Implement the Rajasthan model of health care across the country: Medical Minister

Jaipur. Medical and Health Minister Parsadi Lal Meena said Rajasthan’s universal healthcare model ensures free and quality treatment to the poorest of the poor, and other states should also implement it because the healthcare system of the country is strengthened. He said Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had started the campaign to make the state healthy with the Mukhyamantri free medicine scheme. At present, through Chiranjeevi’s Health Insurance Scheme, Prime Minister Free Nirogi Rajasthan Yojana, the people of the state are getting free check-ups, medicines and treatment facilities. Nowadays, from the treatment of the smallest to the biggest disease, the treatment is available free of cost to the common man in public and private hospitals. Rajasthan has become a model state for healthcare facilities across the country. The medical minister was speaking at a national workshop organized at Durgapura Agricultural Research Center auditorium on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day on Thursday.

In Rajasthan to conduct intensive screening and mass awareness activities under Hepatitis Abhiyan, in Dadranagar Haveli and Damandiv for 100% hepatitis B vaccination in high risk groups, West Bengal to decentralize hepatitis program from from the district level to the health center. National level was awarded to Punjab for its performance and awareness.

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During this, the guests congratulated the representatives of the states who have done excellent work in various components of the National Viral Hepatitis Control Program. Haryana in providing treatment and service to patients suffering from hepatitis B and C, Tamil Nadu to achieve maximum detection of hepatitis B patients and highest detection of hepatitis B and C in high risk groups under the National AIDS Control Program of Andhra Pradesh was rewarded for the achievement.

Similarly, doctors, superintendents of prisons, health workers and IEC district coordinators etc. were honored for their excellent work across the state as part of the Healthy Hever campaign.

On this occasion, Meena said that due to irregular diet and non-use of pure water, fatal diseases like hepatitis occur. We should all avoid the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. and adopt a healthy lifestyle. He said that it is a matter of pride for Rajasthan that expert doctors and administrative officers from across the country have gathered here to discuss the prevention of hepatitis.

Public Health Engineering Minister Mahesh Joshi said that chlorination of 64,733 drinking water sources has been done in the state with public participation under the Healthy Liver campaign and the department is taking carry out water purification activities at regular intervals. He said that under the Jal Jeevan mission, drinking water testing work is also being carried out in 33 districts of the state through village water sanitation committees. Out of 11 thousand 325 gram panchayats in the state, the training work for drinking water testing has been completed in 6 thousand 938 gram panchayats. He said that ensuring the availability of pure drinking water by purifying water obtained from various water sources would ensure the prevention of hepatitis A and E and reduce the number of infected patients.

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Roli Singh, Additional Secretary and Mission Director, NHM, Union Ministry of Health, said that like the tobacco control campaign, under the national viral hepatitis control program in Rajasthan, the campaign of healthy liver has been successfully carried out and awareness has been developed among the general public. He said that the healthcare system of Rajasthan is continuously being strengthened and common people are getting easy and accessible treatment services. The Secretary of the Government, Department of Medicine and Health, Dr. Prithvi, said that Rajasthan, which was earlier known as BIMARU, is today at the forefront of health in the entire country. Rajasthan is the only large state in the country that spends more than 7% of its total budget on health services. According to the National Family Health Survey-5 report, 88 percent of families in the state are covered by health insurance, which is the highest in the country. From health personnel to medical institutions, there has been a transformation in the state. Rajasthan will soon be the first state in the country to give the right to health to its residents.

RUHS VC Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, Principal, SMS Dr. Medical College. Rajiv Bagrahatta, country head of the World Health Organization Dr. Rodrico H Offrin, Director of Public Health Dr. VK. Dignitaries including Mathur were present.

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