Chandrakant Jha: The ‘Butcher’ of Delhi, Who Killed Humans and Kept the Corpses Out of Tihar – Chandrakant jha True Story of Delhi Netflix Documentary Indian Predator Butcher of Delhi Crime Murderer Story tspo

“I’m not a gang warrior afraid to open the case, if you can catch me in this murder, catch me and show it. People’s father and brother-in-law, CC.’

The capital of the country is Delhi. Delhi from the heart. It’s 2006, everything was going as it is. In the morning of October, that is, with a cold weather in Delhi, a light sun came out. A basket was kept at Gate No. 3 of Delhi’s notorious Tihar Jail. No one knew what was inside. But apart from that the phone rang in Harinagar police station, the policeman picked up the phone and a person in front said dead body is kept outside Tihar Jail Gate No. 3, go pick up – him In the morning itself, there was a commotion in the police station, the matter reached the officials and everyone came to gate number-3, there was a basket and there was a dead body in that basket. Corpse with head cut off.

A documentary series has recently been launched on Netflix, called Indian Predator: Delhi Butcher. Namely, the Butcher of Delhi. The story told above is just the beginning. It is hard for the new generation to believe that this happened just a few years back in Delhi, where such a man was cut and put in a basket on the road and that too outside Tihar Jail. This story is from Chandrakant Jha, who has been described as the Butcher of Delhi.

Chandrakant Jha (Photo: Getty Images)

No one knows how many murders Chandrakant Jha has done, but only three or four cases have been mentioned which have appeared in this documentary series. What is the story of Chandrakant Jha and what does this Netflix documentary tell, you know…

The Delhi butcher, who defied the police

Around 2006-07, some dead bodies were found in different areas of Delhi for a while. The first dead body was at Gate No. 3 of Tihar Jail, the second dead body was also at the same place. But there was a gap of time between the two, after that another dead body was found which was in pieces and kept in different places. One thing was common in all the three cases, the killer (ie Chandrakant Jha) had beheaded all of them. A letter was also left on two of the three corpses.

This was the first case that came to Delhi itself, which became the case of a strange serial killer. He was also a monster who openly defied the Delhi Police. For example, on October 20, 2006, when the phone rang in Delhi’s Harinagar police station, the Delhi Police came to the basket. Then there was a letter, this letter was written by Chandrakant Jha.

This letter was shown in the Netflix documentary, in which it is written: ‘… so far I have faced an illegitimate case, but this time I have really committed murder. You can never catch me, I’m not afraid to open the case. If you can catch me in this murder, catch me and show me, your father and brother-in-law waiting for you, CC. Until the police mentioned this letter to the media, no one knew about this matter.

But when it came to Murder, Challenge to the Police, it was absolutely a Bollywood crime thriller story, where a murderer and the police come face to face. Sunder Singh Yadav of the Delhi Police, who was investigating the matter at the time, has mentioned in the same documentary that there was a reason to put the body in front of Tihar.

In fact, Chandrakant Jha had also landed in jail in some case earlier. Chandrakant Jha said that a Delhi Police officer, Balbir, harassed him in jail, made him naked and did not give him food. It was just his revenge.

How Chandrakant Jha’s mania was to take revenge on that constable of Delhi Police can be gauged from the fact that earlier he used to check his duty and then he kept the basket of the dead body near the very door where he was stationed Balbir. .

How Chandrakant Jha Murdered

If you take some time to calm down and watch crime documentaries on Netflix, you will find some very cynical, dangerous, bloody and downright terrifying stories about many of these cases in America. When a monster, serial killer or any criminal commits a crime. Now the same story is being told to the Hindi audience, which has been prepared based on the police background.

Now the question is, how many murders did Chandrakant Jha do and how did he kill. The manner of this Delhi butcher was absolutely disgusting. It is told in the story that Chandrakant Jha used to be friends with those people who used to come from Bihar (his home state) to Delhi to do some work. He used to live in a separate room, so he would take anyone as a friend. Eating and drinking with them, living together was everything, but when he made even the slightest mistake, it killed him. This process continued, the body of the one who was killed was dismembered, the head was cut off and the mundi was thrown into the Yamuna. why did you do that

In response to this, Chandrakant Jha had only one answer: “I am doing the welfare of all of them by placing my head in Yamuna.” There was no big reason behind killing someone, it used to be killing with small things. Like Chandrakant, Jha killed a man only because he had forbidden him not to take his daughter out for a walk, but he caught him and the next day Chandrakant cut his throat.

Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi

Chandrakant Jha and his single camera…

When Chandrakant Jha arrived in Delhi from Ghoshai village in Madhepura, Bihar, a murder had been committed there. In the documentary, a person from Ghoshai’s village has said that many people say that Chandrakant Jha has committed 44 murders, if anyone lied to him, he used to kill him.

How Chandrakant Jha, who came from Bihar to make money in Delhi, became a much-feared serial killer. The answer lies in Ghosai, because as a child, Chandrakant’s mother tortured him, due to which violence had arisen in his mind.

Chandrakant Jha had a camera, all the people he used to take to his room where he played bloody games. I used to photograph all those people, someone tied with a rope. Someone is lying on the ground, after killing someone, take a picture of them. All this was in that camera of Chandrakant Jha. Netflix claims that no one had seen this footage yet, not even the police.

This Netflix series mainly mentions three bloodlines, it includes Anil Mandal (October 20, 2006), Upendra (April 25, 2007) and Duleep (May 18, 2007). The villagers may have claimed that Chandrakant has committed more than 40 bloodstains, but the same has been proved in the police records.

How was Chandrakant caught?

When the third murder happened, after that the Delhi Police started to succeed. Chandrakant Jha used to go to a doctor, who was also somehow reached by the Delhi Police. From there the sketch was prepared, Delhi Police laid a trap and he was caught. Because of this, the police spread around the doctor, some sell fruits and some have become day laborers. Chandrakant Jha was finally caught in May 2007. Chandrakant Jha was first sentenced to death, but later commuted to life imprisonment. Chandrakant Jha had also sought parole this year, i.e. February 2022, but he did not get it. He is still lodged in Tihar Jail.

An anecdote on the way, when Chandrakant Jha arrived at the court for a hearing, a reporter outside the court questioned him. “You have committed four murders, what will you say in your explanation?”

Chandrakant Jha replied, “How do you know that we have done four murders, do you know that we have done more than that?”.

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