The government will provide all possible help to the people of the state: Hemant Soren

Hazaribagh: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Thursday Hazaribagh he arrived Involved in North Chotanagpur Divisional Mega Camp organized at CM Vinoba Bhave University Campus succeeded CM inaugurated the camp by lighting the lamp did. In the camp, the CM made 191 ten million KCC loan disbursed he did it On this occasion, in addition to CM, the Minister of Agriculture Badal Patralekh, work Minister Satyanand Bhokta, MP Amba Prasad, MP Umashankar Akela, MP Amit Yadav, MP Vinod Singh and MP Sarfaraz Ahmed were present. were

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said the government is keeping an eye on it. Is. help farmers Will get He saw the terrifying scene in the state from the helicopter Is. in the field so far 58% it rained less Is. not more 15% sown Is. from here 70% people depend on agriculture huh In this way the government dry he looked Is. The government will provide all possible help to the people of the state. will deliver He came only for Hazaribagh farmers huh In this situation, it can be understood that the government is very sensitive to the farmers. Is. He said that KCC card is distributed for the prosperity of farmers. Is.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said the coalition government continues Is. Whatever schemes are done, only one aim is to benefit the villagers. To give. The government believes that if the people are strong, the block will be. Will happen. With this the district will once again strengthen the state. Will happen. Every plan is being made with this goal in mind. Is. The benefits of the schemes are reaching the common man Is. The people of the state also got huge benefits from the Aapke Dwar program of the government. Is.

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The Chief Minister said that now fruit trees should also be planted on government lands. Will go The villagers had the right to guard it will go. In other words, the land will belong to the government and the fruits will belong to the villagers. of Due to this, the villagers became economically prosperous by selling these fruits. Will be. A large number of villagers came to the program were During this time, elaborate security measures were taken were On this occasion, the beneficiaries of the divisional district were benefited under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme. Disappeared. Chief Minister 146.7 ten million of 77 schemes of first stone as well as 58 crore 75 schemes worth 97 lakh have been inaugurated did. During this, 42,893 farmers received 191 ten million KCC loan granted Went.

Gave relief to farmers for loan waiver: Badal letter writing

Councilor of Agriculture Badal letter writing He said that the government will do everything for the farmers vertical Is. Answer to the previous government what was done for the farmers from 2000 to 2019 it should. We gave relief to farmers through loan waiver Is. At the same time, the state also made a record in the purchase of rice. Is. If we talk about Hazaribagh, 17 lakh quintals of paddy was received. Is. He said that the state government is very responsive. Is. monitoring the situation Is. dry The public benefits according to the standards of will get. The government will also soon hold a meeting in this regard. Is. work Minister Satyanand Bhokta said that in the state dry situation being Is. Government ready to deal with it Is. Apart from farmers, also sensitive to workers Is. Many programs are also being conducted for the workers huh It is the responsibility of the people of the state to take advantage of these schemes. Is.

Farmers to benefit from KCC loan: Amit Yadav

During the programme, MP Amba Prasad visited the state. dry The situation and the question of the reinstatement of the home guards in Hazaribagh get up. They said it Barkagaon Many companies come to work there huh She is not giving the local people their due Is. Therefore, this point should also be taken into account Is. He said people don’t even get compensation. Is. He is confident that the way the government has worked in Corona, again sensitive in the same way, will give relief to the people of the state. Will give Amit Yadav said the government should be declared hungry it should. Government is giving KCC loans to farmers when monsoon they deceived the farmers Is. In this situation, farmers benefit from this KCC loan. Will happen.

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Govt should take concrete decision on hunger soon: Akela Yadav

Akela Yadav said the government should take a concrete decision at the earliest. Along with this, he also raised the issue of the Home Guard. get up. At the same time, ask the Electoral Commission Standing Despite saying that even though the Election Commission is troubling the government, there is nothing to worry about. Is. If Hemant Soren is framed, then the public Street pen will come down Bagodar MLA Vinod Singh and rhinoceros MP Sarfaraz Ahmed also questioned the situation in the state. Standing while saying that the government should do it at the earliest dry Declare it should. KCC card has been created Is. Farmers benefit from this will get. They great Advocating special attention to plans From its benefits to people in the long run will get. He said GST was levied on food grains. Is. It has been imposed at a time when in the state dry status of Is. Sarfaraz Ahmed also asked about sand Standing If there is no sand available, how will the plan work? will come down


  • Chief Minister Hemant dominated the entire programme Soren.
  • People made cultural arts of Jharkhand To enjoy.
  • People started dancing Chhau to enjoy
  • As soon as the CM’s speech started, the ruckus started rain.

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