On the claim of the affair, the family said: say who the girl is; Sage Threat: This is the first victim, 9 more. Karnataka Mangaluru killing controversy; Mohammed Fazil Father On Basavaraj Bommai

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Tension prevailed in the entire area following the killing of Mohammed Fazil, which took place at around 8 pm on Thursday outside Suratkal, Mangaluru. 21 people have been arrested by the police. Article 144 has been extended till August 1 to avoid any adverse incident. Politics has also begun regarding this massacre.

The SDPI has alleged that provocative statements by leaders associated with the Sangh Parivar and the BJP and news stories full of communal discord were responsible. Meanwhile, Rishi Kumar Swami, a monk of Kali Math, told the media that Fazil is the first victim and there are still 9 heads left.

Amid this development of a Friday daily newspaper He arrived at Fazil’s house and wanted to know his side of the family. After the death of the son, the family members became angry when the matter was related to love.

Fazil’s uncle Nisar Ahmed said that yesterday our son was killed and media reported that he had an affair with the girl. If the verdict is to be given in a day, what is the need of the police, the court, everyone should be removed and the investigation should be handed over to the media only. The way Fazil was killed in the middle of the market, the family and friends are very afraid.

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The friend said: the next number can be ours
A close friend of Mohammad Fazil’s name is also Fazil. He said, “There are police in the middle of the city, but where Fazil was killed, there is no police.” He is ignored for being a Muslim. When there can be murders on the freeway, then we stand on the corner, someone can come and kill us too. We are afraid of the way they killed my friend. The next number can be mine or someone else’s family.

“Bommai is only CM of Hindus”
Although the police are talking about arresting many accused in this case, but the family doubts the intention of the government and the police. Nisar Ahmed said, “We have hope, but we have no faith. The chief minister was here, he went to the houses of Hindus, but he did not come to our house. Is the prime minister only for Hindus and not for Muslims? A further, he said, “Three murders happen in one week, this is the development of this government. The only way in their politics is to kill and rise.

One of his relatives seeing Fazil’s face after death.

“No one is telling who the son had an affair with”
Umar Farooq, who had lost his son, wept on seeing us and on the question of the son’s enmity with someone he said, “He was a man sitting at home, he did not even go out to play cricket.” He was with us yesterday (Thursday) until 19.30 and today this incident happened.

He said that any made-up TV news is being discussed. It is being said that he had a birthday party, someone says that he was his love affair, but no one says who he was having the love affair with? You shouldn’t lie.

“Catch only the criminals, not the innocent”
Farooq added, “He was like a friend to me. He never revealed that anyone was bothering him. What happened to my son should not happen to anyone. We don’t want any favor from the government, they only bring the guilty .That’s all we want.

The father seemed angry with the local leaders
Fazil’s father further said, “Yesterday (Thursday) the Prime Minister was here and the killing took place yesterday itself. There is no one to question the Muslims. Neither the MP nor the MP nor any councilor went come here except a policeman why are you doing this he is also our CM.

The whole family is in awe after Fazil's murder.  He says that even the police are not giving him any protection.

The whole family is in awe after Fazil’s murder. He says that even the police are not giving him any protection.

“We doubt we will have justice”
Fazil further said, “There is no CM for us in Karnataka. If a Hindu child is killed 5 km away, the Prime Minister comes there, but no one comes for us. We doubt that we will get justice. Every train going to Mangaluru passes through Suratkal.There is a network of CCTV cameras.Cameras capture those who go without helmet but are not able to capture those who kill.

Our problems with those who have a worm in their head
Fazil further said, “We cannot say whether this matter is related to Praveen or not.” The investigation is still ongoing. We don’t want money from the government, we just want the government to give us security. Can the government guarantee that no youth will be killed like this in the coming times? Our problem is not with any class, but with some people, in whose minds a worm has settled. ,

This photo of Fazil is from a few days before his murder.  In this, he looks very happy with his family.

This photo of Fazil is from a few days before his murder. In this, he looks very happy with his family.

The teams are looking for the accused: ADG
About this massacre, ADGP Alok Kumar said, “We have arrested many youths who were roaming suspiciously in Krishnapur, Kulai, Suratkal after the implementation of Section 144. Mangaluru Municipal Police Commissioner, N. The investigation is going on under the Sasikumar leadership.Search continues for accused identified in CCTV.Fazil was peacefully cremated on Friday.

Too soon to say anything without arresting the accused – police
In the same case, Commissioner Sasikumar said, “Rumours are doing the rounds on social media calling it a love story or giving it a communal colour. It is too early to say anything as we are yet to “catch the main accused. We will not comment on the accused, their intentions until we question them.

Fazil's house name plate read

Fazil’s house name plate read “#BYCOTT NRC, CAA, NPR”

Controversial statement about Fazil’s murder
Rishi Kumar Swami, the head of Kali Math, said, “If our people have killed Fazil, I am happy and there are still 9 heads left.” For each head we need 10 heads. If the police can’t find Praveen’s killers, give us a gun, we’ll tell you how it goes.

SDPI accuses RSS and BJP
Socialist Democratic Party of India (SDPI) state committee member Athavulla Jokatte has alleged that the reason for Fazil’s killing was provocative statements by representatives of the Sangh Parivar and the BJP government and reports of communal discord in the Kannada media.

He said that Chief Minister Bommai, who had come to meet Praveen’s family and announce compensation, had shown his true character by not visiting the houses of Perlampadi Charan Raj and Kalanja Masood, who were killed by some RSS affiliates a month and a half ago.

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