Mann Ki Baat Live Updates In Hindi PM Modi Addresses Nation In Episode 91 Of His Monthly Radio Show: Mann Ki Baat Live Updates: PM Modi Addresses Nation Through Mann Ki Baat, you know all the latest updates

Mann Ki Baat 31st July 2022 | Photo credits: Twitter


  • Prime Minister Modi once again addressed the villagers today

  • This is the 91st episode of Mann Ki Baat

  • Prime Minister Modi talks about various issues through his program

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Updates: PM Modi interacted with the villagers through Mann Ki Baat programme. This is the 91st episode of Mann Ki Baat show. Inaugurating his show, PM Modi said, “We have talked about so many things before, shared our point of view on different issues, but this time Mann Ki Baat is special.” Know what PM Modi said on his show

Mann Ki Baat Updates:

Friends, whether in the classroom or the playground, today our youth, in all areas, make the country proud. PV Sindhu won her first Singapore Open title this month. Neeraj Chopra has also won a silver medal for the country at the World Athletics Championships, continuing his best performance. In Ireland Para Badminton International also our players have increased the country’s pride by winning 11 medals. Indian players also performed well in the World Cadet Wrestling Championship held in Rome. PM Modi

Dear countrymen, you must have noticed, in an episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ I said that India has full potential to become a powerhouse in toy exports. I specifically talked about India’s rich heritage in sports and games. There are toy groups all over the country, small entrepreneurs who make toys, they make a lot of money. The toys made by these small entrepreneurs are now all over the world. India’s toy sector has been transformed. Indian manufacturers are now making toys based on Indian mythology, history and culture. Indian toy manufacturers are also working closely with leading global toy brands. I also liked this, our start-up sector is also paying full attention to the world of toys. They are also doing a lot of fun things in this area. In Bangalore, a start-up called Shumme Toys focuses on eco-friendly toys. In Gujarat, Arkidzoo Company makes AR based Flash cards and AR based story books. Funvention, a Pune-based company, is dedicated to increasing children’s interest in science, technology and mathematics through learning, toys and activity puzzles. PM Modi

In the coming days, the Ministry of Culture will also start a competition, where those who send the best images of the fairs will also be awarded, so don’t delay, visit the fairs, share the photographs, and maybe yes. get it Also get a reward. If you want, you can also use a specific hashtag. With this other people will also know about these fairs. You can also upload photos to the website of the Ministry of Culture. Our youth should join them and whenever you go to such fairs, share the pictures on social media as well. PM Modi

Friends, there are many traditional fairs of tribal society in different states of our country. Some of these fairs are related to tribal culture, while some are organized, related to tribal history and heritage. For example, if you get a chance, visit the four-day Samakka-Saralamma Jatara Mela in Medaram, Telangana. This fair is called Maha Kumbh of Telangana. The Saralamma Jatara Mela is celebrated in honor of two female tribal heroines – Samakka and Saralamma. It is a great center of faith not only for Telangana but also for the Koya tribal community of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The Maridamma fair in Andhra Pradesh is also a great fair related to the beliefs of the tribal society. The Maridamma fair runs from Jayeshtha Amavasya to Ashadh Amavasya and the tribal society here associates it with Shakti worship. Similarly, the people of Garasiya tribe in Rajasthan organize ‘Siyawa ka Mela’ or ‘Mankhan Ro Mela’ on Vaishakh Shukla Chaturdashi. The ‘Mawli Fair’ of Narayanpur of Bastar in Chhattisgarh is also very special. PM Modi

Friends, you all know how much importance is given to honey in our traditional health science. In Ayurvedic texts, honey is described as nectar. Honey not only gives us taste, but also health. Honey not only gives us taste, but also health. There are so many possibilities in honey production today that even young people who are pursuing professional studies are doing their work on their own. To check the quality, a laboratory has also been built in Lucknow. Nimit ji is now earning well with honey and beeswax, and is also training farmers by going to different states. One such youth is UP to Nimit Singh of Gorakhpur | Nimit ji has done B.Tech. His father is also a doctor, but after his studies, Nimit ji decided to be self-employed instead of working. Honey production began – PM Modi

Dear countrymen, under the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi, from 13th to 15th August, a special movement is being organized – ‘Har Ghar Tiranga-Har Ghar Tiranga’. Becoming part of this movement, from August 13 to 15, you must raise the tricolor in your house, or put it in your house, I also propose that, from August 2 to 15, all, in our Social Media Profile Photos You can put the tricolor. The tricolor connects us, inspires us to do something for the country- PM Modi

Friends, I am very happy to see that the freedom nectar party is taking the form of a mass movement. People from all areas and from all sectors of society participate in different programs related to this. Many artists gave beautiful performances in this show. Living History A carnival was also organized there, in which the great culture of Meghalaya was beautifully represented. Tirot Singh ji fiercely opposed the British conspiracy to control the Khasi hills and attack their culture. One such event took place in Meghalaya earlier this month. The brave warriors of Meghalaya, UK People remembered him on the death anniversary of Tirot Singh ji. A few weeks ago, a unique campaign called Amrita Bharathi Kannadarthi was also launched in Karnataka. In this, grand programs related to the Amrit Independence Festival were organized at 75 places in the state. In these, besides remembering the great freedom fighters of Karnataka, efforts were also made to bring local literary achievements to the fore. PM Modi

The reason for this is, this time, the Independence Day, when India will complete 75 years of its independence. We will all witness a very wonderful and historic moment. God has given us this great fortune. Do you also think that if we had been born in the era of slavery, what would this day look like for us? That longing for freedom from slavery, that restlessness for freedom before the shackles of subjection, how great it must have been. When we woke up every morning with this dream that when my India would be free and maybe that day would come in our lives when we dedicate our lives to future generations, while singing Vande Mataram and Bharat Maa Ki Jai. youth passed, those days when, every day, we see thousands and thousands of compatriots fighting, fighting, making sacrifices for freedom… PM Modi

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