Four sons from one family became IAS IPS IAS Yogesh Mishra, IPS Kshama Mishra, Madhuri Mishra IAS, IAS Lokesh Mishra

UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams. You have to work day and night to get by. At the same time, we will tell you about one of these families. Where four brothers and sisters have cleared the UPSC exam and today are working in the post of IAS, IPS.

Anil Mishra, a resident of Lalganj tehsil of Pratapgarh, had only one wish that his four children would grow up to brighten his name. The same thing happened, all four qualified the examination of the highest services in the country.

The eldest of four brothers is Yogesh Mishra, who is an IAS. At present, there are administrative officers in the National Gun and Ammunition Manufacture at Calcutta. Number two is sister Kshama Mishra who is IPS. Currently published in Karnataka. At number three is Madhavi Mishra who is an IAS cadre from Jharkhand. Currently posted in Delhi on special deputation to the Centre. At number four is Lokesh Mishra who is an IAS. Currently training in Champaran district of Bihar.

Elder brother Yogesh said before becoming IAS, he was a software engineer and was posted in Noida. At that time, his two sisters Kshama-Madhavi were preparing for administrative services in Delhi. A day before Rakshabandhan, the results of both the exams came and they failed. A day later I went to the sisters to tie rakhi and encouraged them. On the same day I decided that I will show myself first as an IAS, so that I can inspire my younger brothers and sisters. Then he started preparing and became an IAS in the first attempt. After that I guided the younger brothers and sisters.

These four siblings have two brothers and two sisters. They are residents of Lalganj in Uttar Pradesh. His father Anil Prakash Mishra while giving an interview to a news website said, “I was a manager of a Gramin bank. I never compromised on the quality of my children’s education. I wanted them to get a good job and my children. too. Focus on your studies.”

Yogesh Mishra, the eldest of four brothers, is an IAS officer. He completed his early education in Lalganj and then did engineering at the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. He took a job in Noida but continued to prepare for civil service. In 2013, he cleared the UPSC exam and became an IAS officer.

Yogesh Mishra’s sister Kshama Mishra who was preparing for Civil Services failed to clear it in her first three attempts. However, he cleared the exam in his fourth attempt and is now an IPS officer. The third sister, Madhuri Mishra, after graduating from Lalganj college, moved to Allahabad to pursue her post-graduation. After that he successfully cleared the UPSC exam in 2014 and became an IAS officer of Jharkhand cadre. Lokesh Mishra, who is the youngest among the four, had secured the 44th rank in the UPSC exam in 2015. He is now an IAS officer.

The father of four brothers said, “Today my sons are IAS, IPS officers. Now what can I ask God. I have everything. I feel proud to see the progress of the children.”

Madhavi says the age difference between the four brothers is not much. They are all a year younger and older than each other. But in childhood, sometimes during the game, there used to be a dispute about something, then one of them took it upon themselves to turn this quarrel into love. By bringing everyone together in one place, he used to make compromises between them. Sorry, it was only a 2 bedroom house, if a guest came, it was the biggest problem. In this situation, we all had trouble reading.

Yogesh said, we all studied till 12th only staying in our native village Lalganj. After that he went to Allahabad to do Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology B.Tech. There he got the job of software engineer and went to Noida. IAS converted in 2013. Pardon studied till MA from same village.

After that, she married Sudhir, who lived nearby, in 2006. Sudhir was the district supply officer in Uttarakhand. He also insisted on continuing further studies for forgiveness. Khamm was initially selected in 2015 as Deputy SP. But after retaking the exam the next year, she became IPS in 2016. After graduating from Lalganj, the second sister Madhavi went to Allahabad University to graduate in Economics.

After completing his studies there, he was selected to IAS in 2016 while doing research at JNU Delhi. After pursuing chemical engineering from Delhi University, younger brother Lokesh worked in a fertilizer company in Kota, Rajasthan. In 2015, after qualifying the PCS exam, he became a BDO. But after that he took the civil service exam again and in 2016 he also became IAS.

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