What is the problem in Parliament?

Updated Sat, 30 Jul 2022 05:40 IST

Seeing how the ‘Sawan’ session of the Parliament is going, it can be said that there is no ‘problem’ in India and if there is a problem, it is only in the ‘Parliament’. We must remember that India is the largest parliamentary democracy in the world and by looking at its parliament, the democratic countries of the world learn a lesson. Just as all the institutions of Parliament were established by the framers of our constitution, their aim was to establish the independent power of this largest panchayat elected by the people in such a way that despite the meeting of various political parties within it , his work style is completely neutral and without discrimination. Rise above party politics. For this reason, its president was given “judge-like” powers in the House and its proceedings were kept outside the scope of any judicial review. But what is the condemnation that the leader of Congress in Lok Sabha ‘Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury’ created such a situation that some MPs of the ruling party only started responding from the supreme leader of that party. Only yesterday I wrote about Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury that his political knowledge is superficial and comparable to that of a schoolboy. But look at the stubbornness that even a small child should be ashamed of. Huzoor will drown and will also be put in the water with the whole party. Mr. p. I am not full of Bengal, where there is no one to give water to the Congress, but it is insisted that I will also leave ‘Delhi’ as ‘Kolkata’. Has Shri Chowdhary considered the Congress as his property that the property will remain in any case?

Every child in the country knows that the Congress party has made such a mistake in making Chaudhary the leader of the Lok Sabha Parliamentary Party that it may have to stake its entire fortune to save its existence. The person who does not even know that Jammu and Kashmir is a national issue of India and that the entire state is an integral and integral part of India, on what basis is the Congress leadership trying to take him. Can someone who can describe Jammu and Kashmir as an international problem since 1947, in full Parliament, be spared being the leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party? But when the situation is that in the city of the blind, the seller of ‘mirror’ makes a sound by putting ‘pheri’, then the head can be broken going to the door. It should be noted that the history of India in the last century is the same as that of the Congress. Congress and nation have never been separated. All the leaders young and old never showed any hesitation in making sacrifices for the country but also took a vow of service to the nation by burning their house. If this Congress party imposes itself on all MPs in the form of Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the leader of the Lok Sabha, then the fate of the party can be guessed even by a tenth class political science student! A politician is said to be one who guesses the result of “far” from “near”. As soon as the ruling party raised the issue of Mr. Choudhary calling the President the President’s wife and the anger with which Child Welfare Minister Smriti Irani was leading the BJP MLAs, Mr. Choudhary should have understood immediately that the matter has become very ‘hot’ and they should make elaborate arrangements to pour ‘cold water’ on it. But only a skilled politician can maintain such distant thinking. What would have happened to Adhir Ranjan if he had retracted his words immediately after apologizing to the House and assuring the House that in future he would address all messages in English only. What he meant by his actions to someone else, he himself should have said aloud in the House. But the person who Despite being the President of the Bengal Congress, you have made the Congress a fan of grain and grain in the same assembly, do you not know what he has decided about the Parliament?

Democracy is strong only when the opposition is strong, but when the largest opposition party in the country has given the reins of the Lok Sabha to such a person, for whom India’s domestic problem is the ‘only international problem, then instead. a leader, the whole party has compassion, he will love to eat. This proverb is still prevalent in the villages of India that ‘Nada ki dosti ji ka kandal’. But is it necessary for the Congress to continue playing friendship with the nadan and see his face red with shame every day and read the fate of his humiliation? Even today there is no dearth of learned and visionary leaders in this party. But where the problem is, the party itself will have to see. If Mr. Choudhary is a member of Parliament, he should realize this and after seeing his merit, the party leadership should hand over the responsibility to him. The status of the Congress is not his but his status is the Congress. He has every right to get a stipend as an MP.

“Hua Hai Shah’s Musahib is back again.”

Otherwise, what is Ghalib’s pride in the city?

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