Fewer girls were found in school and more boys enrolled in Anganwadi

Author: JagranDate of publication: Wednesday, 27 July 2022 22:59 (IST)Updated Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2022 10:59 PM (IST)

Jagran Correspondent, Buxar: In light of the government’s instructions, officials on Wednesday threatened the panchayats to investigate various schemes. During this, District Magistrate Aman Sameer inspected the school and Anganwadi centers under Itadi block and also took stock of the tap water programme. If DM found less attendance of students in Srinivas Radhika Project Girls High School Itadi, then study work was also not found satisfactory. For this, the DM directed the District Education Officer and the Block Education Officer.

After leaving the school, when the DM reached Anganwadi center number five under ward number three, he had more children than were enrolled there. A lack of cleanliness has been detected in the center, there were no toilet services and drinking water, then the quality food according to the menu of the center was also not satisfactory. On this, the District Magistrate directed the District Program Officer, ICDS, to seek clarification from the concerned maid and supervisor. DM inspected the tap water in ward number 10, 11 and 12. During this, the Executive Engineer directed the Public Health Division to ensure water supply to all the houses. Inset., Children of doctor and worker found absent from health centre, Itadi (Buxar): Local Block Development Officer Amar Kumar checked the attendance record of doctors and health workers of the APS following the instructions of the District Magistrate. During the investigation, a doctor, an ANM and a paramedic were found absent. In this sequence, he also examined the condition of medicine in the health center along with the maintenance of medicine, storage, delivery room, newborn care and gave necessary instructions. PhD Assistant Engineer Vandana Kumari, Block Statistical Officer Hemant Kumar Choubey, BEO Basuruddi Ansari, MNREGA PO Shailendra Kumar Singh etc. were present on the occasion. embedded Additional children of primary health center found closed in Berhampur, Berhampur (Buxar): During the surprise inspection conducted on Wednesday by the Block Development Officer in the exercise of repairing the Janata Darbar related departments of the District Magistrate, the additional primary health center of the The complex of blocks closed here. It has been found. The additional primary health center located on the island premises shows the mirror of the bad system of the health department even after the welfare center has been made in the name of better treatment and the public in general does not get the benefit of the health center located. in the Nagar Panchayat. When block development officer Ashish Kumar Mishra arrived to inspect the primary health center in addition to the block premises at 12.30 pm on Wednesday, the door of the center was locked and he was not going find an employee, while a doctor and three employees. they are published in the additional health center. . Block chief Usha Devi and Durgacharan Mishra said that the medical system of Brahmapur block has been completely paralyzed and the general public is not getting its benefits. The BDO said it would send a report to the district magistrate for action against the culprits.


BDO investigated development works in Padri Panchayat Sons, Simri (Buxar): Block Development Officer Shashikant Sharma investigated 15 points sequentially in Padri Panchayat. In the course of the inspection, he first arrived at the middle school, Asha Padri and went to the classrooms and assessed the academic talent of the students. During this, he was very impressed by the prompt response of the children. After that he received the necessary instructions from the director in charge of the scholarship, MDM dress, faculty attendance record, education committee monitoring record, number of students enrolled and their general attendance, updated information about water drinking water and toilets. Apart from this he checked fixed points like Livestock, Public Distribution System Shops, MNREGA, Har Ghar Tap Water, Secondary Health Centre, Paddy, Wheat Purchase Centre, Rural Housing Scheme , pension scheme and state of the roads. During this period, wherever any deficiency was observed, the concerned labor company was asked to rectify it immediately.


Circle officer upset over low attendance of students

Sons, Krishnabrahm (Buxar): Dumraon Circle Officer Sunil Kumar Verma inspected Noniapura High School in Sowa Panchayat on Wednesday. During this time, there were fewer students present than the number of students enrolled in the school. He got annoyed with this and asked the teachers about it. The BDO found that the food for the students of the secondary school NGO, Sowa, was of poor quality. There, too, student attendance was lower.

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