Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of several development projects at Moulijagran, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of several development projects at Maulijagran in Chandigarh. Many dignitaries including Punjab Governor and Chandigarh Administrator Banwarilal Purohit and Union Home Secretary were present on the occasion.

Giving the example of the President of India Draupadi Murmu to the children present at the programme, the Home Minister said that despite many difficulties, she continued to work hard in her life resolving to serve the people, keeping the development goal of the country. in mind and Today, as guardian of the constitution of the world’s largest democracy, he is in the presidency. Shah told the children that our constitution gives this opportunity to everyone and you too can become president, prime minister or prime minister. He told the children that you all are lucky that your initiation into education will now be done under the National Education Policy 2020. This policy has been made very carefully and this policy brought by Modi ji to make the child omniscient, develop his personality, mental capacity, understand the possibilities before him in the world and make him choose his own path.

Amit Shah, quoting a Sanskrit verse, told the children that whatever field you go into, there is no substitute for the culmination of hard work. There is no substitute for hard work if you want to be a successful person. No one can ever beat the one who decides to work hard. The world always remembers not only the successful person but the great person and becomes the great person who does not work hard for himself but does it for others.

Swami Vivekananda had said that one who rises above ‘I’ and starts thinking of ‘Par’ i.e. others, is the one who is wise. The key to becoming a successful person is hard work and the key to becoming a great person is thinking of others. He said that be it Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji, Guru Gobind Singh ji, Mahatma Gandhi, Shivaji Maharaj or Maharana Pratap, their names are still taken with respect after hundreds of years. All these great people lived their lives not for themselves but for others. In addition to becoming a successful person, you should also aim to become a great person.

The Union Home Minister said that earlier a teacher was called Guru and now no one calls him Guru. This is because when the father leaves the child to the teacher, then his intelligence is small and his understanding is small and he does not even understand good and bad. Whoever makes this miniature a guru is a guru and only then can you become a teacher’s guru. You are a teacher, but still, outside the course, if you do not give children the understanding to be a good person and a good citizen, then you will remain a teacher and you cannot become a guru. If you send a child who has come to you in a small way as a guru, then you will get a lot of self-satisfaction and there will never be any income greater than self-satisfaction. Unless the teacher becomes a teacher, students do not become great citizens. All this is at the base of the New Education Policy 2020 and if you look closely, you will know that all these things have been kept in the education policy with the implicit meaning. Your job is to enhance the personality of the child who has come to you, to make him a great person.

Amit Shah said that 15th August is the Amrit Mahotsav day of our independence and it will be 75 years of independence on this day. You and I did not sacrifice ourselves for freedom, we did not go to the gallows like Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, we did not die like Lala Lajpat Rai, but today we are also enjoying the fruits of freedom. God did not give all of us the opportunity to die for the country, but God has given us the opportunity to live for the country. In this 75th year, if we decide that we will devote the rest of our life to our development and also to the development of the country, then no one can stop India from becoming the greatest in the world. He said that to symbolically take this pledge, the Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi, has appealed to all the citizens of the country to hoist the tricolor at their homes on August 15. Hoisting the tricolor means that we all decide to dedicate the rest of our lives to the nation once again. He asked the children to take a selfie after hoisting the tricolor and upload it on the Government of India site with #GharGharTiranga.

The Union Home Minister said that three schools for the small children of Chandigarh were dedicated today. A multi-storey car park has also been constructed at a cost of Rs 81 crore and arrangements have also been made to provide nutritious food to pregnant women. Apart from these, a fleet of 40 buses has also been added to Chandigarh’s public transport system today. At the same time, the pension for people with disabilities has also been increased. Amit Shah said that he is happy to announce that 1691 posts of Chandigarh Administration which had been moved to ‘Considered – Terminated’ category during the period of COVID-19 have been restored. with immediate effect. At the same time, it is also pleased to approve the proposal for creation of 2096 posts in various departments of the Chandigarh Administration, so that the UT Chandigarh Administration will be greatly benefited in managing the affairs of the State Government in a manner more efficient Shah said that school makes us all great and paves the way for our life, but this can only be done when we take education with reverence, concentration because learning works to fill our life with fragrance.

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