Pre-election apology announcements by political parties made the Nigam a pauper.

Author: JagranPublished Date: Sunday, July 31, 2022 11:03 PM (IST)Updated Date: Sunday, July 31, 2022 11:03 PM (IST)

Nitin Sigla, Bathida : The Municipal Corporation is making demands for the development of the city, but the ground level is that in the last 10 years, it has not been able to prepare a single grand plan for the development of the city and implement it . at your level Most of the development work has been done with the funds received from the central and state government. In this, the municipal corporation is working on major projects such as multi-storey car parks, beautification of sheds, 100% sewerage and water supply by taking loans.

The main reason for this is the poor economic situation. So far, the Municipal Corporation has not made any effort to improve it. So far, 100 percent recovery of crores of rupees has not been made on items like property tax, water and sewerage bill, advertisements, rates and tehbzari. In this, municipal officials argue that there is a lack of permanent staff behind the non-recovery of outstanding invoices, while outsourced staff are overloaded with work. This leads to delays in the work from the timely generation of invoices to their distribution.


The second major impediment to recovery is political. Whenever the Municipal Corporation at its level strictly prepares a quota recovery plan, at the same time, the political parties cool this campaign by talking about bill exemption or relief to the people. At the same time, during the local elections along with the Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha, the governments announce the withdrawal of the pending bills to attract the vote bank. These people do not fill out their own taxes or invoices in the future.

Ahead of the assembly elections held in 2022, the government announced the waiver of pending water and sewerage bills. In this, the municipal corporation suffered a financial loss of about 20 million, but to compensate, the state government did not give any kind of help and subsidy to the municipal corporations. The same situation happened in other articles. The corporation earns Rs 10 crore every year from property tax but no action is taken by giving relief to big showrooms and commercial establishments for political reasons. At the same time, because of the government’s announcement and assurances from local leaders, people hesitate to pay the tax. They hope the government will forgive it if not today or tomorrow. Now these people also hesitate to pay the bills, who used to pay the bills to the corporation in the routine. On the other hand, the biggest source of revenue for the Municipal Corporation is the campaign to approve the CLU and the map. In this, the corporation may have an income of millions, but the officials are causing financial loss to the corporation by telling people the middle way. In this, the officials manipulate the files on a large scale, manage to pass the map and fill the CLU. Cases of this type have been raised many times in the general meetings of the Municipal Corporation, in which the councilors have been accusing officials of building illegal buildings in the city by collusion, but in this case commissions are set up ‘investigation, but his The report is later deleted due to collusion. Recently, two plans have been made to increase the income of the Municipal Corporation, in which a plan was made to expand the municipal term and change the grade of the property tax zones. In this, the corporation talked about additional revenue of crores of rupees, but due to haste of the officials and belated negligence of the public representatives, the plan got stuck and has not been effectively implemented so far. ,

Financial position of the society Source of income Income in the year 2021-22 Budgeted property tax maintained in the year 2022-23 974.32 lakh 1000 lakh water and sewerage 454.42 lakh 495 lakh advertisement 6.11 50 Rate and Tehbazari Building Application 170,170.37 Building 170.37 Waiver Fee 86.50 95 95 Development Charge 619.88 450 CLU 492.87 500 COW CESS 473.93 300 GABS COLLECTION 36.14 60 Others 741.69 780 VAT 8331.73 11012 Excise Duty 6666.54 590 Building regulation 51.10


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The reason for strengthening the economic condition of municipal corporations is to weaken them because of the government vote banking affair. When the corporation takes strict measures to recover their old dues, the government prevents them from doing so, so the corporation’s dues increase. Governments should empower the corporation to recover its dues.

— Gyanchand Bansal Social Worker


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The municipal corporation should pay more attention to the environment of the city as the trees and plants are decreasing due to the development taking place in the city, so the corporation should make this plan, which can plant more and more trees in the city. city ​​and increase green.

—Prof NK Gausai, environment lover


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The reason for making everything free or giving up for the government should be to lower their rates and collect a common tax from each class. The government should set a common charge for sewer-water bills and recover them every month, so that the corporation does not suffer financially and neither do the people.

— CA Pramod Mittal, Principal SSD Sabha Bathida.

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