Madhya Pradesh News: Three real sisters who lived together as friends gave their lives together

Publication date: | Wednesday, July 27, 2022 9:32 PM (IST)

Case of Kotaghat Village of Jawar Police Station Area of ​​Khandwa District in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh News: Khandwa (Naiduniya representative). Three royal sisters hanged themselves in the village of Kotaghat. The incident has caused a sensation in the town. The debate market about the incident is hot. It is learned that the rope was taken with household items from the Singote market. The three sisters hanged themselves with this rope. The brother had reprimanded Sonu for coming late from the market. Due to this, Sonu, Savitri and Lalita hanged themselves. The police have seized Sonu’s mobile phone. Perhaps the secret of this sensational case has been exposed from this same cell phone. The police are dedicated to closely investigating all points.

There was a deep bond between Sonu, Savitri and Lalita, residents of Kotaghat village. These three lived as friends among themselves. All three were in contact. Therefore, they lived together and all three slept in the same room. The way of dressing was also the same. He often wore clothes of the same color as well. Even after Savitri got married, all three of them used to talk on mobile every day. Sonu’s mobile has the maximum number of photos among the three. From Bhagoria market to home, there are pictures of all three together.

Sonu took her to Savitri from her in-laws’ house on Monday. He had gone to his sister’s in-laws house by bicycle. she brought it here with her. Here, in this case, Additional Superintendent of Police Seema Álava has recorded the statements of the brother and husband. The bodies of the three were handed over to the family by the police in the afternoon. Savitri’s body was shifted from the district hospital to the village of Khadkali, her father-in-law. Here he performed the last rites of Savitri. Similarly, the bodies of Sonu and Lalita were taken by the family members to Kotaghat Manpura. The funeral procession of both was made together. Both were cremated together at the local ghat here.

The rope was bought in Singote

On Tuesday afternoon, Sonu came to Singote on his bike with his younger sister Savitri and Lalita. At the Haat de Singote here, Sonu had bought some household items and a rope. In the evening, the three of them had reached home by bicycle. Sonu was a student of SSN College. At the same time, Lalita dropped out of school. Along with household chores, he also went to work in the fields.

Find key in hostel located in Khandwa

Sonu was staying in a hostel in Khandwa. A group of hostel students was formed on his mobile. After extracting this group’s information from their cell phone, the police located the hostel. After that Additional Superintendent of Police Seema Awas Moghat reached the hostel with IT Ishwar Singh Chauhan. After getting information about Sonu’s room from the female students, a search was conducted in the room. The students were also questioned about Sonu.

He had a dispute with the brother after he was late

After buying products at the Singote market, the three sisters arrived home around seven in the evening. As he came late, Bhai Bhuru had data for all three. There is talk of a dispute between brothers and sisters about it. After the brother’s scolding, the three of them went to the room. Bhuru is said to have scolded Sonu and Savitri. All three of them were enraged by this. This is probably why the talk of taking suicidal measures on the part of the three also comes to the fore. The police are also investigating this point.

MLA and minister reached home

On getting information about this heartbreaking incident, state forest minister Vijay Shah reached Kotaghat village. He met the grieving relatives and comforted them. He also received information about the incident. Similarly, Khandwa MLA Devendra Verma and Pandhana MLA Ram Dangore met the family members of the deceased. Expressing grief over the incident, the three MPs consoled him.

The funeral procession of all three left together

In the afternoon, the police handed over the bodies of the three to the family after the post-mortem. Savitri’s body was taken by the in-laws to their village Khadkali. The bodies of Sonu and Lalita were taken to Kotaghat Manpura. During this, policemen from Jawar police station were with him. Sonu and Lalita were cremated at the local village ghat. A large number of people attended this event. Similarly, the last rites of Savitri took place at Khadakali.

Mama’s little girl hanged herself from this tree

The tree from which Sonu, Savitri and Lalita hanged themselves some distance outside their house. He is arguing in the village. Two or three years ago, a young woman had tried to commit suicide by hanging herself from this tree. This girl is the daughter of Sonu’s maternal uncle. My sister was hanging from this stomach by putting the noose around her neck. However, his life was spared. His relatives had saved him. After this incident, there are discussions in the village about the tree.

Savitri returned home only two days ago

Brother Bhuru said that sister Savitri got married in the month of May. On Monday, he had returned home to celebrate the Savitri Jiroti festival. On Tuesday night, Savitri and sister Sonu and Lalita and other family members sat together and ate food. After that everyone went to sleep.

After some time, when the mother woke up, she saw that Savitri, Sonu and Lalita were not at home. When he went out to see, the door was also locked from the outside. When he came out and saw that the three sisters were hanging on the noose. After leaving, the three of them had closed the door. After that, the mother picked him up and informed him about the absence of sisters. After that he opened the back door of the house and went out and started looking for the sisters. In the light of the torch, when I saw in a tree at a distance far from the house, the three sisters were hanging on the noose. All three had hanged themselves by the noose of the same rope.

family of eight siblings

After Jamsingh’s death, wife Harlibai took care of the children. There were eight siblings in the family. Of this there are five sisters and three brothers. Two brothers and three sisters are married. Two sisters and a younger brother about 12 years old. Sonu and Lalita were not married. While Sonu’s younger sister Savitri got married.

Savitri was cremated at her in-laws’ house

The three sisters committed suicide because it is being established. He told the relatives that there were no disputes during the initial questioning. Each point is being investigated thoroughly. Vivek Singh, Superintendent of Police

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