Interview: Panchayat people are watching ‘Vinod’ i.e. Ashok Pathak people said when they started acting

Some people like pure desi ghee, the portion of which is just one spoonful of food, but they steal the taste of all other spices. These people stay in front of us for a few minutes because of their nature, behavior or abilities, but they leave a deep impression on our hearts. Today we will tell you the story of one of these people.

“Look, Binod, you are being glorified by talking around and around.”


Vinod from the web series Panchayat 2 will not be seen today but he will have his say and you will all hear it. Today we will tell you the story he told in a special conversation with Indiatimes (Hindi).

Ashok Pathak
Ashok Pathak

Ashok Pathak In a conversation with Indiatimes, before we know what he said and what’s new, we will talk about the boy who was born on the soil of Haryana, learned to spread his acting wings in the air of Punjab and the city of Mumbai . he flew to heaven and made his home here. Born in Faridabad, Haryana, Ashok Pathak spent his childhood in similar circumstances, from where it is hard to imagine that he will one day know the whole country.

The economic situation of Ashok’s household remained the same as that of most of the villagers. It is the environment that surrounds him that he brought out in his interpretation. The boy inside Ashok Pathak is still as innocent inside as he was when he came to Haryana after completing 9th standard in search of employment with his father. Ashok Pathak is being recognized among people today, but he remains the same boy inside who used to travel 25 km to sell cotton by bicycle to help his father’s work. That guy used to work just as hard till then and even today he shows the same vigor in playing his characters.

He came to Mumbai with dreams

Ashok Pathak
Ashok Pathak

After his father got a good job, Ashok also started concentrating on studies. While studying in 12th grade, he thought of going into the field of acting. After that he took up theatre, got admission in Lucknow’s Bhartendu Academy and got a scholarship from there. Thinking of becoming a successful actor, Ashok Pathak arrived in Mumbai 11 years ago juggling Rs 40 lakh and has been making slow progress ever since.

Selling cotton on his bicycle as a comedian, Ashok’s journey to the love of film lovers across the country was quite a struggle. He experienced many things during this long journey. Today, what Ashok thinks about his career and how far he has to go, he spoke openly to Indiatimes about all these issues.

After playing Vinod well in Panchayat 2 and gaining popularity, what dream role does Ashok want to play?

On this question, he gave a very determined answer. He said that the role of dreams is such that I never thought about it. I just want to live the character. I didn’t imagine a dream role, but it is definitely that if I have the opportunity, I would like to play a character that I find challenging and I really enjoy doing it. I’m waiting for those roles that I get those roles and I can play them honestly, whatever the character is.

Ashok further said I want more screen time. Right now people like small roles, similarly when my character spends more time on screen, the challenge will also increase and I will be able to play this character wonderfully. I want to play all the characters that people enjoy watching. Just like hate, anger, love happens inside a person, I want to play all the characters in the same way. Now I don’t know when such a role will arrive but I’m waiting for it.

Ashoka has been living this line written by Sahir Ludhianvi very rightly: “All worries went up in smoke.” Ashok, who has played many roles in Punjabi films, could not find any character that could do justice to his acting skills even after 11 years of struggle, but he is not worried or regretted. Ashok says I never took rejection seriously. Who gave me a chance showing faith in me, I was honest with all the papers, the result of which was seen in people’s praise.

The kitchen used to function because of the Punjabi industry

Ashok further says I have almost same type of roles in Punjabi industry. Although there is no language barrier with me. If needed I can learn Punjabi too but they want to use my performance as I like. But I have no complaints against anyone. About the Punjabi film industry, Ashok says this industry gave me work when I needed work the most. There was a time when my stomach was full just because of Punjabi industry. I played many Bhaiya ji characters in Punjabi films but Punjab always considered me as its own. Even today calls are received from Punjab or from Punjabis living abroad. Everyone gives a lot of respect and respect. I will always be grateful to this industry.

Today Vinod is known across the country, but how does Ashok Pathak know his home, his neighborhood and his friends?

To our question, Ashok Pathak laughed and replied that whichever circle I have, be it in Haryana or Bihar, they all love me. My nature is also to laugh and play, which my friends like. Yes, but over time something has changed. Even when I returned home, some people’s attitude showed revenge towards me. Many batch mates, old college colleagues now message and say sir. I even abused him and said, ‘Abe (with friends abusing) what’s up sir. I’m just there. This respect is not necessary, remain a friend as you are a friend. All the friends are happy that their friend is gone. Still, when the memes come to Vinod, they all send me and say, look what bro has done.

Ashok Pathak
Ashok Pathak

Ashok explains about his father’s thinking about the interpretation that life had stopped during the Corona period. There was no work for 2 years. In such a situation, the father said that now and then? How long will you keep doing this? You have worked in so many films, but nobody knows you. Do not worry. How will life go on like this? But still I was not disappointed. I know it didn’t happen today, but it will happen tomorrow. After Vinod’s character, today the family is also happy. They are happy that everyone knows me.

How much have your expectations of yourself grown after Vinod’s character became popular?

Ashok Pathak

In response to this question, Ashok says that my responsibility has increased more than expectations. The way people have settled in my heart, after that, I feel I shouldn’t do any work that I can’t do honestly and that isn’t on my own. Now my effort has increased even more.

Is Ashok Pathak happy in the midst of humorous characters like Vinod or these or does he want to break away from this label and show his new look to film lovers?

Ashok Pathak
Ashok Pathak

In response to this, Ashok Pathak B said of course I want to do something different. There are some projects that are being worked on. One of my films is Shoebox, which was voted the best film at NYIFF. I am playing a negative character in this film. I have a different role in the film. I recently completed a Netflix series. My role in this is big and different. The magic happened to me in late 2021 and early 2022. People saw me the way I wanted. I want people to know Ashok Pathak not only as a comedian. People think that as good as a comedy, he can also play a good serious role. And these upcoming projects of mine can help me a lot to make my thinking come true.

At what point in your life would you like to see yourself?

Ashok Pathak
Ashok Pathak

On this question, Ashok laughed and replied that if I tell you honestly, I never imagined that I would reach where I am now. I didn’t think I would be able to travel from a village to Mumbai. He who always lived in the village, never saw the city, never saw the money. I come from a poor background, I don’t even have the right to dream such big dreams. People are quick to say, “Where are you thinking of becoming a hero in Mumbai bro?”

In such a situation, I have come out of there and I also thank God because I never thought about all this in my dreams or even thought about what I am reaching, how far I will be able to reach. I’m honestly saying I didn’t think anything, I’m just flowing the way life takes it. I was happy even when I was poor and I am also happy in the situation I am in today.

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