Black and White with Sudhir Chaudhary: Praveen Nettaru was brutally murdered, why was PFI not banned? – black and white show with sudhir chaudhary murder praveen nettaru why is pfi ntc not banned yet

Highlights of the story

  • Praveen wrote a post in support of Kanhaiyalal
  • How is the connection of each violence with PFI?
  • It is not a question of a Hindu Muslim, it is a question of a human being.

We are proud to say that India is the largest democracy in the world. Democracy means where everyone can speak their mind without fear. This is a right given by the constitution. But is it really so? We ask this question because 32-year-old BJP youth leader Praveen Nettaru was killed in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district on Tuesday. Praveen was the district secretary of the BJP Yuva Morcha. Praveen had written a post on social media protesting the killing of Kanhaiyalal, who was killed in Rajasthan on June 29 and within a month died a painful death.

This incident raises the question that what we and you can not even write in support of someone in India? Will this be the fate of those who support Nupur Sharma and Kanhaiya Lal now in India? So anyone who supports Nupur Sharma or Kanhaiyalal will be brutally murdered? If so, where is democracy in our country?

How is the connection of each violence with PFI?

What kind of democracy is this that cannot protect its own people? What kind of democracy is this where people can’t even write their opinions openly on social media? The biggest question is about PFI. His footprints are also visible in this murder. Whether it is Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protest against the new citizenship law or the Jahangirpuri violence, the Popular Front of India is often behind major violent incidents in the country. Even when there was a hijab controversy in Karnataka, the PFI itself was accused of inciting Muslim students. The question is, why does all violence have a connection to the PFI itself? The biggest question is that when the name of PFI comes up again and again behind spoiling the environment of the country, why is it not banned? And after killing how many innocent people will the job of banning the PFI be done? After all, who is stopping the government from banning PFI?

Praveen wrote a post in support of Kanhaiyalal

First Nupur Sharma received death threats. Then those who wrote in support of Nupur Sharma on social media. These people were killed in many states of the country. Now the matter goes much further than that. Now questioning the killing of Kanhaiyalal who wrote a post in support of Nupur Sharma has also turned fatal. This is very scary. The one who says that now the water… has gone over his head. Praveen Nettaru only raised questions. That anyone can raise in a democracy. But it cost them too much to do. On June 29, Praveen Nettaru in his Facebook post supported Kanhaiyalal from Udaipur and questioned those who killed him. Those who pretended to be non-violence in the name of secularism were asked why they were silent after Kanhaiyalal’s murder.

Praveen Nettaru wrote in his post: Kanhaiyalal was openly killed for supporting nationalist ideology. A video was also made of his murder. Where were the people who pretended to be secular when these killers targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi as their next target? Won’t you move your tongue now? Have you no pity for this poor person?

Reading this post it is understandable that Praveen Nettaru was very sad and angry about the killing of Kanhaiya Lal. He asked questions to those who made the drama of secularism. They were showing the mirror. But because of this Facebook post, he also lost his life like Kanhaiyalal.

Praveen was returning home after closing the shop

According to police, Praveen owns a poultry shop in Bellare area of ​​Dakshina Kannada district. On Tuesday, when Praveen was returning home after closing the shop, only then some people came on bikes. The faces of the three malefactors were covered with masks and masks. Sharp weapons waved in the hands of all three. All three got down and stopped Praveen first. Before Praveen could understand anything, all three attacked him fiercely. After grievously injuring Praveen, the three miscreants fled into the darkness on the same motorcycle they had come from.

Police have so far found only one bike in the name of the track, some eyewitnesses claim it is from Kerala. At the same time, more than 9 defendants are being arrested and questioned. Most importantly, PFI and SDPI are suspected to be behind this murder. Criminals from Kerala are suspected to be involved in the murder of Praveen Nettaru. After this, the DGP of Karnataka has spoken to the DGP of Kerala so that if the criminals have entered Kerala after the incident, they can be caught.

What is Popular Front of India (PFI)?

Now the question is what is People’s Front of India (PFI)? What is the existence of this organization in the country? People’s Front of India (PFI) was born on 17th February 2007. This organization was formed by merging 3 Muslim organizations of South India. PFI claims that its organization is currently active in 23 states of the country. After the banning of the Students Islamic Movement (SIMI) in the country, the PFI has expanded rapidly. This organization is said to have a lot of strength in South Indian states like Karnataka, Kerala, but the name of PFI is coming to the fore in violent incidents happening in different states of the country. Recently, the PFI module was exposed for the arrest of terrorists in Phulwari Sharif, Patna.

In the same year, a unity march was held in Kota, Rajasthan in connection with the Karnataka hijab case. The PFI has used its activism in the state to instigate a particular religion through the case of the hijab. He even tried to make it a problem. His name also figured in the Delhi riots conspiracy two years ago. On October 5, 2020, the UP Police had arrested 4 people related to her, who were suspected of ruining the harmony of the state. In December 2019 also, the UP police had arrested 16 people from PFI for spreading violence. The UP PFI chief had hatched a conspiracy to incite violence in the demonstrations against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

PFI is often said to be a changed form of SIMI. SIMI, active in the country since 1977, was banned in 2006. PFI came into existence only a few months after SIMI was banned. The way this organization works is said to be similar to SIMI. Since 2012, many complaints have been filed against this organization on different occasions. This is why the ban has been called for many times.

It is not a question of a Hindu Muslim, it is a question of a human being.

Let us make it clear here that we are not hurting anyone’s religious sentiments. We are putting the truth up front. We believe that no one in the country has the right to take the law into their own hands and commit murder. If there is dissatisfaction with something or some idea, then there are courts for its solution. The entire judicial system of India is equally available to all.

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