Delhi School Taxis: When will children get a safe system to go to school? – Delhi school taxis go on strike and why parents are worried if the taxi problem continues, you know everything

New Delhi: Action by the Delhi Government Transport Department will continue against private vehicles being used as school taxis to transport school children. By virtue of this action, which began after the end of the summer holidays, so far more than 300 vehicles have been confiscated and their heavy challans have been discounted. Against this action, a major taxi driver union, School Transport Ekta Union, has announced a symbolic strike on August 1. At the same time, the officials of the Department of Transport have made it clear that they will not suffer any kind of pressure and will continue to act against these unauthorized taxis.

the action will continue

Navalendra Kumar Singh, Joint Commissioner, Transport Department and Secretary, State Transport Authority, who is spearheading this entire campaign, told NBT that no action is being taken against vehicles that are registered as taxis school children The private vehicles being prosecuted are not actually school taxis. Because in these the rules made for school taxis are not being followed. So it is wrong and misleading to say that action is being taken against school taxis. Action is only being taken against those who drive vehicles putting the safety of young children at risk for their own gain by illegally using private vehicles for commercial purposes. These people drive vehicles in 2-3 shifts. Overspeeding and overloading are also done in this matter. In small trains, up to 12-12 children sit. There is neither a speed regulator nor a safety arrangement in these vehicles. We will not allow it at all. We will not stop our action under any pressure.

Control team car attacked

Meanwhile, on Friday morning, a vehicle of the Transport Department’s Enforcement Team, which was stationed for inspection near schools in Mayur Vihar, was attacked. According to Joint Commissioner Navalendra Kumar Singh, two bikers broke the window of the vehicle by hitting an iron rod or any heavy pole and fled. He had also folded the license plate of his bicycle. It is suspected that the same people, against whom action is being taken, are behind this. Now they have approached these shenanigans to stop us. We have lodged an FIR making a police complaint in this regard but it will not make any difference. Our action will continue until private taxi drivers do not drive under school taxi rules.

The idea continues to carry the scheme

Taxi operators are calling on the government for a plan to convert private vehicles into school taxis, so they can also drive their vehicles on a licensed basis. In this regard, those responsible for the Department of Transport have assured that the Government is considering the possibility of introducing a new scheme in this regard. The file related to this has been sent to the government. A decision on this is expected soon. The authorities say that we do not want the vehicles to operate keeping the safety of children at bay. After the implementation of the policy, if private vehicles are brought under the purview of the rules, we will have no problem with that. There is also an appeal to school principals to explain to parents that they should not send their children to school in these types of private taxis. Hire only authorized school taxis.

cost of converting a private taxi into a school taxi

  • Registration Fee: Rs.300 (One Time)
  • Road tax: Rs 1,130 for motor taxis and Rs 1,915 for maxi taxis (annually)
  • Fitness Fee: Rs.300 (Annual)
  • Permit fee: Rs 1500 for motor cab and Rs 2000 for maxi cab (for 5 years)
  • Parking Fee: Rs.1500 for Motor Cab and Rs.2500 for Maxi Cab (Annual)

What is the parent’s problem

Will there be a strike and for how long will the taxi action continue? Parents are baffled by many such questions about what arrangements will have to be made to pick up and drop off their children from school as taxis have announced a strike on Monday. Parents say the schools do not have transport to cater for all the children, they have fewer vehicles and so we have to rely on private taxis to send the children to school. Second, even if there is transport, its collection and delivery points are far away. It’s hard to take the kids there. In this situation, keeping the children’s safety at bay, they have to be sent to school in private taxis.

There will be a safety audit of school transport, by order of the Directorate of Education

In order to ensure the safety of school children, the Directorate of Education, Government of Delhi has issued instructions to conduct a safety audit of school transport. This instruction will apply to all government, government-aided collegiate and other recognized private schools. Deputy Directors (Education) of all districts have been directed to conduct a school transport safety audit in their respective districts as per the checklist of norms and guidelines already laid down in this order and prepare a compliance report in the department In a circular issued on July 27 in this regard, citing letters sent by the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (NCPCR) on April 25, 2022, it has been reported that the same commission has ordered to carry out this security audit. The NCPCR had observed that since the schools opened after a prolonged closure due to Kovid, the safety and security of children in school transport is being neglected and the schools’ focus on this has reduced

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