Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2022: This month is auspicious in terms of work, there is also a chance of income growth – kanya masik rashifal August 2022 Virgo Monthly Horoscope in Hindi


  • revenue growth potential

  • Practice peace and patience in relationships

There can be a lot of tension this month for Virgo people. You should be very careful with your health during this month. Due to the presence of Saturn in your twelfth house from your sixth house, some old health issues may create problems for you. Saturn will be placed in your fifth house and during this time your family life may be adversely affected. There are also chances of differences in your love life. Speaking of career, this month can be valuable for Virgo people. You are likely to be successful because of the strong position of Mercury in your horoscope. We explain in detail how this month will be for you in terms of career, finances, health and relationships.

This month is auspicious in terms of work
The month of August 2022 can be encouraging for Virgo people. During this period, Mercury, the lord of your tenth house, the lord of the karmic house, will transit in his friendly sign and remain in your twelfth house, house of expenses, because of this position of Mercury, which is associated with foreign trade in one way or another. , they can make a new business plan. The time will be favorable for those who are associated with work and are looking for the same; salaried employees are likely to get a promotion at the workplace. For those who work in the field of finance, the time can also be beneficial for them.

revenue growth potential
If we pay attention to the financial aspect of Virgo zodiac people, then the month of August 2022 will be good. During this period, Venus, the lord of your second house, the lord of wealth, will meet the Sun in your eleventh house, so your income is likely to increase. People associated with the stock market are also likely to get profits during this period. However, it is recommended to get proper information about the scheme/sector before investing in it. You may suddenly get money from somewhere and this will further strengthen your financial position. The aspect of Mars and Saturn will be in your second house, so you are likely to get positive results in your financial life. There is a possibility of money coming in from abroad. Also, you are also likely to keep your money stuck for a long time and this will improve your financial position.

liable to fluctuate in health
From the health point of view, the month of August 2022 can be full of ups and downs for Virgo people. Your old problems may cause you some worries during this period. Along with this, some new problems can also increase your health related problems. You may suffer from joint pain. Saturn, the lord of your sixth house, will be in the twelfth house from your own house in Capricorn, so you may have to face chronic illnesses again. The full aspect of Mercury will be in your sixth house, as a result you will be able to get rid of health related problems.

Discord can arise in a relationship
When it comes to love and married life, the month of August will give mixed results for Virgo zodiac people. There is a possibility of discord in your married life. At the same time, people who are in a love relationship can also get mixed results during this time. Discord may arise in your relationship and you may have dubious feelings for each other and this may have a negative effect on your idyllic love life. It is recommended to control your anger and try to remain calm as possible. The aspect of Jupiter, which gives auspicious results, will be in your first house, so there is a high possibility of compromise in case of dispute. In this situation, maintain trust in the relationship even if there is a dispute, otherwise the situation may worsen.

Practice peace and patience in relationships
For Virgo people, the month of August 2022 is likely to be average from a family point of view. It is advised to deal with every situation calmly and patiently instead of losing your temper. Also, there is a possibility that during this period you will not get the support from your siblings as per your expectations. As the aspect of Mars and Rahu will be in your second house, there is a high possibility of arguments and disputes between brothers and sisters. At the same time, the effect of Saturn will also be in your second house and further ruin the ongoing discord in the family. Natives are advised to control their tongue and face problems with patience.

tips of the month
In the month of August, Virgo zodiac people are advised to feed cows with green fodder. Give green stuff to people in need. Chant the Buddha mantra. Release of a pair of birds on Wednesday. By doing this, all the problems in your life will be removed.

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