Monkeypox Alert: Monkeypox knock in UP, hospital alert, know how this virus spreads: monkeypox knock in uttarpradesh, know how to avoid monkeypox

Ghaziabad: After Delhi, monkey pox has also hit Ghaziabad. At the same time, 3 suspected monkeypox patients have been found in Noida. 2 suspected monkeypox patients have been found here. One of them is admitted to Delhi’s LNJP Hospital and the other has been kept in isolation at home. Samples of both have been sent for examination. However, the report is still awaited. The suspected patient admitted to LNJP Hospital also has a travel history to Paris and Mumbai.

15 days ago a person from Mumbai joined LNJP
A 35 year old living in Vaishali works in a private company. He had gone to Paris about 2 months ago and after coming from there returned 15 days via Bombay. A few days after his return from Bombay, his health began to deteriorate. A week ago, she developed a small red rash on her body along with fever, due to which she panicked and reached Delhi’s LNJP Hospital. While there he was examined and the doctor gave him medicine and sent him home.

After not getting relief from the fever and red pimples in 2 days, the young man came back to the hospital on Monday. He demanded tests and treatment from the hospital doctors, fearing smallpox. The doctors admitted him to the isolation room set up for monkey pox and sent the sample for examination. Doctors say he has mild symptoms of chicken pox, more information about this will be known when the test report comes. The young man is currently undergoing treatment.

Symptoms in the young man who arrived at MMG
Meanwhile, a 28-year-old man living in Arthla’s Sanjay Nagar Colony came to MMG District Hospital on Tuesday complaining of fever, red rash on body, itching, body and headache. Considering him as a suspected smallpox patient, Dr. RP Singh gave medicines and reported the matter to CMS. The team from the Department of Infectious Diseases went to the young man’s house late in the evening and took his sample and sent it for examination.

The young man lives here with his wife in a rented house and works in a factory in the Sahibabad area. Currently, he remains in home isolation. District Vigilance Officer Dr RK Gupta said the condition of the two patients is improving. They appear to have mild symptoms of chicken pox, but the disease will only be confirmed after the test report arrives.

Hospitals were alerted
After receiving 2 suspected cases of smallpox, all government and private hospitals in the district have been alerted by the health department. Dr Gupta said that monkey pox is not a serious disease but it should not be neglected. In the instructions issued to the hospitals, it has been said that if any patient suspected of smallpox is found on clinical examination, their information should be given immediately to the health department.

There is no isolation agreement at the government level
Even after the government instructions, there is no facility to keep suspected or confirmed monkey pox patients in isolation at the district government level. To say that isolation rooms have been made for corona and monkey pox at the Combined Hospital, but no patients are admitted there. As for the suspected Arthla patient, officials say there is currently no need to keep him in isolation at the hospital. There are only 2 people in the house and there are 2 rooms, so he has been isolated at home.

CM Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday held a meeting with senior officials on the monkey pox menace. Yogi said that in view of the growing menace of monkey pox, caution should be exercised in the state. Reserve a minimum of 10 beds in Kovid hospitals for monkey pox patients only.

Learn how monkey pox is produced
Monkeypox is a virus in the orthopox family. If we talk about its spread, it can trap others in many ways. For example, if someone comes into contact with droplets that fall due to the cough or sneeze of an infected person. This virus is also transmitted by coming into contact with the rash or rashes on the victim’s body, through the use of the patient’s bed, towel, utensils. Apart from this, doctors have recently claimed that monkey pox is also spread due to homosexual relations. Doctors also say that if someone is infected with it, they should not have physical relations with it. In this situation, the virus can also spread.

what to do if infected

-If in doubt, consult a doctor immediately

– Relax and drink more water

Eat light food and wear loose clothing

If liquid comes out of the beans, wipe it off with cotton and put it in a separate bin or bag

If you have a fever, avoid bathing

preventive measures

Avoid coming into contact with the infected, do not touch if necessary

stay away from wild animals

If the pet has an infection, keep it in quarantine for 30 days

Eat properly cooked meat

symptoms of monkey pox

– fever


– muscle pain

-back pain

– swollen lymph nodes

– shivers

– Exhaustion

– skin rash

– body rashes

-a sore throat

– frequent cough

– lethargy

– itching problem

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