Bulandshahr: The story of sisters who seek justice by writing letters in their blood

  • Geeta Pandey
  • BBC News, Delhi

image source, SANJAY SHARMA

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Advocate Sanjay Sharma says Latika and her sister took the case forward and eventually the girls got justice in this case.

Six years ago, a teenage girl wrote a letter in her blood, asking for justice for her mother.

His mother was burned alive before his eyes, but after the investigation that began with this letter written six years ago, the killer has now been convicted.

Latika Bansal, now 21, and her younger sister were eyewitnesses to the case. In this case, the court has sentenced Manoj Bansal, the father of the girls, to life imprisonment.

These girls told the court during their testimony that their father used to kill their mother. They were subjected to this atrocity only because they had given birth to daughters, not sons.

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