the incident also goes viral.

5. The person was going to sell the house to pay the loan of 50 lakhs, he won the lottery of 1 crore 2 hours ago

A man from Kerala who is going to sell his house to pay off the loan has a lottery ticket of one crore rupees. Mohammad Bawa, 50, who lived in Kasaragod, Kerala, had a debt of Rs 50 lakh. To repay the loan, Bawa had finalized an agreement to sell his house. The lottery results came just 2 hours ago and Bawa won one crore rupees. Bawa is a painter. I had built a house only 8 months ago, which is 2 thousand square meters. Bawa has 4 girls and a boy. He was in debt after marrying two older girls. After deducting tax, you will get Rs 63 lakh out of 1 crore.

6. Pakistani women agents catch Indian jawan in honey trap, send secret documents, get money in bank account

Pakistani women have once again caught an Indian jawan in a honey trap. The jawan was in touch with them through WhatsApp chats and video calls and was sending sensitive information. Accused army personnel Shantimoy Rana has been arrested. This jawan was posted in Jaipur Cantonment. CID Intelligence was monitoring his activities for a long time.

7. After police recruitment, girl found to be a child, job lost, reinstatement after court order

Maharashtra’s Nashik when a young woman was declared ‘male’ after a medical test. Therefore, he was not given a job due to lack of qualification in the male category. Following this, the girl filed a petition in the Bombay High Court saying that “she is a girl by birth. So she should get a job as a girl too.” to the police department and asked the state to consider the girl’s case.

8. BJP leader Praveen ax killed in Karnataka, wrote post against Kanhaiyalal’s murder

BJP leader Praveen Nettar was hacked to death with an ax in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district on Tuesday. Praveen was the district secretary of the BJP Yuva Morcha. Praveen had posted a protest against the killing of Kanhaiyalal, who was killed in Rajasthan on June 29. At the moment, 10 defendants have been arrested. Following the murder, BJP workers have called a Dakshina Kannada bandh. Section 144 has been imposed in the district. Police are also probing Kanhaiyalal’s angle in the case.

9. 3 thousand girls dropped out of school in 2020-21, of which 74% are from UP-Gujarat and Assam

There is good news for the country when it comes to girls’ education. In 2021-22, only 3 lakh girls aged 11-14 dropped out of school, while in 2019-20 this number was 10.3 lakh. Out of these 3.03 lakh dropouts, about 2.30 lakh girls are from only 3 states (UP, Gujarat and Assam). Of these, 33% of girls collaborate in household chores, 25% of girls have lost their education due to marriage. In many places, it was also found that after leaving school, girls started working as laborers with their families or cleaning people’s houses.

10. Big debate in America, if kids can’t do their homework, then the teacher is to blame

There is a debate in the United States about homework. The issue is: Should children be given homework or not? In this debate, opponents of homework say that it does not properly assess children. Therefore, homework should not be given. Duty advocates are counting their gains. It is also made clear that if the children cannot do their homework, the responsibility of the teachers should also be fixed on this. Sociologist Jessica McCroy Calerco, mathematics academics Ilana Horn and Grace Chen have produced a research paper. He claims there is little evidence that homework helps children learn.

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