Even after 75 years of independence, villagers want paved roads – Raisen News: Even after 75 years of independence, villagers want paved roads

Publication date: | Sat, 30 Jul 2022 18:47 (IST)

Raisen, Dewanganj. Navdunia representative

Hundreds of residents of dozens of villages in Raisen district yearn for pucca roads even after 75 years of independence. In the absence of bridges, tracks and dirt are used to cross rivers and streams, and in some places they are forced to drive on muddy paths. In the country, where on the one hand the speed of the subway and the fast pace of the five G network are setting examples of development, on the other hand, those who are fascinated by paved roads are forced to face difficulties in terms of traffic in the rural square. The most surprising thing is that former President Late. Shankar Dayal Sharma, the former Prime Minister, who has extended the Prime Minister’s rural roads to rural areas across the country. Atal Bihari Bajpai and the late Union External Affairs Minister. This is the worst condition of the villages in the parliamentary constituency from which Sushma Swaraj won. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and former minister Rampal Singh were also elected from the parliamentary constituency. At present, the villagers are upset about the lack of pucca roads in the area of ​​Sanchi MP and Health Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary, the MLA from Gidgarh and Silwani from Diwanganj and former minister Singh’s Jaithari area.

track to cross the river

In Dewanganj area under Sanchi assembly constituency, many children risk their lives to reach school by crossing the river with the help of two railway tracks and a thick cable. This is the situation of Gidgarh Tola of Gram Panchayat Gidgarh. If there is a slight mistake or you lose sight, a major accident can happen at any time. During this time many accidents have occurred in the past. Two years ago the old woman had already died after falling from here. The people of three villages are forced to leave here every day putting their lives at stake for years. The biggest problem is young children. When they leave here to go to school. The children say they are afraid but we have to study. So you have to cross that bridge. Students Raj Dhakad, Neelam Dhakad, Nitin Dhakad, Armaan Khan say that all the students will have to go from village to school everyday through this side with the help of two railway tracks laid on the river. There is fear in going off the rails. Village residents Maharaj Singh, Sunil Dhakad, Kamlesh Ahirwar, Kamal Banshkar say that there is a big problem regarding the road to the village. There is no road or bridge for traffic. School children and villagers risk their lives every day to get out of the Jugaad Bridge. Due to which accidents keep happening here.

cross the stream walking on the ground

Hundreds of villagers from Sanchi’s Mahua Kheda development block have to cross by placing stone in the drain. The people of the village are forced to move from here every day for many years, risking their lives. Mahua Kheda village has a school up to the fifth standard, for further education, children have to pass through this drain to go to Dewanganj High School. The biggest problem is young children. At the time of the elections, the representatives of the political parties leave with promises and never come back. Students Amit Gaur, Ankit Gaur, Dipesh and villager Rajesh Gaur say there is a big problem regarding the road to the village. There is no road or bridge for traffic. School children and villagers risk their lives every day to cross the Jugaad bridge due to which accidents occur here.

There is private land on both sides of the bridge and there is no official government site to go to the village. That is why the bridge is not being built. Three years ago, I had opened the road and put two iron poles in the river. So private land owner Badri Prasad filed a case against me. Which I am doing so far. In Mahua Kheda, I had opened the road 5 years ago and placed two stone floors in the drain so that the villagers could cross the drain, 2 years ago this road was approved under the Prime Minister’s scheme, 2 years ago that the contractor took the road from Muskabad Gate to Mahua Kheda. He tried to build it, but some people refused to give the land, so the contractor who had taken the 6 km contract, left after building a road of only 4 km. This culvert was to be built on this road, we tried that this culvert could be built, we talked to the villagers, then the villagers were willing to give the site, we had also poured the land on our behalf. Even after that, the contractor neither built the sewer nor the road to the village, he abandoned the work.

– Vrindavan Sharma, Representative Sarpanch, Gidgarh.

I don’t know this bridge yet. How many years ago was this river bridge broken. You are getting information about it. It is a matter of concern if students and villagers are coming out on the two pillars. we will show you this bridge

Pradeep Chhatrole District CEO Sanchi.

Neighbors forced to walk two kilometers along a muddy road

Jaithari. Navdunia news

The distance from Kunwar Khedi to Bikalpur under Silwani assembly constituency is approximately two kilometers. Children who come to school in Kunwar Khedi, who come to study in Vekalpur high school or high school, these children struggle daily with this mud and come to school. This road has also been approved for pucca construction. But it is incomplete. Hundreds of villagers and students are facing difficulties to move on the muddy road.

Villagers of 30RSN3 Kunwarkhedi travel across two km of muddy road. Navdunia

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