Where is the crocodile temple in Chhattisgarh: who was it

Jandhara News Desk 24. Where is the crocodile temple in Chhattisgarh? Who is Gangaram of Bawa Mohtara in Bemetara District?

Where is the crocodile temple in Chhattisgarh ,

Where is Gangaram crocodile temple built?

Why did the villagers build the Gangaram temple?

How many years did Gangaram live?

Why do the villagers still remember Gangaram?

What were Ganga Ram’s specialties, did the villagers like them?

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Where is the crocodile monument built in Chhattisgarh

Gangaram was actually the name of an old crocodile.

He died in 2019 at the age of 130.

He used to live in Bawa Mohtara village of Bemetara district in Chhattisgarh.

There are other crocodiles in the pond where Gangaram lived.

They live with the villagers exactly like pets.

Crocodiles can be seen in large numbers here and there.

You will see village children playing fearlessly near the crocodiles.

Basavan, a resident of Mohtra, said

Gangaram was not a crocodile but a friend of the people there.

He was loved by everyone in the town.

What were the specialties of Gangaram

In general, the crocodile is a very violent animal.

There is also a proverb in us who stay in the water but who hates it?

Generally, Gangaram was not only from this village by his behavior.

He had won the hearts of those who went there.

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His specialty was that he used to swim comfortably with the children in the pond.

He never hurt anyone.

The people of the town considered him as a member of their respective family.

The entire village was Gangaram’s house.

He came and went anywhere without a doubt.

What is the new name of Bawa Mohtara village?

Because of the large number of crocodiles in this town, this town is called the town of crocodiles.

Even today, the descendants of Gangaram walk shoulder to shoulder with the villagers without any doubt.

The crocodiles here never attack the villagers.

So the villagers are also constantly engaged in this effort which

Because of them, these crocodiles should have no problem.

Where is Gangaram Temple?

This incident is explained from the year 2019.

When the 130-year-old crocodile Gangaram suddenly died.

As soon as the townspeople heard this news, everyone ran away from their workplace and came to him.

A large number of people were crying like this.

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It’s not a crocodile, but a member of his family has died.

The only reason the villagers were crying was this

Everyone’s memories were associated with Gangaram in one way or another.

This creature of violent species will prove to be so non-violent to the people of Chhattisgarh,

You have to be surprised to even think about it.

After Gangaram’s death, his last journey was made with great pomp.

In the presence of more than 500 villagers

His body was buried in a place by the lake.

Later a temple was built there.

Know where else this village is located in India

Where is the crocodile monument built in Chhattisgarh
Where is the crocodile monument built in Chhattisgarh

Apart from Bemetara of Chhattisgarh, the second place in India is Gujarat.

Where are these crocodiles, which do not attack humans.

There is also such a place in Gujarat’s Charotar district.

Where humans and crocodiles live together.

The crocodiles present in the pond do not cause any harm to the villagers here.

Local NGO, Voluntary Nature Conservancy survey

According to reports, at least 164 crocodiles are being reported in 30 villages of Charotar.

An area that includes more than 600 people per km².

Almost all the ponds in these towns are full of crocodiles.

see people coming towards you

These crocodiles take their young and enter the water,

During the day they sunbathe here and even crawl on the grass.

They also live in a place where cattle graze and children play.

They don’t attack them.

The villagers are going to dig a new pond

Due to the increase in the number of crocodiles in the village, the villagers will now build a new pond.

where they can be stored.

The villagers say it is not that at all

Crocodiles do not attack villagers.

But they attack someone

It doesn’t hurt much.

Not surprisingly, Gujarat is home to giant reptile species.

Charotar wetlands have proven to be the safest haven for them.

If we talk about safe havens for crocodiles

So you will see a similar sight in Shetpal, a unique village in Solapur district of Maharashtra.
Where snakes are considered family.

Where snakes appear in school

Leave the talk of Shetpal houses alone. You will find snakes crawling even in schools.

Where snakes appear in school

in Shetpal, around people’s houses and even in the school

It is common to see snakes in classrooms.

In fact, all households in the village, no matter how small,

It maintains an empty space called Devasthanam

(the abode of the deity) is known as,

Where snakes can rest at any time.

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