What are the benefits of fasting on sixteen Mondays? How this fast is done, know the worship method and material: benefits and vrat vidhi of solah somwar vrat

Solah Somvar is observed fast for the happiness of married life and to get the desired life partner. It is believed that if one starts fasting on 16 Mondays from the month of Shravan, then one becomes even more fruitful. According to mythological beliefs, the sixteen Monday fast was first initiated by Mother Parvati herself and due to her severe penance and the auspicious effect of the fast, she received Lord Shiva as her husband. Today we will tell you about the benefits of observing this fast and the method of fasting.

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Worship material for the Sixteenth Monday fast

Make the idol of Shiva, cannabis, belpatra, water, incense, light, Gangajal, datura, perfume, white sandalwood, roli, ashtagandha, white cloth, naivedya, which is made by mixing half a cup of wheat flour with ghee and adding jaggery

Make the decision to fast sixteen Mondays like this one

To begin any worship or fast, a resolution must first be made. The sankalp is done on the first day of the fast. After that do worship and fast regularly. First of all, make a resolution by taking water, akshat, betel leaf, betel nut and some coins in your hand. Offer all the things in front of the idol of Lord Shiva.

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He worships the sixteenth Monday fast like this

  • Taking akshat and flowers in hand, join both hands and invoke Lord Shiva.
  • Offer flowers and unbroken in hand to Lord Shiva.
  • First, offer water to Lord Shiva.
  • Offer white clothes after the water.
  • Apply tilak to God with white sandalwood and apply Akshat to the tilak.
  • It offers white flowers, dhatura, bel leaves, cannabis and flower garlands.
  • Show the lamp offering Ashtagandha, incense.
  • Offer seasonal fruit or bel and naivedya to the deity as a bhog.

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Solah Somvar Vrat Katha

Once Shiva and mother Parvati were wandering in the world of death. While wandering, he came to a city called Amaravati in the country of Vidarbha. There was a beautiful Shiva temple in that city, so Mahadevji started living there with Parvati. One day Parvatiji asked Shiva to play backgammon. Shiva agreed and began to play Chaucer.

At the same time the temple priest came for daily aarti, Parvati asked the priest, tell me who will win Chausar between us, that priest was a devotee of Lord Shiva and immediately “Mahadev ji will win” from his mouth. At the end of Chaucer’s game, Parvati won and Shiva lost. Parvati ji got angry and wanted to curse that priest, only then Shiva stopped her and said that this is a game of luck and it is not her fault, but mother Parvati cursed her to be a leper and put on the leprosy He suffered from leprosy for a long time.

One day an Apsara came to that temple to worship Shiva and saw the leprosy of that priest. When Apsara asked the priest the reason for the leprosy, he narrated the whole incident to her. Apsara said to that priest, to get rid of this leprosy, you should fast on sixteen Mondays. The priest asked the method of fasting. Apsara said, on Monday, after taking a bath, put on clean clothes and make a panjiri with half a kilo of flour, make three parts of this panjiri, worship Lord Shiva during the Pradosh period, one third of this panjiri it should be given to the people who come to the aarti, giving it as prasad, thus adopting this method till sixteen Mondays. On Monday 17th, make dates with a quart of wheat flour and distribute it to Lord Shiva and distribute it among the people, this will cure your leprosy. In this way, with the fast of sixteen Mondays, his leprosy was cured and he began to live happily.

One day, Shiva and Parvati returned to that temple and saw the priest in perfect health. Parvati ji asked the priest for the secret of the health benefits. The priest said that he fasted on the 16th Monday, so his leprosy was cured. Parvati ji was very happy to hear this fast. He also observed this fast and because of this his son returned home and became obedient. Kartikeya asked her mother the reason for her change of mind, due to which she returned home, Parvati told her about the sixteen Monday fasts behind all this, Kartikeya was very happy to hear this.

Kartikeya observed that fast to meet his distant Brahmin friend and on the sixteenth Monday his friend returned from abroad to meet him. When his friend asked him the reason for this secret, Kartikeya spoke of the glory of fasting on sixteen Mondays, hearing that a Brahmin friend was also thinking of fasting on sixteen Mondays in order to get married. One day the king was preparing for his daughter’s wedding. Many princes came to marry the king’s daughter. The king made it a condition that whoever puts a garland around the neck of the elephant, his daughter will marry him. That Brahmin was also the same and luckily the elephant put a garland on his neck and as per the condition the king got his daughter married to that Brahmin.

One day the princess asked the Brahmin what was the virtue you did that made the elephant leave all the other princes and put a garland around your neck. He said, “My dear, I had fasted on sixteen Mondays at the behest of my friend Kartikeya, as a result of which I got a bride like you Lakshmi. The princess was greatly impressed to hear this and also kept a fast on sixteen Mondays to to have a son As a result a beautiful son was born to her and when the son grew up the son asked her mother what did you do to have a son like me she also told the son the glory of fasting the sixteen monday

On hearing this, he also kept this fast for the desire of the royal palace. At the same time, a king was looking for a groom for his daughter’s marriage, so people told him that boy was suitable for marriage. As soon as the king got information about this, he got his daughter married to that boy. After a few years when the king died, he became king because that king had no son. Even after getting the royal palace, he continued to fast on Mondays. On a fast day on Monday the 17th, his wife was also asked to come to the Shiva temple for worship, but instead of coming herself, she sent the maid. After the Brahmin son’s worship was over, there was an Akashvani, keep your wife away from your palace, otherwise you will be destroyed. The Brahmin son was very surprised to hear this.

Returning to the palace, he also told his courtiers, then the courtiers said that because he has the royal palace, he will take him out of the palace. But that Brahmin son drove him out of the palace. That princess arrived in an unknown city hungry and thirsty. There an old woman was going to the market to sell yarn. As soon as he saw the princess, he helped her and asked to help him in business. The princess also put a basket on her head. After walking a little, a storm came and the basket flew away, now the old woman began to cry and asked the princess to go away considering it a wretch.

After that he arrived at a cashier’s house, as soon as he got there, all the oil jugs burst and the oil started flowing. Even that tele, considering him a wretch, drove him away from there. After that he came near a beautiful pond and as soon as he started drinking water, insects started walking on that water and all the water became blurred. Cursing his misfortune, he drank the dirty water and slept under the tree, as soon as he slept under the tree, all the leaves of that tree fell. Now the leaves of the tree he approached used to fall.

Seeing this, the people there went to the temple priest. The priest, understanding the pain of that princess, told her, daughter, you stay with my family, I will keep you as my daughter, you will not have any problem in my ashram. In this way he started living in the ashram, now any food he cooked or brought water, insects would fall on it. Seeing this, the priest was surprised and said to her, daughter, what anger has this with you, that you are in such a state of yours. He narrated the same unknown story in Shiv Puja. That priest worshiped Shiva and asked him to fast on sixteen Mondays, which would surely give him relief.

He fasted on the sixteenth Monday and on Monday the 17th the Brahmin son began to think of her, where would she be, should he look for her. So he sent his men and asked to find his wife, his men reached the priest’s house while searching and came to know of the princess there. He asked the priest to take the princess home, but the priest refused and said: tell your king to come and take him himself.

The king himself came there and took the princess to his palace. In this way, whoever observes this fast of sixteen Mondays, all their wishes are fulfilled.

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