If there are ads, they should be like Fevicol and Fevikwik or they shouldn’t be…

There is a dialogue from the movie “Sharaabi” by Amitabh Bachchan, “If you have a moustache, you should be like Nathulal ji, otherwise you shouldn’t.” Reason… Amitabh Bachchan’s character in the film is a fan of Nathulal’s character’s moustache. A similar scene is also found in Hamara and Fevicol ads. Since I regained consciousness, I have been watching commercials for many brands on TV. Many of them really liked it but when it came to awarding the title of the most creative ads, Fevicol won. Reason… Not one or two Fevicol ads but almost all ads are funny and interesting.

The parent company of Fevicol Pidilite Industries Limited started commercials on TV from 1997. If I remember the Fevicol commercials I have seen since childhood, every commercial brings a smile to my face. In the breaks of the film or the series, the Fevicol advertisement came and went tickling or in some cases rolling. Let’s flashback to some of our favorite Fevicol ads…

Dum Laga Ke Haisha and Chuna-Chuna AIDS

Film director Rajkumar Hirani was in the first commercials for Fevicol. The first ad was ‘Dum Laga Ki Haisha’. This ad shows some wrestlers and elephants trying to separate two pieces of wood stuck together with fevicol. After some time, another version of Dum Laga Ke Haisha came out, in which a leader is sitting on a chair and the chair is stretched on two sides. There is a fevicol under the chair and Netaji is sitting restlessly. The chair does not belong to anyone.

There was also a prominent advertisement. It was often shown on TV around Diwali because colored lacquering in houses is often done only on Diwali. The ad shows how adding Fevicol to the lime/bleach used in home dyeing prevents the lime from flaking and staining clothes and the body.

Rajasthani girl and her mother…

This Fevicol ad is special because of its mother’s unique solution to a child’s illness and to stop it. Set against the backdrop of Rajasthan, the ad showed a mother cooking food on the stove and her young, mobile son setting off again and again. The mother brings the child again and again and makes him sit close to her, but the child leaves again. Finally, the mother sits the child in a rolled-up plastic box. After that, the child does not wake up. That empty box is made of Fevicol with strong joints.

Classic ‘Hold on, don’t give up’ Ed

Some carpenters are doing their work while watching a movie. The hero and heroine hang from a bridge in the film. The heroine is hanging holding the bridge and the hero, by her hand.. The dialogue continues between the two, “Don’t take it, don’t take it. And he takes it, continued Fevicol on the tv.. what was it then the hand falls and the hero falls hey hey.. the funny part still remains and that is the same movie is also playing on another TV where Fevicol is still preserved .That’s why the heroine-heroine is still hanging on the TV and the dialogue goes “Wait, don’t go away…”.

The emblematic “Bus Aid”

A bus goes through a rural area making dust. People are crowded inside the bus, as well as people are moving indiscriminately on the roof of the bus, in the back, in the windows, in the front, also in the headlight part. The bus is hiccupping on the bumpy road and everyone is eating idiots, no one is falling off. The reason… is the Fevicol ad on the back of the bus.

alien ad

The aliens want to come and take earthlings with them. They begin to absorb water from the earth and upon seeing the earth people begin to rise through the air. The fevicol box is then opened as it flies into the air with a man’s hand and the fevicol begins to fall into the well. After that, the water and the man return to the earth, but because of fevicol, even the aliens cannot leave the earth. After a few years, the humans put them to work in the fields.

One of my favorites ‘Mustach Wala Ed’

This announcement came after the end of Pidilite’s 50 years of operation. A girl wears a fevicol mustache for her school drama. That mustache sticks in such a way that childhood, youth, marriage, children, old age… in other words, the mustache of a lifetime remains on his face. Not only that, when he is reborn after death, he still has a mustache on his face. Wow, the strong addition of Ray Fevicol…

help on the couch

The Sofa Aid, which commemorates 60 years of Fevicol, is also one of the best aids the brand has ever produced. A wooden sofa attached to a strong fevicol joint, after marriage accompanies a girl to her in-laws’ house and then passes to many other houses in marriages for generations. The years pass but nothing happens to the sofa made of fevicol joint. Our commercial and the song used in it are such favorites that when it came out, I had seen it many times. Many people had also shared this look at how creative Fevicol ads are even today. What ED is done when you turn 60?

Ed. by Fevikwik

Stick on a pinch of feviquick… I had heard in my childhood that once feviquick sticks, it sticks. Therefore, it should be taken with care. A Feviquick ad also contributed to this fear. There was such a boss in the ad, who keeps pinching and telling his assistant to do everything quickly. Angrily, the assistant puts a drop of Feviquick on the head finger and then the thumb and finger stick together. The ad was shot on Renuka Shahane and Satish Shah. When we saw this ad, we had distanced ourselves from Feviquick, if we had a hand somewhere…

Fevikwik’s Junk Ed

Faviquick had a “Throw Nahi, Jodo” ad in 2019. In one version, an elderly addict suddenly gets high. A teenage girl in a house, who used to throw away her broken things as scrap, the scrap man combines them and makes them fit for wear and use. Seeing this, shocked and saddened, the new cell phone falls from the girl’s hand and breaks and takes the junk seller’s lottery ticket. The life of this ad is a cute looking old woman made of trash. When the phone breaks, the girl says “Oh no” and the addict says “Oh yes”, only Oh yes wins hearts.

what makes it special

Funny story, dialogues and background score make Fevicol ads interesting. There was also a Fevicol train ad, in which a newly wedded groom couldn’t even dream of following Katrina Kaif as he slept clinging to the Fevicol box.

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