So what will happen in monsoon season like this? Proceedings of 2022 monsoon session of parliament in lok sabha and rajya sabha adjourned till day

New Delhi : Due to opposition ruckus in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, no business was transacted in the houses of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha today. So to speak, the monsoon session of the Parliament has started from July 18, but nothing concrete has happened in the name of work. The opposition is continuously demanding a discussion against inflation, price hike, increase in GST rates on essential food items, Agneepath recruitment plan. At the same time, the opposition is not satisfied with the government’s stance. In this situation, slogans, anti-government banners are raised every day in both houses. As a result, the proceedings of the House are disrupted throughout the day after being adjourned two or three times.

The Prime Minister’s appeal had no effect
Ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged parliamentarians to engage in detailed debates to make the session “fruitful”. He said that the House has always been considered an efficient means of communication, a place of pilgrimage, where dialogue and discussion can be done with an open mind. The Prime Minister had said that he would urge all respected MPs to think deeply, to debate deeply, to debate well and make the house more productive, as far as we can make the house fruitful. This is why everyone should cooperate and democracy only happens through everyone’s effort. The house works only thanks to the efforts of everyone. The House makes good decisions only with everyone’s effort. However, within two weeks this resource has proven to be completely ineffective.

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Whether the opposition talks about inflation, the government is ready, what’s the problem?
On the other hand, the government says it is ready to discuss inflation. If the government is willing to discuss inflation, then where is the problem. Congress is continuously targeting PM Modi on inflation. Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge says the government’s mantra is “neither I will speak, nor others will speak” on inflation. Kharge says the country wants answers about the government’s mismanagement. The government says that if the opposition wants to talk about the price hike, then the government is ready to discuss it today and now. The BJP tweeted that the fuel tax has not been reduced in states ruled by the UPA and some other opposition parties, so they are running away from the discussion.

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ED’s questioning of Sonia is also a big problem
The opposition, mainly the Congress, has been very aggressive in this monsoon session over the ED’s questioning of Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald money laundering case. The situation was such that a joint statement was also made on behalf of the opposition. Congress MPs created an uproar in the Lok Sabha over the Central Investigation Agency ED’s questioning of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. He expressed his displeasure over the slogans of the Congress MLAs and the posters bearing the image of Sonia Gandhi. At the same time, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said that everyone is equal before the law, is Sonia Gandhi super human the Congress President, above the law. During this, Congress MLAs were seen shouting slogans approaching the seat and standing in the well.

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Question time amid the commotion, advice to MPs
Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla started the Question Hour in this session for a few days amidst the uproar. During this, some members asked questions and the ministers concerned gave answers. Meanwhile, members of the opposition have approached the president’s podium with slogans. Approaching the seat, the Lok Sabha Speaker also gave instructions to the MPs. The President, although he called on the members of the opposition to return to their seats, had said that you (members of the opposition) do not discuss inside the House and continue to raise these issues outside, this double attitude does not it will work,” he said. on farmers-inflation outside, but not to discuss the issue of farmers-inflation in the House. Seeing that the noise does not stop, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha has to raise the House to strength

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27 deputies suspended for the uproar
27 MPs have been suspended for causing ruckus in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. It includes 4 Lok Sabha MPs and 23 Rajya Sabha MPs. Sacked MPs from both houses are now sitting on a dharna in the Parliament complex. Even outside the House, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also been a consistent attack on the government. Rahul Gandhi tweeted that “Raja” arrested 57 MPs and suspended 23 MPs for asking questions about inflation and unemployment. The king is afraid of questions in the temple of democracy, but we know how to fight dictators.

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Sorry for the mistakes PM
There has been talk of an apology from the government to end the suspension of MPs. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi tweeted that those who apologize for their mistakes know they are big but what if they show arrogance. Joshi said that if the Congress is ready to discuss, we also welcome the discussion by lifting the suspension of members. The Union Minister said that we are always in favor of taking forward the debate in the House positively. We are also willing to reinstate the suspended members, but we ensure that these members do not obstruct the proceedings again.

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How many invoices will be approved?
Before the start of the session, the government had said that various departments will introduce 32 bills in the two houses during this session. Of these, information was given on the preparation of 14 invoices. The government had also said that it wants to discuss all these bills democratically. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi also said after the all-party meeting that some of these bills have already been discussed by the standing committees of Parliament. These bills included several important bills such as the Indian Antarctica Bill 2022, the Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, the Ancient Monuments and Sites and Remains Amendment Bill archeology and the bill to amend the family courts. As there is an uproar in Parliament, the question arises as to how many bills will be approved.

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