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‘Tujhe Bulayen Ye Meri Baane…’ This song from the movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili, which came in 1985, created a stir not only among the audience but also in Bollywood during this period. The reason was lead actress Mandakini’s bold scene in this movie song. In the song, Mandakini is seen draped in a white saree under a waterfall. Back in the 80s, this scene was a big deal in itself. In this too, the ease with which Mandakini delivered this scene was considered amazing. But not only was there one scene in ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ where Mandakini’s bold look came to the fore, there was another scene that had heated up the discussion market.

All the critics were talking about why the censor board didn’t use scissors in these scenes of Raj Kapoor’s film. A lot of things happened on this, that from getting Mandakini a scene in the film to not letting the scissors run in her scene, an underworld man has helped. This news made a place in Bollywood. But all these things did not become just a “hot topic”. The main reason behind them was an image!

Yasmin Joseph, born on this day, i.e. July 30, 1963 in an Anglo-Indian house in Meerut, wanted to enter the world of acting from an early age. Born in the Anglo-Indian family of Joseph and Munni, Yasmin also had a strong command of the three languages, Hindi, Urdu and English. But a problem arose in front of Yasmin regarding the issue of going to the movies, and that was her name. It is believed that this name was not considered favorable for movies at that time. Just as Yusuf Khan entered the world of cinema – Dilip Kumar, Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri – Jagdeep and Badruddin Jamaluddin Qazi – had become Johnnie Walker, so Yasmin Joseph became Mandakini in the world of cinema.

In 1985, Raj Kapoor was making a film about his younger son Rajiv Kapoor. During this, he chose Dimple Kapadia, who had proved his acting prowess in Bollywood with the film ‘Bobby’, as the lead in his film. It was all set that in Raj Kapoor’s next film, Dimple will share the screen with Rajeev Kapoor.

All preparations were also made for the film but suddenly Mandakini’s face appeared in front of Raj Kapoor. It is said that Raj Kapoor had decided to see Mandakini at a glance that in his film, Mandakini will no longer be the heroine but Dimple Kapadia. In the film, the actress was supposed to play the character of a mountain girl and Raj Kapoor felt that as Mandakini is, she will be able to do this character to the best of her ability, and it happened.

Raj Kapoor’s movie was ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’. In which both the beauty and boldness of Mandakini were in the ongoing discussions in the film industry. But on the other hand, Mandakini’s name was in discussions with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. In 1994, pictures of Dawood and Mandakini surfaced during a cricket match in Dubai.

Images that hold memories, keep them fresh… But for Mandakini these images became a nightmare. Due to this image, Mandakini could not get a place in Bollywood for a long time. Mandakini tried hard but could not return properly. The name “Dawood” took a dark turn in her acting career.

It is also said about Dawood and Mandakini that when the underworld don saw Mandakini for the first time, he went crazy for the actress. After that, he even invested money in the actress’ films. Not only this, all the Bollywood gossips were such that whenever Mandakini went to Dubai, she used to stay at Dawood’s house. His life was not easy after Dawood’s name was associated with Mandakini.

After the Mumbai attacks, Mandakini was also not indifferent to police questions. The police allegedly answered all the necessary questions of Dawood’s girlfriend. In this situation, as fast as Mandakini’s film career rose to the sky, it also came down to earth just as fast.

For a long time, Mandakini did not say anything about her and Dawood’s alleged relationship, but in 2005 she said in a media interview that she was deeply saddened by the rumor that she was friends with an underworld. She knows him, she has a relationship with him. He said that I used to go to Dubai often but I only knew Dawood as an actress and a fan. Other than that, I didn’t have any kind of relationship with that person. However, he has avoided talking about it much.

Mandakini, who appeared with Aditya Pancholi in the last film ‘Jordaar’ in 1996, married Dr. Kagyur T. Rinpoche Thakur, a Buddhist monk, 6 years before this film. Kagyur has also been a well-known child artist in the 70s. If you remember the Murphy Radio commercial, you will also remember the image of a boy, that boy was none other than Mandakini’s husband, Kagyur.

These days Mandakini lives in Mumbai with her husband and children. The actress runs a Tibetan herbal center here along with her husband and also teaches yoga… After all the controversies and the bustling film life, Mandakini is now leading a quiet life, but maybe somewhere he mocks that image. Even today, so she continued to be included in the list of the best heroines of Bollywood. Mandakini celebrates his 59th birthday today. Our best wishes to them.

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