Case of Pit Bull Lucknow: “Don’t just be a status symbol, understand your pet too…”

Lucknow: Sushila Tripathi, 80, was allegedly attacked by her female pet on the morning of July 12 at Bengali Tola in Kaiserbagh, Lucknow. He lost his life due to excessive bleeding. Sushila’s son Amit is a gym trainer who was not at home at the time. After the accident, the Pitbull dog was confiscated by the Municipal Corporation. She is housed at the Center for Behavioral Studies of the Humane Society International (HSI). This news remains in constant discussion, which everyone is surprised to hear.

Pet parents, activists, doctors, NGOs and the general public have debated how a dog can kill a member of its own family. Some have sympathy for Brownie (Pitbull Doggy’s family name) and some look at him with killer eyes. Some blame the aggressive behavior of the pit bull breed for this attack, while some blame it on the lack of better training and environment. animalHe tried to know the other side of the incident through activists and municipal corporation-

Proper parenting and abdominal training are essential
Sushila Tripathi’s son Amit had adopted Pitbull Breed Doggy Brownie three years ago. He was three months old at the time. Amit has told the media that he has never hurt us before, I don’t know what happened that day. Amit himself is also shocked by this accident. At the same time, the NGO believes that dogs should not only be kept as a status symbol, but also need the right environment and training.

Rakhi Kishore, president of Lucknow-based NGO Jeev Basera, says, “Some breed dogs like pit bulls, rottweilers or German shepherds keep them as status symbols.” She adds, “Before you bring a dog home, it’s important that you treat it like a member of the family. We need to know and complete the basic research about that particular breed. Dogs like Pitbulls need a friendly and caring environment to home Apart from that, a lot of attention should be paid to training, if you have professional trainers or you are training at home, then the command of all members should be there.

On the other hand, Kamna Pandey, member of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and animal activist, says that ‘no breed is aggressive. The outcome of your dog in the future depends on your upbringing and education.

What is the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation
Lucknow Municipal Corporation has advised to avoid keeping breeds like American Pitbull, Rott Weiler, Siberian Husky, Doberman, Boxer and German Shepherd as lethal and not to keep them at home. Activist Kamna Pandey says about this that ‘this advice from the Municipal Corporation can have adverse consequences. If people start leaving out of fear of their pets, that will also be cruel and illegal.

“Instead of issuing notices like this, the municipal corporation should regulate breeding centres. Here any information or inquiry from the owner about his background is made and it is also not seen whether the dog of the particular breed will be able to live in his home environment or not. Apart from this, action should be taken against those who keep animals illegally in the pet shop.

The neighbors have to understand it too
It has come to light that Sushila and her children used to walk Pitbull at home due to the opposition of the neighbors. Activist Kamna Pandey says, “There are many reasons why a dog gets angry. One of those reasons is also the dog’s lack of interaction with people. Large breed dogs like pit bulls have little space at home for a walk, so they should be taken outside so that they can get enough exercise.In this regard, a circular has also been issued from the Department of Animal Welfare that dog walking cannot be prohibited in the parks However, there are still reports of controversy.

There is panic among the neighbors after this incident. They say that a dog that can attack a member of its own household, it is natural to be afraid. People are somewhat relieved since the Brownie was confiscated by the Municipal Corporation.

Prohibition of the illegal breeding racket
Kamna Pandey says, “Due to people’s demand, the breeder is crossbreeding two aggressive dogs. That’s why aggressive children are born genetically. It’s a genetic modification done by the breeder so that the dog becomes terrible. People want to be afraid of their dogs for different reasons. This should stop.

animal welfare department
The Lucknow Municipal Corporation’s Animal Welfare Department says there is no ban on keeping dogs of any breed here, but people should avoid keeping dogs of aggressive breeds. Along with this, it is necessary to obtain a license from the Municipal Corporation to have any type of domestic and foreign dog. It is valid for one year. Failure to do so will attract a fine of Rs 5,000.

What could be the reason for the violence of ‘Brownie’?
The Animal Welfare Department of the Municipal Corporation found that Brownie is a dog and was not spayed. In this situation, hormonal problems can also sometimes be the reason for the dog’s aggressive nature. Amit told the media that Brownie never hurt anyone. Only once, when his mother had one tooth left, when Amit got angry with Brownie, did the mother deny that she had bitten.

Rakhi Kishore of Jeev Basera says, “I don’t think if any dog ​​doesn’t run away and bite everyone, then its mind is completely out of control. If everyone bites, it needs to be treated. There could be a neurological, mental illness or trauma, but if only one is bitten, there must be some reason that triggered it.

Kamna Pandey, a member of the SPCA, says: “One can only speculate in this incident. It is often seen that two dogs fight with each other and if you intervene, the dog becomes aggressive and attacks you. The dogs of a breed like Pitbull have strong jaws and the teeth are curved inwards, so how can he tolerate an attack of 80 years?

Pitbull currently under the supervision of the Municipal Corporation
The Municipal Corporation has delivered the brownie to the Casa dels Animals Vagabunds (HSI). It has been maintained at ABC Center located at Indira Nagar, Jarhara. Abhinav Verma, head of the Animal Welfare Department, said: “The dog was a bit upset, crying and crying for the first two days, but it has improved since the third day. Now it is also eating. It was with this family for three years , but the condition will not reduce immediately.We have kept him under observation for 14 days.After that he will be handed over to NGO or trainer.We are in process for that.

Dr Arvind Kumar Rao, Joint Secretary, Department of Animal Welfare, said that “at this time, Brownie will not be handed over to Amit Tripathi under these circumstances”. If Amit wants he can meet him after taking permission from Municipal Corporation but we have not received any call from him yet.

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