The four-inch phone covers an infinite world like the sky, 3 learning apps made with a broken phone, graduates from Harvard University: 12-year-old farmer’s son makes 3 apps, makes a Guinness World Record, get a harvard scholarship with just 1 old cell phone.

Jhaswa is a village in Jhajjar district in Haryana, about a hundred kilometers from Delhi. Technology has not yet fully reached this village, but despite all the difficulties, a 12-year-old boy has definitely reached technology. At only 12 years old, this child has done something that takes a person’s entire life.

Karthik Jakhar, who studies in class VIII, has also registered his name in the Guinness World Records by becoming three learning apps. Not only this, at the age of 12, Karthik is also receiving a scholarship from Harvard University in the United States.

Now you may think that Karthik must have made the app from a laptop, tablet or any expensive phone, but you are wrong. In fact, Karthik has made this application from a mobile with a modest seven to eight thousand rupees, the screen of which is broken. From this it is clear that despite the scarcity of all resources, Karthik is charting his own line of success today.

Despite all the restrictions, the dream came true

Karthik’s father, who lives in a small village like Jhanswa, does agriculture. Karthik has three sisters. Karthik is the youngest son of his parents. But he has big dreams in his eyes. Let’s just say that there is neither a table chair nor a 24-hour electrical facility for studying at Karthik’s house. Karthik’s infinite sky world starts with a four-inch phone and ends with it.

the father had bought a smartphone for studying

Karthik says that even though he wanted to do something different from the third grade itself, Karthik had started trying. But when schools and colleges were closed during the Corona period and there was a lockdown everywhere, then Karthik also had to take classes online. But then there was only one button phone in the house. For Karthik’s studies, father bought a simple eight ten thousand phone. Karthik said that after studying he read about coding and app development on YouTube for a long time. I tried to make my own application by self-training from YouTube itself. While making the application, the mobile hung several times, closed. Many times Karthik had to redo all the coding but he never gave up.

Three applications made by working hard day and night

Karthik worked hard day and night to develop three different learning apps. The first app is related to general knowledge which is called Lucent GK Online, the second app is Shri Ram Karthik Learning Center. In which coding and graphic design education is imparted and the third app is related to digital education called Shri Ram Karthik Digital Education. Through these learning apps, it is giving free online education to about 45 thousand needy children by joining an institution. He has received many awards at the age of 12, some of which are Child Prodigy Award, OMG Book of Records in which seven different types of records have been recorded. Karthik has also registered his name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s smallest developer. Apart from this, there are many more achievements registered in the name of Karthik.

Karthik’s dream heaven is bigger than that

You will be happy to know that Karthik’s footsteps did not stop there. He said that one thing he read on the Internet was how a girl finished her graduation at only sixteen years old. Right after that, Karthik decided to do this. That is why every university in the country was talking about admission by turning the phone. Because of his age, he was not spoken about anywhere. Then he started looking abroad. During this conversation, Karthik learned about Harvard University. He passed the Harvard entrance exam and got a scholarship. Now he is doing B.Sc in Computer Science course from Karthik Harvard.

Kartik’s father says it is a matter of great pride for him. His father explains that he comes from a family of farmers. After teaching, writing and marrying all three daughters, I thought that the son should also read and write something. They say he wanted to teach it with all the facilities. But for lack of money, I am not able to do what I should do. They say my son hasn’t asked me for anything so far. While making his app, there were a lot of problems on the little phone, but he continued.

Kartik’s mother is proud of her son

Karthik’s mother, Sushila Devi, is uneducated and perhaps has no idea of ​​the heights her son reaches. But she just knows that what she’s doing is nothing less than a dream for her.

Karthik explains that although he is studying at Harvard University in America, but in the future he dreams of doing something for his country just by staying in India. Karthik dreams that he should do something in the field of IT which has never been done before.

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