women! As soon as the lamp of love rings, take it and open the door; Otherwise, be prepared to cut your own throat. women! As soon as the chiriya called Pyaar knocks, pick her up and open the door; Otherwise, be prepared to cut your own throat

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  • Women! As soon as Chiriya named Pyaar calls, pick her up and open the door; Otherwise, be prepared to cut your own throat

5 months agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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Bristol is a city about 2 hours from London. All the charm of gray lines will be found here. Study art at university or sip a black coffee while relaxing on the green grass, unrestricted. The tranquility of this Alsate town was shattered one afternoon when the sound of a piano echoed through the university campus. He played the piano and kept playing. Not a day or two, but four full months. The blond young man playing the piano was named Luke Harvard. I didn’t want the Guinness Book. He was showing this passion to win back his angry girlfriend. Just like, after rejection, desi guys pretend to cut a vein with a thick knife, and even if it doesn’t work, they throw acid on the ‘girlfriend’s’ face.

Recently, a similar incident took place in Surat, Gujarat, when a girl’s throat was slit to avenge her refusal. accompanied Not even in the dark. In full sunlight, expanding his chest and that too in front of the girl’s mother. After the murder, the young man himself tried to die, but that is another story. The ‘Khalnayak’ of our story is that foolish girl who died at the age of 21 due to denial of ‘love’.

It was easy to say yes even without love and live a hundred years! At the age when books are shaved, at this age, run away from home and settle in a dark cell on an unnamed street in the city. When the rest of the girls were looking for work, they then waited for Mian, the husband with the bulging stomach, so that if he came back, instead of rationing, he could see his alcohol-soaked face. It was so easy to say yes! There was a flaw in the girl, who in her insistence lost her life with love like a diamond.

Last year in Haryana too there was talk of a senseless girl. The lover did everything possible to win her over. Uninterrupted song of love and love. He went to his training center. Followed home he did obscene things. He was making lewd gestures. He even threatened to rape with friends. Even then the whore girl’s heart did not wax. Then the poor lover took the last route and adopted it through the busy road.

Many slogans like equality, freedom have come and gone. Girls are being murdered. When she leaves the house, she does not tremble before the fear that the truck will come to trample her. She fears that, just as Baba banishes magical ghosts from the air, a lover who fancies himself a hero will emerge from the street and crush her dreams.

Women receive bread or not, even if the air is polluted, but every woman receives love in abundance, that too from a young age. I have a true story about this. Someone was twelve years old when they received their first love proposal. I am in 7th, he is in engineering final. Proposal Not with a love letter or admiring eyes while teaching math, but in a very raw way. He was convinced that showing love to girls with a single body and dreamy eyes was as easy as blinking at dust. It began to forcefully occupy my evenings when I only liked to play with my friends. The more I refused, the more he insisted.

This was my first meeting with ‘Prem’. Just one wrong move and I might have been living a more secluded life in a damp room than telling this story. i have survived But not all girls are lucky enough to escape the love den.

As soon as the chiriya named Pyaar knocks, pick her up and open the door, this lesson has been taught to women for hundreds of years.

Many of the great things that the Roman philosopher Aristotle said were also about women. These things were published in many parts under the name of Nicomachean Ethics. It was said that a woman is like a soil as fertile as it is, but without seeds she is useless. A man will sow the seed, only then will the land be called a field. The woman who denies this will be like a wasteland. So, as soon as a love proposal comes, the woman of the named land should get a quick yes. Then they should not see whether the seeds are brinjal or pumpkin.

Through BC, the rooster of the 21st century has also struck, but the intellect of women remains the rock on which the bud of love does not sprout. There is also an online fraternity of men who face rejection for love. In this virtual group called Insel, he explains that despite his love, the girls don’t give him grass. They want happiness, but girls don’t care. So they discuss methods to get revenge on the girls in the group.

Unrequited love even ended Surat’s summer. The assailant, who has been chasing him for a year, is currently in hospital. If he survived, he spent the rest of his life in prison and then probably on the road. Chasing another girl!

This picture would have been different, if the girl had been convinced that she would tell the story of the abuse, she would not have been locked in the room. You won’t scoff for a laugh or pretend that you must have tipped the guy off. Or if she went to the beauty salon to prepare her lips and eyelids, as well as train to cut muscles. This picture really could have been golden, if the child had been trained to cry out of sadness. If they told him that denial does not stop the world, but begins a new chapter, which could be more beautiful, more tender.

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