TV9 EXCLUSIVE: How will the uncontrollable PFI be controlled when fans are sitting with DM and SSP?

These organizations (MFIs) are not that strong. The weaker our strategies. Because of our weak strategies, these organizations begin to look strong. Indeed PFI or any other infamous organization like this. It takes a strong will to control them.

Popular Front of India.

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From the last months of 2019 until now, in most of the riots around the country, directly or indirectly the names of the banned organizations Popular Front of India (PFI) has been in discussions. Supposedly true, but hundreds of their rioters, activist-officials and sympathizers have also been arrested in these riots. Now it is not hidden from anyone that, the roots of this organization are strong because, among its supporters, khaki uniform, lawyers, ordinary people, cultured-uncultured, suspects. In other words, people from all walks of life are included. Some police officers have even lost their jobs in the process of supporting him. The matter does not stop there. In fact, now even the ruling ex-police and CBI officials of the country, behind the decontrol of this organization, are talking about controlling their refugee fort first.

Usually, whenever there is talk of uprooting PFI, the government agencies, the intelligence system are taken aback. From time to time there is no adequate response from the agencies. But why? And why the PFI allegedly involved in anti-national activities is not controlled? Hoping to get a candid answer to these questions, TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to the country’s police and CBI officers, on whose shoulders was the responsibility of cracking down on the discredited uncontrollable PFI organizations. As the talk started, the former Indian Police Service officers told the whole story of the inside truth. Hearing this story, it is imperative that our agencies perk up.

Policies are weak, PFI not strong

Currently in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, the state’s former Director General of Police, Alok B. Lal said that these organizations (PFIs) are not that strong. The weaker our strategies. Because of our weak strategies, these organizations begin to look strong. Actually, be it PFI or any other infamous organization like this, you need to have a special team to control them. Those teams who work day and night just to dig the roots of these organizations. The opposite happens. In today’s era, an agency is collecting information about them. Another agency is looking for its bases. The third agency bears the burden of taking action against them. It is very suitable for the most dangerous to the country and for such infamous organizations.

the inner conversation and this compulsion

Former Director General of Uttarakhand Police AB Lal (Former Indian Police Service Officer Alok Bihari Lal) has even said that our agencies know the way to destroy the organization from PFI. But the workload of our agencies is so great that they keep an eye on these organizations for two to four days. After that another job starts. Only these organizations are taking advantage of this weakness of ours. So is it to be assumed that the working style of our agencies will not be changed keeping in view the current challenges and PFI organizations will openly cause bloody riots in the country from Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow and Delhi? When asked, what former Director General of Uttarakhand Police AB Lal said, is truly shocking.

This is why the PFI is not controlled

According to former DGP Uttarakhand RB Lal, the organization itself should be destroyed if our agencies destroy its supporters and refugees. This work is not impossible. Yes, it is very difficult to carry out this work. As supporters of the organization (PFI) are sometimes present in a public function with a DM (District Magistrate) and sometimes a captain (SSP or SP) of any district, then imagine who and how they will be controlled these infamous organizations? First, eliminate settlement meetings in the administrative staff of supporters and refugees of these organizations. In addition, agencies should create their own dedicated team to eliminate these organizations. Therefore, this organization will be weak and our agencies will succeed.

…that’s why the roots of PFI are not moving

Dr Vikram Singh, a former 1974-batch IPS officer and retired Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police, seems to be very angry that the PFI is not being monitored. According to him, the lack of willpower in government agencies is the result of PFI becoming so unmanageable. By making a precise strategy, the day the agencies of the country decide to destroy such a deadly and anti-national organization, then digging its roots is not a difficult task. And to be honest, the real problem is that government agencies are not able to get into this state so that the roots of PFI can be shaken. Therefore, it is the weak willpower of our agencies that supposedly strengthens this organization. This is the truth. But I have told this truth so sincerely that agencies willing to control the uncontrollable PFI organizations will not be accepted easily.

they must be applied with sincerity

TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to former IPS officer, former Director General of Tihar Jail and then CBI Joint Director Neeraj Kumar on the issue of controlling the uncontrollable PFI in the country even after the ban According to Neeraj Kumar, “The day our agencies will think of removing these organizations. It will finish them. So you are trying to say that rhetorical organizations damaged by PFI are being supported by our agencies? When asked, Neeraj Kumar said, “No, you have changed the way you say that.

What I mean is that our agencies should honestly make a sound strategy to cool PFI only once and implement it. Then see how PFI must be looking for a bill to hide. In fact, in my opinion, the supporters of PFI are the most dangerous and loud. First, people who support PFI should be controlled. Which is not happening. This is my personal opinion. I’m not imposing my words on anyone.”

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