Women’s Day: Is motherhood the only measure of womanhood for a woman?

Despite dozens of dialogues, society has not been able to accept that even women who are born on earth are not interested in motherhood. There are many scientific and psychological reasons for this, but a woman who does not give birth is a woman who deserves to be comforted and told comfortably: try it, everything will be fine. No one tries to understand what is wrong and what will be right. Reproductive power has been defined as the definition of woman, she has adorned herself with various ornaments in which she was modeled, sometimes she chose to fall into the mold like that, sometimes she lived in Koft.

When the lockdown and Kovid-19 was at its peak, a policewoman on duty was seen with her innocent child in a district of Bihar under the scorching sun and the entire society was patronized by the media. That woman is in CRPF, named Corona Warrior. A few days later, former Bihar DGP, Gupteshwar Pandey spoke to him, asked him about the situation, explained that it is not right to take the child there and give him homework. The recording of the call reached the corridors of the media. In late 2020, an image of a civilian agent went viral. She was sitting in her office taking care of the baby and giving him a sense of responsibility. She had this facility that she could do all the housework done by the helpers, many don’t have that and then she is expected to be such a senior officer who takes care of the house outside of the children’s service, so what are you? do you have a cannon

Society does not consider a woman complete until she becomes a mother.

It creates incalculable unnecessary pressure on women who, despite being working women, have to cover everything because all these works are theirs. A woman posted to the Chandigarh Traffic Police was doing her duty with her son in her arms, it was reported exactly one year ago. The picture went viral and received applause.

No one bothers to think that how that child will live in the middle of the crossroads in the middle of dust, smoke and noise, what effect it will have on his health. The unanswered questions are why a police lady had to go down the road with her son, why there is no support from home and how she will be able to manage all this continuously for 6-8 hours.

It’s easy to be parked at the intersection with a child in your arms! To spend the day maintaining the balance between duty and the child’s hunger and thirst! But if you do not receive your share, you should tie the bridges of praise to the woman who is tied to the responsibilities, the woman, along with her workload, now carries the burden of glorifying you.

Society feels bad when the India vs Australia Test series continues and Virat Kohli is on a skipper’s leave. The civilized-educated society is angry that leaving the national duty, how the player came to see the birth of the child! Modest society curses the father he chose to be sensitive, he might think a little about the house-family woman.

The working women are arriving like this wrapping the house. This is putting additional pressure on her, she is taking on additional responsibilities, which she can share to make her routine easier, but today even those who congratulate International Women’s Day, do not think less of it. By considering fatherhood as motherhood, society has freed itself from its work and what about the woman!

She has come to manage everything that has been within her reach until today. I don’t know how much competition there is to be the best among women, how desperate women are to fit into the utopian vision, women trying to feel that there is no one like them. If they continue to do this, society proves that they are a goddess with octagons while courting them.

Look how cool they are! Cylinder in one hand, wiper in the other, laptop in third, child in fourth, bottle of milk in fifth, lunchbox of husband in sixth, documents in seventh, medicine in eighth… just the job is done, what can it be bigger than that. No trinity sees that the arms are only two and that the work is really so many and there is nothing to be proud of.

No woman is captivated by this dignified exploitation in the name of multitasking. No woman achieves orgasm by polishing the kitchen floor! Women need to understand that becoming a sherawali mother should take a breath away from the competition to do everything perfectly and understand that there is much more to life than oxygen.

Parenthood is not just your responsibility. I repeat, do not confuse fatherhood with motherhood! Today is International Women’s Day, today and every other day too, a woman is much more than a mother. Motherhood can be a pleasurable experience, it can be self-chosen, and in the same way there can be freedom not to choose it, but a woman never needs the noun-pronoun-adjective motherhood to adorn herself.

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