The eighth step is necessary to complete the seven steps for women’s equality in married life.

Most of the woman walks with her partner for seven rounds and is also bound by all kinds of vows and in the last round she again dedicates her life to her husband. That is, if death comes to you, I will deal with it first.

I will say goodbye to the world before you. With this last and seventh chakra the bride and groom are bound by seven births and their new life begins. In which most wives observe the seven-round fast.

To serve the husband, his family, the relatives, from the birth to the upbringing of the children, fulfill the duty of the daughter-in-law of the house and be a wife in all social events. When the men of the house are making important decisions.

So they silently support without giving their opinion, even if they have to sacrifice their career for family, children or any other reason, they will present themselves as a woman.

Between her in-laws when she has to cooperate in some program or anything else, she has to think of having a wife instead of a daughter, but when it comes to fulfilling Saat Phere’s promise, she almost fails.

Perhaps this is the reason why husband and wife now need an eighth pherani. Now there is the idea that when seven rounds are written in the scriptures, then how can we add the eighth round, but there is no need to add this eighth cycle to the rituals of the scriptures.

But the eighth chakra is a concept that husband and wife must adopt and fulfill in their life with mutual understanding, in short, the eighth function is not to move, but the eighth function is the understanding of giving equality and respect to the woman in married life is a symbol of.

The eighth step is that a man does not walk around the wedding altar, but in his mind, in which he recognizes his commitment to the promise of equality and freedom of his wife.

  • Let’s dream the future together

Let go of what has happened so far, but in the future the foundation of a beautiful future must be laid by involving women in all decisions related to family, finances and career. India ranks 95 out of 129 countries in terms of gender inequality. 53.9% of Indian women are victims of violence. Now is the time to change this statistic and build a better future together.

  • Equity in property:

40% of women in India are associated with the agricultural sector. However, they only control 9 percent of the land. More than half are women who don’t even have their own bank account.

While 60 percent of women have no valuable property to claim as their own. Therefore, we must now make efforts so that women also have equality in property.

  • Help the woman in domestic tasks and child rearing:

A mother gives birth to a child. Therefore, it is natural that their bond is more than that of the mother, but this bond is seen as the responsibility of the mother towards the child. Only the mother has to make all kinds of sacrifices in raising the child.

If we look at the statistics, there are 43 percent of mothers who leave work to take care of their children even after completing higher education. This career break is very long lasting.

Often the mother quits her job and never returns to work. 57% of professionals are women who manage to give work a second chance. While 40 percent of these women can do full-time work.

The question is, why do women’s careers take a break after the birth of a child…? A woman can improve her career even after becoming a mother, if her family and husband support her.

  • Career even after marriage:

After marriage, women leave work due to family pressure. This pressure on women can then be removed by making the eighth round the basis. According to the United Nations, only 29% of women in India are able to use their labor force.

In 2004 this figure was 35 percent. Whether she is a working woman or a housewife, but all the responsibilities are not only hers, both the husband and the family must take care of her. Even after marriage, you should give importance to your career.

The eighth step is necessary to actually complete the seven stages of marriage. Many women believe that a good upbringing of children is necessary to strengthen the eighth round.

If the line between son and daughter is removed and the son learns to respect his sister, mother and other women in the family, he will also respect his wife. Women are under pressure from a young age.

Brother, father and then husband. He has no right to make his own decision. Therefore, it is also necessary to allow daughters to make correct and independent decisions from childhood. Occupations are also divided in society.

Engineer means son, doctor means daughter, pink color for daughter and blue color for son, the only daughter Gudiya plays while the son plays ball.

Because of all this discrimination, even after the son grows up, he makes the mistake of considering himself superior and women inferior. When the wife comes, she is also expected to do all the homework.

Therefore, children should be taught truth and falsehood from childhood and all women should be understood equally. Many women also believe that there have been many changes in the society and that the male dominated society is slowly changing nowadays.

Now there are many places where women have equal rights. However, when it comes to sacrifice, dedication and service, women remain at the forefront. Or you can also say that women should be in charge.

Well, to erase this fine line, now the concept of mutual understanding has emerged in the form of mutual understanding in married life.

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