It was not the first choice for Gabbar, he wanted to play this role of Amitabh to Sanjeev Kumar

‘How many men were there”

On reading this dialogue, the face of Gabbar Singh aka Amjad Khan echoes before his eyes and his voice echoes in his ears. Amjad Khan did 132 films but his Gabbar Singh character was printed in golden letters in the movie book, he believes he has become immortal.

It was not only Gabbar Singh’s fear in the film, but people’s hearts also flocked to watch him. Children, children and old people were also afraid of him. Significantly, that fearsome thief in Sholay was a romantic type of person. He used to write letters full of love and was a ‘family man’. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Bollywood producers did not return Rs 1.25 crore to Amjad Khan. Today we are talking about the real life Amjad Khan who was a superhero in real life turned villain in reel life.

first years of life

life story of amjad khan
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Amjad Khan was born on November 12, 1940 in undivided India to actor Jayant (Zakaria Khan). This family was from Peshawar. He did his schooling at St. Andrews in Bandra and did his college at RD National College. He worked as a theater artist at school and university. Before appearing in films, she used to showcase her acting skills on the theater stage.

cinematic journey

amjad khan

Amjad Khan’s film journey started at the age of 11. He worked as a child artist in ‘Naznini’ of 1951. After that he showed acting talent in ‘Ab Dilli Door Nahi’ which came in 1957. He played a small role in the film of 1973 Hindustan Ki Kasam. In the 1960s, Khan assisted K Asif in the film Love and God. Asif died in 1971 and the film was released in 1986.

Amjad Khan
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Very few people would know that the character of Gabbar Singh was written for actor Danny Denzogpa. When Danny refused to work in Sholay, Amjad Khan played this role. After Danny’s refusal, Salim Khan met with Amjad Khan. Salim Khan had an old friendship with Amjad’s father.

According to an article in The Indian Express, the character of Gabbar was so interesting that Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar wanted to leave his hero identity and play a villain. According to News18 report, when Ramesh Sippy gave the role of Gabbar to Amjad Khan, he was a bit hesitant and initially refused. Sippy had seen Gabbar in Khan in the first meeting. It is said that Amjad Khan was the exact opposite of Gabbar in real life.

love story of amjad and shehla

life story of amjad khan
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Amjad and Shehla Khan’s love story is a complete movie. Khan, who played the fearsome villain in reel life, was a tough romantic in real life. Shehla lived in Amjad Khan’s neighborhood. In an interview with Filmfare, Shehla Khan said that Amjad was in BA and Shehla used to go to school, she was only 14 years old. Shehla said: “One day he was coming back from school and he came up and said, do you know the meaning of Shehla? It means black eyes. Grow up fast because I’m about to marry you.

Amjad had also sent a relation to Shehla’s house for marriage, which Shehla’s father refused. Angry Amjad said you rejected my relation. If this were my village, I would have finished your three generations. Shehla was sent to Aligarh for further studies. Shehla says, “I used to get Amjad’s letter every day. I used to reply too.

Shehla fell ill and had to return to Mumbai, she loved French fries and Amjad tried to please her by feeding her. Shehla’s parents agreed when Amjad sent the marriage relation for the second time. Both were married in 1972.

life story of amjad khan

Amjad Khan’s life journey was not easy. Amjad Khan signed Sholay on the day his elder son Shadab Khan was born. He also considered Shadab as his lucky charm. During a conversation with The Times of India, Shadab said that after the birth of Shadab, Amjad Khan did not have enough money to discharge his wife Shehla Khan. He was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even show his face. Chetan Anand helped him by donating Rs.400.

kid superhero dad

life story of amjad khan
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Amjad Khan played a villain in many movies but in real life he was a family man and a superhero. Everyone thought that after the role of Gabbar Singh in Sholay, children would be afraid of him, but Amjad Khan was loved by his children and friends of the children. Amjad Khan also did an advertisement for a famous biscuit company. Shehla Khan explains that once the youngest son, Seemab, got hurt and had to get stitches on his face. He was crying sitting outside the house, Amjad reached home and on seeing his son, he also started crying. Amjad Khan was very soft hearted.

Producers did not give 1.25 crores to Amjad Khan

life story of amjad khan
Life story

Amjad Khan was rich in heart and used to help in any need. Shadab Khan said that many producers used to come to him and ask for help. Amjad did not think about money and used to give money to these people. When Amjad Khan died, the producers had Rs 1.25 crore with him. Very few people returned the amount taken from Amjad.

After Amjad’s death, Shehla raised the three children.

an accident changed his life

life story of amjad khan
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The shooting of The Great Gambler took place in Goa in 1976. Amjad Khan had an accident here and the impact of that accident was always in his life. Amjad’s wife was 6 months pregnant and also developed amnesia. Luckily, Ahlam, their daughter, was born healthy. After Amjad’s surgery, his weight began to increase. A fitness buff, Amjad had to stop working out.

Amjad Khan left the world on July 27, 1992.

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