Chat with Class 10 Boy Who Was Offered 33 Lakhs Job by American Company

Talent is not a question of age, it is in the hands of each worker. A 10th grader has proven this fact right by winning the coding competition. Vedanta Devkate, a resident of Nagpur, Maharashtra, is only 15 years old. But he has surprised everyone by the strength of his talent. After winning a coding competition, he got a job offer from an American company for a package of 33 lakhs. But due to his young age, he could not join the work.

Vedanta Devakate is a resident of Nagpur, Maharashtra. He is a 10th grade student. Speaking to News18, Vedanta says, “The classes were closed during the lockdown. That’s when I learned programming languages ​​on the internet. I have done 24 programming language certificates by watching some websites and some YouTube. Meanwhile, scrolling- me on Instagram, I found a link to the contest, then after going and checking it out, we found out that this is the job of website development.

He says he had learned how to develop a website. So applied in this contest. After that, I developed a website and submitted it to them. That’s why I was selected.

The online programming language was learned during confinement.

such a selection

About 1000 people participated in the competition in which Vedanta Devakate participated. The self-created website has been developed and submitted in this contest. Then people at the company liked my website. This way I got the first position among 1000 people. He told me that he has been selected for a position in the HR team. After that Vedanta told the school teachers that I have been selected.

The school provided information to family members

Vedanta says that he had a little doubt whether this is true or not. That’s why I explained it to the teachers at school. The teachers called Vedanta’s parents and told him that your son has secured first place in a competition. You have been sent a job offer from an American company. But there was confusion about whether this proposal is right or not. After that, the teachers and Vedanta got information about the company. After talking to the company, he was convinced.

my dream job

Both of Vedanta’s parents are teachers. Father is a professor in the electrical department of an engineering college and mother is a computer science teacher. Speaking to Vedanta’s father, Rajesh Devkate, he said, “Vedanta is not yet 15. During the lockdown, she used to study on her mother’s old laptop as all studies went online. Meanwhile, he had won the programming language certificate to learn coding. After that on July 3, he applied for this competition. After that on July 13, the company offered him a job in the HR team.

He could not find a job because of his young age.

what the american company said

In the offer of the American company, Vedanta could not be incorporated due to its young age. In this, an average package of 33.5 lakhs is given for the HRD team. But the company, advising them not to get discouraged, has asked them to contact them when they turn 18. He said we are very impressed with your work.

The parents did not want to give mobile phones, laptops

Vedanta was already interested in this field. During the Corona, when Vedanta’s mother used to teach online classes to children, Vedanta used to take great interest in it. Vedanta was inclined towards games. But his parents said Vedanta is in 10th standard so he should not become addicted to mobile, laptop. You should focus on 10th exam. His father had also taken his cell phone. So that I can get good grades in my studies. But since they were all online in lockdown, he had to donate a laptop and a mobile to Vedanta. After everyone in the house fell asleep, Vedanta used to learn languages ​​on her laptop. And that’s how he learned how to do website development.

Vedanta did this project in school

Talking to the teacher of Vedanta, he told him that Vedanta is not that strong academically, but his programming skills are very good. He was interested in games. After that, the teacher asked him to learn programming language. The teachers say that Vedanta has learned it all by himself. Not having received any special education. Vedanta had also made a science project on the school’s radar. In which Vedanta did the programming. Vedanta had also secured first place in that competition.

the father expressed happiness

Vedanta’s father Rajesh Devakate says, “This is shocking news for us. Because we had to say that instead of focusing on laptop, mobile, focus on 10th studies. But Vedanta he studied after everyone slept at night. And even after he won that contest, they didn’t tell us. We found out about it when we got a call from the school.” Rajesh says happily that I thank God that a diamond has come to me. Vedanta has proven that with proper use of gadgets like mobile or laptop, your future can be saved.

What does Vedanta want to do next?

Vedanta says I am interested in games. I want to learn more about game development. I want to study more and become a game designer. Teachers also want Vedanta to work better in this field and make their future only in the field of programming. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the Vedanta house as well as in the school in this regard.

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