Read in Bhojpuri – Rupiah would have been weak, the meaning of acre would be ba? to know

Many people do not understand the weakness of the Rupiah. Many people would have quickly said that they would have been weak, then they did not wish for strong actions of Khiai-Piyai. But rupiah kavano man or beast thoray what the food-tonic should be fattened by the body. The tonic of Rupiah happened some other hello. First of all I understood that Rupiah is weak after all. This topic is actually about the economy. The economy is driven by supply and demand. In other words, when the children are born the same, then the client will also be born. Or that when the consumer of similarity remains, he has created a network. Jeetna similar ba, oh, according to onyy gahak bayan t kavano problem hai. But if the same number of customers are said to buy more, the demand for similar products has increased. Ohhi tere agar samana jada baa but okr customer is less saying that acre doesn’t demand he just asks no. Now when you ask for the thing, the price or the price has gone up, you don’t ask for a penny. This is also the case for Rupiah. Asking the rupee in the market has decreased.

Here now this question came to my mind that rupee is not sold in the market then ask or ask why it decreased? Aur rupiah ka client ta har keva ba, rupiah bad man ka nahi many nawat bayan! In fact, the question of asking or requesting Rupiah is different. The measure of demand for the rupee was made against the dollar in the foreign exchange market. The dollar is the international standard currency. The value of each country’s currency was known by Ohi. In the foreign exchange market, when the demand for the country’s currency increased, the okr price increased. When demand was low, okr price went down. At that time, the demand for rupee in the foreign exchange market was very less. Eh, the ratio shrinks.

Now where is the demand for rupee less in the forex market? International trade was mostly done in dollars. In this, when people from other countries buy something in India or invest in any business here, they first buy rupees in exchange for their currency in the foreign exchange market. Then buy the same rupee from here, or trade here, share market, invest in bonds. Earn money from investing. When the buying of rupiah increased, the demand for okr increased. When the demand increased, so did the price. But at this time due to decrease in demand of rupiah the price of okr decreases.

Now in the rupee, the bad has come that the demand has decreased. Indeed, money came with a lot of hard work, every man knew that. People should think about their hard earned money, where they thought the capital was safe, and they were also earning four paise. Where danger was visible, there people did not fight. With my country today came some kind of problem. Due to the Corona, while business came to a standstill, unemployment simultaneously increased and, due to a lack of adequate distribution of production, increased inflation. And the economy has slowed down a bit. Due to the fear of deaf people, it seemed that some people could be trapped here. People stop investing here, and stay invested for life, they get out. Meanwhile, America has stopped inflation here, but raised interest rates. Due to the increase in interest rate, the profit of Paisa in America seems to be more. People should invest their money there. As a result, the demand for dollars increased.

After Corona, when the factory, the car started working again, the demand for crude oil suddenly increased in the international market. The production is not according to the demand, because of the youth, the price has increased a lot. Crude oil was bought with dollars. Buy expensive oil against Logan’s more dollar refund. Because of this, the demand for dollars also increased. The demand for the second oripia decreased. Due to the fall in demand, the value of the rupee fell. Even one dollar is equal to 80 rupees. Even now it’s almost the same time.

After all, what difference does a weak rupee make? In fact, the rupee was weak and the dollar was strong, and the country received a double blow to the people of the country. Your country imports, that is, it bought more of the same thing from another country, and it exports in a ratio oh, that is, it sells less than the other country. There was a vital difference between import and export, called Ohio’s trade deficit. Now understand that during the financial year 2021-22, i.e. between April 2021 and March 2022, the country’s trade deficit increased by 87.5 percent to $192.41 billion. The trade deficit was just $102.63 billion a year ago, i.e. between April 2020 and March 2021. However, in 2021-22, the country’s exports also broke records and sold a total of 417,810 million dollars in the same country. But imports grew sharply, rising to $610.22 billion in 2021-22 from $394.44 billion in 2020-21. This is not the case for the three months of the current financial year, i.e. from April to June 2022, the trade deficit more than doubled. The lifetime trade deficit between April and June 2021 stood at $31.42 billion, widening to $70.25 billion.

Acre simply means that deaf people bought more and more of the same things, but spent more money. Since more than 85 percent of imports were in dollars. As such, imports shifted from the rupee to buying the dollar. Earning dollars was expensive, the rupee fell into the hands of more gods. Although the country’s billion dollars from exports and investments were deposited in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Ohio’s foreign exchange reserves were destroyed. There was a large network of withdrawal of dollars from foreign reserves instead of imports. But now, when investment stops and foreign investors automatically withdraw their investment, as well as the increase in imports, it also reduces foreign exchange reserves. I am a different problem in my own right.

Just understand that due to the fall in the value of the rupee and the rise in the value of the dollar, imports become more expensive. The deaf were expensive and so were the sales in the country. Inflation increases due to the same. Imports were becoming more expensive, but the government wanted more money. Mobilization of rapia meant an increase in tax i.e. GST. Now inflation has increased even more. Due to the weakness of the rupee, the economy is slack, no employment is created due to the youth. Due to lack of employment, people have no income. Inflation from above comes from everywhere. The weakness of the Rupiah is by all means a cause of trouble for the general public. Now don’t take any action with your hands, just convince Mahadev in Sawan that rupee should be strong, economy should be strong. To make your life easy.

(Saroj Kumar knows Bhojpuri, the opinions written in the article are personal.)

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