Premchand’s works will live forever among the readers.

Special on the 142nd birth anniversary of Emperor Katha Munshi Premchand

Vijay Kesari

The works of Katha Samrat Munshi Premchand will always be alive among the readers. The world of Premchand’s creation is very wide and important. His works will continue to register his strong presence in each period. Premchand emerged as a writer of Hindi literature, who had changed the course of popular stories with his pen and his thought. It introduced contemporary and earlier writers to a new stream of story-making work. In that period it was common for Hindi stories to be dominated only by Tilasma and Aiyaari. Premchand had destroyed this illusion and Aiyaary.

What events are happening in society? Where is society going? What is the condition of people living in society? What is the status of men and women? What is your standard of living? How do they make a living? Why is there such a gap between rich and poor in society? What is the position of families in society? How is people’s married life? What is the condition of the workers? What is the situation of farmers who work with blood and sweat? All these important social problems were far from stories. Premchand made people know the truth of the society through his stories. He wrote about three hundred short stories and twelve novels. Reading these stories and novels it seems that all his works are connected with social reality. His works want to bring a new awareness to society about social issues. His works want to create a new debate in society, whose objective is only social change. He has presented the social truth in the same way in his short stories.

Their stories are also known as the mirror of society. During his lifetime, when his stories were published in magazines, he used to become popular with readers. Their stories have worked to develop a new awareness in society. He has worked to raise awareness in society. The period when Premchand was recording his stories. It was the era of slavery. The country’s freedom fighters were agitating to free the country from slavery. So how could Premchand stay away from this move? He resigned from his job as a government inspector on the call of Mahatma Gandhi in 1921 and had decided to write independently for life. With this decision, he was completely linked to writing. He never set his sights on a government job then. The purpose of writing this is the values ​​and principles he presented in his stories. He had defended the same values ​​and principles throughout his life.

She was a story teller and a sensitive person. He had more compassion than other people. This feeling is reflected in his stories. One of his popular tales is ‘Kafan’, which presents the economic condition of the society and the country at that time. what is hunger It also features this. When a man is hungry, what happens to his mental state? How cruel does hunger make a man? His image also emerges in the story of the shroud. Along with that, when a man renounces humanity, how does the man himself become a demon. A man does not even feel the pain of another helpless man. In the Shroud story, the pain of a woman moaning in labor pains is not even heard by the man. How can a man be so cruel? He doesn’t even listen to the pain of a woman moaning in labor pain. Society Is this the truth of our society? In the morning, after the death of a woman moaning in labor pain, how badly these two men do with the money received for her cremation. This cheeky image is presented in a very vivid way. Through the story of Shroud, the author has attacked the changing nature of society. When a man renounces his humanity, his form becomes so cruel. The eyes of any sensitive reader reading this story become moist.

Premchand keeps his eyes on all the upheavals of the society through all his stories. What should be the role of the daughter-in-law in a family? What is the role of a daughter? What should be the duty of a daughter-in-law towards her parents-in-law? On such a familiar theme, Premchand wrote ‘Bade Ghar Ki Beti’ and introduced the readers to the happenings of the houses around him. In Premchand’s stories, the voice of inner conflict, pain and exploitation of society is clearly heard. Poverty, unemployment and hunger were at their peak during Premchand’s time. The standard of living of the common man had become very low. At the same time, the ruling classes and landowners led a very luxurious life. He has fiercely attacked this double life of society. On the one hand there is poverty, hunger and helplessness, on the other there are parties in the big luxury buildings at night.

Premchand never said to himself that I am the king of the pen, the wizard of the pen, rather he recorded that I am a soldier of the pen. In other words, they are seen observing society through the pen. Even today, his stories are seen as a watchdog of events happening in society. He called himself a pen worker. Behind this statement lies a great deal. A worker who gives shape to a building by shedding his blood and sweat. What is the real life of this worker? This should also be taken into account. He has written a lot about the life of workers. It has drawn society’s attention to the blood and sweat of workers.

He has strongly attacked the caste system prevailing in the society. Through the story ‘Sawa Seer Wheat’, he has made a tremendous attack on the Brahminical system. Premchand believes that people of every caste, religion, class and varna living in the society are one. God created everything. So why are there different in the name of caste, religion, class, varna? How many atrocities rise in the name of caste? How Dalits and the downtrodden remain suppressed in society. Short story writer Premchand has kept the pain and helplessness of a Harijan in the hearts of the readers through Sawa Ser Ghee. He has worked to bring a new awakening through his stories. He has given a message to all sections of the society to live in harmony. Stories like ‘Salt Ka Daroga’, ‘The Tale of Two Bullocks’, ‘Panch Parmeshwar’ etc. they have been woven into the very reality of society. You just have to understand it.

Premchand emerged as a short story writer in Hindi literature who gave a new spin to the traditional short story genre. Before Premchand, no short story writer had imagined that a new awakening could be brought to society through stories. Change can be brought to society through stories. Even today, Premchand’s stories continue to play an important role in directing a social renaissance. As important as their stories were in Premchand’s time, even today their stories have been important in the new construction of society.

I am proud to write that Premchand’s works are available in almost every major library in the world. The number of people reading Premchand’s works is continuously increasing. Premchand’s works are taught in many universities around the world. Regular research work is being done on Premchand’s stories and novels. Premchand has presented a new identity to India by presenting the past history of India in the same way. Today many leftist organizations remember Premchand as a leftist writer. I urge you not to divide Premchand in any debate, Premchand was neither left nor right but he was a sensitive writer. He has kept the reality of the society through ‘Godan’ ‘Rangbhoomi’ ‘Nirmala’. He worked to fill the energy of freedom fighters through ‘Soje Watan’.

Premchand always stayed away from the debate. This is the reason why their stories were successful in creating a new identity of social reality. It is said of Premchand that Premchand’s stories are written against a rural background. I would like to say that undoubtedly Premchand’s stories are written against the backdrop of the village. In other words, the soul of the village resides in Premchand’s stories. In the period when these stories were recorded, India was a people. There was no 5G and 6G like today. Between 80 and 50% of the people lived in the village. Munshi Premchand ji himself was from Lamhi village in Uttar Pradesh. He had to travel to many cities for studies, work and publishing. Despite this, he never left the town behind. The pain of the people recorded in their stories arises because this suffering is the suffering of all India. He just needs to understand. Today all the villagers are proud of their creations.

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